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by Quinton on October 2nd, 2013

I was recently asked by a member what the vision for the future of is. I would like to share my thoughts on this question so everybody knows where I'm at, and hopefully you guys could share some insight as well :)

As you probably know, spiritual stuff, wisdom, evolution of the human race and these types of things have always been my passion and continues to be so. I think this is the type of thing that once you're in... YOU'RE IN. There's really no going back. I can't go back to living life in darkness or living without helping others. When you see a better way for people it is hard to remain silent and do nothing. I want to improve things for people. That's just in my nature. The more I receive, the more I want to give. The more I give, the more I receive. And I don't want to help people by FORCE. I want to invite people in. I want to show what I believe to be a better way and allow them to choose whether or not to join me.

So with that said, I want to at some point tie everything I'm working on into some way of advancing mankind to understanding their true identity and power. I want to put everything together and help in removing the forces controlling the world by developing personal responsibility and wisdom in individuals. Forces only control people because people allow them to, out of ignorance. People don't know any better, and it's understandable. The last few millennia have been pretty rough for the human species. So I want to help people know better. So that's kinda the big picture goal I'd like to do with my life.

Truth Control is a great piece towards this as it helps share pieces of information that are valuable to others and myself. I'd like to continue to grow the size of Truth Control and as it grows I'd like to keep it set up in a way where it never loses its deeper information drive. A lot of places kind of dumb down the information for the masses, which is obviously good, but I want to retain the high level, deep information too for the people that really want to get as close to the truth as they can.

At some point I would really like to do video interviews with experts and put on conferences and events where other like minded people can meet and network together. I'd like to facilitate and organize information around the kind of topics that are talked about on this site. As many of you know I'm an entrepreneur at heart and am always starting new businesses. Truth Control is a side project I do outside of my other money-making ventures. At some point I'd like to turn Truth Control into a money making venture when and if it makes sense. I'd like to do something similar to what Alex Jones has done with, but obviously with a different kind of information -- perhaps, more esoteric and high-level you could say (ETs, Spiritual stuff, Occult stuff, etc). But I would ultimately like to go beyond just information and turn it into action...

That's where my new site comes in, At some point I would like to put all this together in a way where we can all get together and figure out how to actually organize a new society(s) -- unlike all the current countries we have. I see the human race as really starting to grow up quickly with things like the Internet and the shear information and knowledge that we have these days. It's harder and harder for secrecy to exist in our world. More than ever now, people know what's going on around them. People are starting to see through the systems of control and understand how the world really works. Not everyone, sure, but more and more people are seeing it. And I think the people at the forefront of this (like the members of Truth Control) are desperately looking for something better. We want to do something about it and we want to live in the kind of world that we envision, that others might not see quite yet. We want to live in that better world, but we can't quite get the momentum to get it started. It's hard to break free from the current chains and move in the right direction. There is so much that we have to overcome to get there. But it's possible, and I want to help us overcome that and organize us all in a way where we can all contribute in a tangible, real solution.

So that should give you an idea of where I'm at with everything. I consider Truth Control and all the projects that stem from it as a life-long journey that I take not for money, not for power, but because that's who I am, and the more I grow and the more I evolve, it's all I can ever be. I'm thankful for all the members here and I appreciate all the information you guys share and all the help you've provided.

To the 4th dimension and beyond (and all our ET friends from around the universe)!


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nivine: Thank you

We will never stop on sharing the truth and trying to make a change. As I said Further degrees and great positions are not my aim as it used to be, since I'm just a part of their game and I will end up serving them. I think we got better things to do, and my real success in life is to try to spread this as much as I can and reach a change no matter what it takes. We are here to support you and spread ur voice among all the societies! I'm really thankful that u provided us the opportunity to be part of this

Tim Lovell: thank you Quinton , that was

thank you Quinton , that was a great post, I tottaly agree and cant wait for the new site, its all happening :)

Tarheel: Count me in for "The Long Haul", Quinton.

It is refreshing that we share similar personal goals, as well as similar outlooks for your site (not that my outlook for matters).

In my quest for betterment, all to often I run across people who encourage me to NOT focus on anyone except myself. As focused as I am on furthering my personal progress through expanded awareness/consciousness/etc, I simply cannot just be a STS'er. I'm as much about STOs as I am my own development. I do realize I have to grow & learn so that I may BETTER help others, but my development isn't just about Tarheel. It's about making "things" better for Humanity & All Life for that matter.

I would follow you into battle, Q-dog. I hope 1 day you will be able to say the same about me.

LoveTruthPeace: This place is awesome...

Honestly I was looking for a long time for others who were waking up and wanting to become more aware. It becomes discouraging when you feel you're fighting this battle alone and no one believes a thing you say. This place created that space for like-minded people to come together and not only spread the truth that is much needed but to create solutions or atleast begin to look at what we can do about it. Nivine, I like you have reorganized my life lately and have realized that getting my degree like I was was a waste of time and energy. I'm still getting my associates since I'm almost done anyway but after that I decided to dedicate my life to finding the truth and spreading it as well as as much love as I can give. Studying this type of stuff and doing research has made me grow in so many ways and made me learn things even about myself. I have learned things from this site that I had never imagined or thought of and I must say if it wasn't for this site I would still be so confused about a lot of these topics. Thanks to all the members for being here and for sharing, you guys have helped me grow. Quinton, the only thing I would suggest is to keep this site completely free no matter what even if you don't with CrowdFreedom. When you start charging, some people like myself, will think you have other intentions; as do some who try to make a buck from other's fear. The spread of information especially the truth should always be free and if we want change we need to step away from the old ways of bringing money into the equation or making information only available to those who can afford it or are in the "group". That's why we're in the mess we are in because of a select few (Illuminati) who wanted to hoard all the spiritual information needed to evolve, for themselves. Let us not make the same mistake here.

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