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by Crigitine on April 20th, 2012


This took place in cananadian land, 2 government agents show up in a hotel, looking exactly the same. Pale skin, black trench coats, black hats, large blue eyes, no hair, no eyelashes, and were said to not have blinked once. The man they were looking for is the narrator. Not sure if its a hoax or real, reality for ya, but it could be a glimpse at what to expect.


Crigitine: Hoax or not, it would be nice

Hoax or not, it would be nice to break the programming of the people around me locally. I'd hate to have to jump ship because I fell victim to the same bullshit that people cling to for dear life. Honestly there is a lot of programming just here in the states I'm not sure how it is in the rest of the world, but god damn there is a lot of it.

Also, for people fearing death.. which at this point almost seems like a blessing, it is not an end all for you. I'll leave you to accept whichever of the many forms of after life there are, to say there is only one and you should follow it and forget the rest would be just as tyranical as the black governments. Just know there is an after life, as it is preached in all forms..whether you come back as a tree, or that your god will punish you for not going and paying for the revenue of his place of worship. When the time comes for you to fight or flight, whichever decision you make, make the most of it. There are no right and wrong choices with those, it all depends on how and what you actually do about it. When the time comes to do your time in the void to get rid of what little or lot of "evil" and negativity go knowing you did yourself proud and that you will return one day. Leave your mark.

wmarkley: HOAX

I am reading about the mass arrests and hearing about this DRAKE dude just like the next person, and i am seeing this stuff on more than one site, then i see that the G-20 just gave billions to the IMF with criminal scum Bernakey sitting like he doesnt have a worry in the world, i may be smelling a RAT, but either way, WE must be vigilant, this mass arrest stuff is probably ALL a set up by the criminal cabal just to make the masses sit down and WAIT! and DO NOTHING! and this delay will give them the time they need to complete their objective. its the oldest trick in the book, the great "stall tactic". everything i have heard, and read is NOT verifiable, and now im smelling a RAT. the only thing that i am sure of is the people ARE awakening, but is it too late? How do we know that this Drake, and Wilcock really do tell the truth when no info is verifiable? Be ready! Get Armed! Lock and Load. Open your eyes, open your ears, and DO NOT FEAR. Just Be Ready!

Crigitine: sit down and do nothing is

sit down and do nothing is one thing, they are probably finding the tares among the sheep, people are openly sayin they dis like whats going on and they may be finding the targets now

Annunaki77: Lord Enlil could return

Remember never Surrender your Free Will.
There will not be no End of the World. O.k.
Just always Pray for Peace.


wmarkley: dude

It looks like the guy in the video is one that will be on his knees when enlil comes back, its a pity, but there are many like him, there are many holy rollers who are waiting to get to their knees, and worship, and be slaves. these guys are the hardest to wake up because their mind is set to slavery.

Annunaki77: Boy oh Boy

Here we go again, Do you think Lord Enlil will be Merciful, I don't think so.
So much Bullshit truly.
Loyalty will give you nothing.
Free Will will give you Freedom.


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