The Fukushima Nuke Reactors are not doing so well, Dangerous Radiation is spreading Globally and there is a probability that if Reactor 4 Meltsdown it will be 85 times worse than Chernobyl Nuke Meltdown which killed Millions of People over the Years.

If Reactor 4 Meltsdown Japan will be History and the Planet will have Radiation Problems.
You must Protect yourselves and your families with Preventative Supplements like Kelp (Potassium Iodine).

Vitamins, Cantalope and other Herbs will protect you because it will effect North America folks.
People will be dying from Radiation Poisoning and the News will not Alarm the Masses by downplaying the Horrible Reality of Fukushima Nuke Reactor Nightmare.

An Ounce of Prevention is better than a pound of Cure so protect yourselves and your families.



Crigitine: Last night they had about 4

Last night they had about 4 earth quakes in roughly 20 minutes, the lowest one being around a 4.2, the highest a 6.3. Someone or something really wants those reactors down.

Tarheel: What about our animals, Edisonik?

Is there anything I can do to protect my puppies/dogs, Falcn Master?

harleyborgais: Nuclear Power is not worth while

The costs, and harms caused by Nuclear Power plants (on the the Surface of Earth) is greatly more than the benefit obtained, especially because of the effectiveness of other sources of energy such as Wind, Solar, and Hydroelectric.
Stanley Meyer made a water fuel cell
Howard Johnson made a magnet powered generator
Thomas Bearden made one too, with no moving parts
The vertical spiral wind generators are the most efficient
and solar panels can be made to absorb cosmic radiation from black holes (like our galactic core) which has greater voltage than visible light, and passes through the earth, so they work day AND night (almost equally as well).
(This was the secret of the Black Sun that Hitler was trying to find, I figured you make diodes from Uranium Oxide, and Phosphate Crystals to do this)

For satellites and submarines however, nuclear power is very effective.

Perhaps it is the Greys, whom I am quite sure are the good guys, who are trying to help us?
(Refer to chilbolton/SETI response and Milk Hill Response, crop messages, as I believe those are the best evidence for this, because common knowledge cannot explain or reproduce them)

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