by Carl-V on July 15th, 2015

The nuclear power plants at Fukushima have been emitting huge amounts of radiation 24-7 since April 11, 2011. It is an extremely important issue. I will post quite few things that are of grave concern, but it's best to start out with the truth of what really did happen at Fukushima.

I read this report about three or four years ago. I have posted it a couple of times on a different forum and it was dismissed as fruitcake conspiracy stuff. It was left up for a while but it was taken down when I criticized the members for obviously not haven taken the time to read it in its entirety. I think most people find it hard to believe that something so malicious and evil could have been caused by man.

Here is a link to the PDF file containing the report made by Jim Stone - Freelance Journalist.

Here is a link to the Jim Stone web site.

Here is a link from Veterans Today. Bob Nichols started this radiation report about two years ago. Bob gives the radiation counts of the US gathered by independent sources throughout the US.

Here is one last link to an article by Jim Kirwan, a writer that isn't afraid to face and share the truth.

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Carl-V: Fukushima & reactor #4.

If you listen to this short video, you will find that the worst is yet to come.

Carl-V: Radiation.
pasqualie: Yep its bad, but nothing they can do about it

so thats why its not talked about in the american media.

japan has no choice but to dump it into the ocean cuz they got nowhere to store it.

if they dont then they gotta put it on land and it will harm the civilian population and make the land unliveable.

basically they had 4 reactors melt down. the reactors they have are suppose to use up all rods so there is no waste.

but japanese government was storing them in those reactors as leverage or insurance in case they have to go to war with china. so they stored those rods in those reactors so they can if they need to, make 100 nuclear bombs in a year.

the reason why the reactors went critical is because of inadequate training in a sense. there is a valve that needs to be shut off manually by turning it and they didnt send anyone down to do that. they just assumed the reactors were shutting down when the power went, and cuz of high readings they didnt bother sending someone down to turn the valve manually to shut off the reactors. by the time they realized it, it was too late.

the first reactor they said they can contain in about 40 years.

but they have to remove the rods out. they alloted 20 billion to remove i think 100 of the easiest to remove rods that are not melted or bent or welded down. there is still 1600 rods they gotta remove that are in bad shape, if any of em touch each other you get an explosion and more radiation released into the atmosphere.

as of right now the estimate is they are dumping 300 tons of radioactive water a day into the ocean, and it will continue till they can contain the reactors. first one they said they should be able to contain in 40 years.

its why west coast beaches in the united states, the beach sand is registering 600 times normal radiation.

but they cant do anything about it so no one saying anything.

also japan just changed it law since ww2 so they can have a military and use it in offensive situations rather than just defensive.

lots of demonstrations in japan but the government sees china as a threat so its doing what it thinks is best so if they have conflict they will be able to use their military and technology to counter the threat posed by china.

china warned japan also not to use threats and military to challenge them.

pasqualie: basically the change in japanese law

makes it legal now for japan to go to war to defend their allies like the united states or other allies as well as send military aid and units to conflicts they think its in their best interest to take part in.

bluesbaby5050: It's already been reported but only on the internet that......

Many people are showing signs of hair loss already, with skin rashes, and burns from swimming in the Pacific ocean. And the cancer rates are on the rise with many birth defects showing up in the wombs of woman in their not yet born fetuses, along with some mutations showing up on the mother's sonograms in both humans. and animals alike. The many sea animals, and shellfish, and ocean plant life are showing signs of the radiation poisoning. Many humans, and animals are showing deaths from cancers of all types, and even many diseases are on the rise within plants/trees all over the west coast, and also in the Hawaiian Islands, as well as in many other south Pacific islands. The radiation has also reached the western coast of South America. But you don't hear about any of this in the main stream medias. This is having a very serious affect on all our ecosystems already. All animals, and all plants will mutate or die off. Humanity, and this planet will be affected for generations to come. Our air, our lands, and our seas have all been greatly polluted since Aug. 2011. This truly is a crime of the highest magnitude against all life on this planet.

HebrianDaniel: you know its already dumb

you know its already dumb idea to put Nuclear facilities in japan
this Land known for lots of Earthquakes and Tsunamis for Hundred or maybe even thousands of years.
the place around japan and its ocean region are very active geologic.

Har IGWEBIKE Megiddo: how to remove radiation contamination from body


Tarheel: Expand your answer, please.

How do you apply each of the 3 substances? Together, separate, and/or how ?

Thanks !

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