The full moon in cancer alignment and connection to SIRIUS

by Eldertree on December 29th, 2012

Hi all.
just want to share some info and feelings I am getting so.bear with me as some are just personal feelings to add also.

As you know there has been a very powerful moon transit today. It happened earliar on in the day but the effects are enraveling me now and all of us whether we are aware of it or not.

The sign the Moon rules is Cancer and the moon is now placed in Cancer opposing the Pluto and aspecting Uranus. That is a very deep powerful energy combination explosion here. This shall have a huge effect on our consciousness especially as we are in the dark rift currently as well.

Pluto is the underworld and is very connected to the unconscious and subconscious realm of thought and awareness. When it opposes the moon (which is our emotions and feelings) Expect it to be a very deep intensity going on within us. This energy will be felt by all. I am sure many of you may perhaps be feeling such. The more aware we are the better we can handle these energies and bring forth healing and renewal to ourselves in such moments. To some of us who are very intuned and perhaps had lives on Sirius, may ever start to have memories triggered (such as myself now)

So the memories then, I am getting so many memories of Siriius right now and it's so sad. It connects to the Canis beings that exist there. (I see all the other beings too obviously but right now it's the dogon I am been pulled towards) I see how after the war many of the Dogons were enslaved or something. The moon is connected because the moon used to belong to the Sirius star system a long time ago. Nibru brought it here when Nibru had Kingu as sate light at one time.

So this whole episode to me brings up the memories of the very dark times that were had on Sirius and how the wars and cataclysms brought a lot of destruction and suffering back then. I can feel it so much but not quite fully remember as to what happened. I just remember the wars breaking out.

This would explain why wolves howl at a full moon.

Isn't it Ironic, dogs, man's best friend who are so loyal to us, and yet we treat our dogs like slaves? It's so horrible to me. I can't stand enslavement of any sort. I can't stand when I see beings locked up or caged. It makes me so sad. Right now I feel so sad, that we live on a world where we all fight each other for nothing when the truth is we are all enslaved on this world by beings who are the real enemy and have no cares for any of us. To all these feelings I am sharing, I am feeling it because I know what it feels like to be caged, and it's horrible.

I hope by sharing this post, that it might help you realise a few things to reflect on. Enslavement is so immorally wrong and unjustifiable. Slavery does nothing for anyone. It does not solve conflict or teach prisoners anything. Look at what enslavement has done to mankind. It has destroyed our imaginations and our freedoms.

Peace out Lots of love to you all.
Our dogon families love us so dearly.

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Terran resistance: umm

I hate to burst you bubble but the moon is associated with orion
this is seen in mythology, masonic symbols and by contactees.

Eldertree: No it isn't

No it isn't

Terran resistance: yes it is

yes it is XD

bluesbaby5050: NO IT ISN'T!


Tarheel: Huh-uh, no way!!!!

UH-HUH, oh yeah!!!

Dudes. Yet more division in the anti-camp. Your Lord EnKi is watching you guys.

Eldertree: The moon represents the sign

The moon represents the sign cancer, and when the sun goes into the sign cancer, it aligns with Canis major, the constellation in which Sirius is in. The moon once known as Kingu, was located in Sirius, and was brought here by Nibru when it passed through. The moon is the oldest body in our solar system and does not come from this system. It has no links to Orion whatsoever.

Yes Enki is watching. A lot of people are watching very closely.

Eldertree: Sirius is the dog star, why

Sirius is the dog star, why do you think, wolves howl to the moon? You're all cot out on your lies, reptiles.

Terran resistance: my opiniom

the moon is associated with orion becauseeeeeee
the ancient greek goddess artemis the goddess of the moon carries a bow which is a symbol of orion.

I could go on.

Eldertree: You could, but you've just

You could, but you've just run out of time.

Tarheel: Just when I thought AST was being civil, there he/she goes!

Not many here are reptilian, altho Im sure there are some (look in your mirror).
Yes, Sirius A is The Dog Star. Im not sure about B or C???

Oh, and Lord EnKi has returned to prove them wrong!
I send this "Bark at The Moon" to AST in jest only.

Annunaki77: The Moon is Kingu and yes it did not come from Sirius

The Moon is a Reptilian Flagship for Earthly Colonization, The Reptiles formed the Nation of Lemuria and with them came the Dinosaurs, the Dinosaurs were there Animals of choice for Food and Entertainment.
Todays Asains are the remnants of the Ancient Reptilian Nation of Lemuria, Lemuria was an Outpost for Orion and Draconan Reptilians. All hail to Awsome Kingu.

This is why China Worships the DRAGON as their Symbol of Power. This is why they are different from other people around Earth. This is why they have Superior Martial Arts Fighting skills and are very Diciplined Race of People, they excel in Education , they do not have a Party Life and are very close to their families.

The Asains have a very Glorious Past, filled with Dinosaurs and Advanced Technologies which were lost to the sands of time.
So the Moon is an Ancient Spaceship of Reptilian Origin, Sirius pays respect to Kingu it is a Satellite and a Spacecraft powered by Black Hole Technology for propulsion. On the Dark side of the Moon you will still find Ancient Facilities.

NASA knows this and has covered up everything regarding the Moon.

chinese dragon dance

Tarheel: PF flyers

"And IF the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on The Dark Side of The Moon."~Pink Floyd

Ecbra de Oaoj: Moon is pure Poesy

a grand dame of solar flares
a beaty and light in dark night when
honours earths with their presence;

a woman in cicles of blood; utltero

a child apoint finger that...

shelter filter
rocks, rays, did you see her scars?

each one one salvation here... Earth
marvelous ship runing this street with their
borther and others sister planets...

claps and kisses to the Moon...
withou She... majestous poet would be possible

Eldertree: The moon represents the fall,

The moon represents the fall, the yin, the feminine, the dark side, the emotions, and what is hidden. It is here for a very very important reason.

Just as the last line in the above poem says it all.

Withou she, majesteous parading, no poet would be possible.

It is connected to Sirius, not Orion. It is not just a base for reptilians, it's a lot more than that. This spaceship came from Canis Major not Orion and is older than all the bodies in this solar system. Uranus too is older than the other planets also.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Orion hunter

and the Stars; his prays... so; the Pleayades... prayed to Zeus
maybe; not Aki Mar Beh... from Terra; pappers cause... its had long... long ago...

when was; clouds... floting just... and... so...
the Light was burned!


ola... Aya shin Tara...
yes I felt; Power... in your from your sword; the Letter

I know that you; understand; the question are imense more bigger than
Ekitities versus Elilites...
did Enky enkists?
but people fell need for adoration... submission because wanna transfer responsabilities for comodism to... gods. God ... well.. they found... include the costo of it. its Free Will also.

if are wrangle... well... if are sides; coins. techs. founders. Federation, Confederations... among out God inside each one being...

neither all want be Friend; but it not implies they enemies. there are murders and robers; evils minds; but you can turn on defenses.

run... out hunters that wanna blood... for nature for... some why... mistery that full Universe...
and shine... like Alcion... untill get and reach... by in exemple...
more one Day... after long Night along...


Peace out Lots of love to you all. ... too...

that you stay in Harmony with all ones... its my sincere wish...
that you came here to us for be a important agent; teaching Truths; increasing Friendship and Valour.

Cosmo... is The Family; finaly.


HebrianDaniel: if moon led by reptillians

if moon led by reptillians should we Nuke the moon?

Tarheel: There's actually NO Dark Side of the Moon. It's ALL dark.

Wow, that WAS prophetic now, wasnt it ? Psycho-babble methinks.

If there is a dark side, how do THEY see? Ha, even more prophetic psycho-babble.

bluesbaby5050: Now that would be CRAZY!

The Earth would feel the AFFECTS of this GREATLY! Why Nuke the Moon? This would NOT solve a thing,and the Reptilians do not control the Moon. There are many Aliens there,not just them! Humans are there also.By the way, We people recieve energies from the Moon,just like we do from the sun! In a different way of course.

HebrianDaniel: I wonder what whould happen

I wonder what whould happen if the moon will be nuked....

Tarheel: We dont want ANY Nukes, HD.

NONE ! We dont even want ANY conventional warfare if there is any possible way to avoid it.
No destruction nor loss/taking of life is best.

Ecbra de Oaoj: I would like understant...

why...would someone... wonder. if moon will be nuke...
after... all that its represent; makes for Earth and... etc.

I have a drem today (and... you know, no all dreans you... control what pass when...)

a; woman chief of police sitted in this chair; she said:
no all people can fell Love; and me... are one of their.

well... when I WAKE UP; I responded;
just in time when; us; that can; go to your prision; you will be putted in a diferent place. I hope you... learn... it. someday... please.


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