The further we ascend the more people are leaving this earth.

The glow like stadium lights... you never see it coming, even when you expect it. Death never comes peacefully. Even when you are at peace. Some go in their sleep. Some hang from a rope. Some fall from the 110th floor. Only they & the angles that escort their souls know that feeling.
Truth is... Times are changing, an more an more they're leaving us. An people are noticing.
Because people can sometimes be a little more than numb, and the only notice when it is someone close to them. Many feel close to people that are not even close to them at all. In the last few years we've seen a rise in deaths of a lot of public figures. This is no coincidence at least in my eyes.

You see, an I could be off base here; but I feel many of these beings are of different origins and as such have been here for ages.

Just bringing us their gifts of music, talent, entertainment, love, enginuities, and other technologies from their worlds, planets, and future.

We've taken for granted all they've brought but this world has become toxic as hell. An now their soul energies can't even stand to be here. YES our world is rising. But as we rise. They do too, this causes a disturbance. They can't have this 3D body weighing them down.

They have to leave it, an it becomes so painful they have to let it go.
The lead to breaking Benjamin. He is in so much pain right now all the drugs & drinking he does I think he will be another to look out for.

Like I said, I could be wrong. But you know. What if I am onto something too?
An what about these other ones who just die suddenly? Odd.

Anyway that was my thought for today...
Let me know what you think.

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Tarheel: I couldn't agree with you MORE.

Your reasoning is least to me.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Well, thank you :)

Well, thank you :)

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