Future: Humans /video- 52 minutes

Future: Humans /video. Science- 52 minutes. Future: Humans holds nothing back as it begins in a fury of scientific fact and unhinged matter of fact attitude. As the documentary moves along, its style of storytelling feels similar to that of the History Channel mini-series Mankind: The Story of All of Us.

The difference being that while that mini-series shows us how humanity has always been similar to what it is today through the years, and has changed largely due to the use of new tools and technology combined with significant historical events (most of which became significant because of the advent and use of modern technologies such as gunpowder, and eventually guns), Future: Humans focuses on evolution, or more to the point conscious evolution, that continues still today.

Conscious evolution may seem like a new age theory but when you examine the facts you may have new questions as far as how in control we've been of our development, even if that control was only gained by coincidence. It is also worth noting that while the focus of this documentary is largely rooted in science as opposed to history, it follows things as linearly as possible, while effectively explaining why everything can't be conveniently explained in a timeline or family tree.

Also worth noting, is the fact that even though this documentary doesn't use history as a way of delving into our differences and establishing our significant similarities, it can't escape the dialogue that says all human beings will always be more similar than different, even in the confides of examining who we are solely through the genome.

The soundtrack to the film is jarring, and the visuals are consistently stimulating. The choice of narration however, is remarkably un-stimulating in that the film's producers have obviously decided that the best way to go was with the typical science documentary style narrative voice and tone, free of diversion.

A variety of experts from Nobel Prize winners, to biologist provide their knowledge and opinion while delving into the questions posed in Future: Humans, and the film is surprisingly full of possibility, wonder, and inspiration, while also delivering perspective shaking but widely un-controversial facts of life that may cause discomfort for some just as much as it does inspiration for others. Either way you look at it, this documentary earns its keep when it comes to both entertainment and education value.

Watch the full documentary now - https://youtu.be/m5NJpIiYBvU

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