A fresh, new look at "Ra-The Law of ONE"

by Tarheel on September 14th, 2013

A fresh new look at a 30 yr old Ra sessions that yielded The Law of One,via channeling.

If you've never read the transcripts, they are mind blowing. Check the channeling transcripts or read the books.

Title- The RA Material – Living the Law of One

Excerpt- The Law of One states that all things are One, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator. All are one means that we are all co-creators and that what we do to others, we do to ourselves. We need only look into the mirror to see the Creator and out to others to see ourselves. From this perspective, we can only love and provide a lifetime of service to others.

Ra explains that the Confederation of Planets is comprised of 53 civilizations consisting of 500 planetary consciousness complexes, all planetary entities from this solar system and other galaxies who are allied in service according to the Law of One. Further, the foundation for the understanding of the Law of One is the understanding of intelligent infinity. The Confederation appoints a council to guard the earth, which is the Council of Saturn from the 8th dimension. To put it into perspective, there are 67 million planets in this galaxy that have awareness and our Council of Saturn works with the planetary spheres of 7 of our galaxies.

Link- http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/09/12/the-ra-material-living-law-of-one/

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Tarheel: P.S........

More excerpt- In reality, there exist many dimensions in the universe. Our illusion of experience in the 3rd dimension preoccupies our thoughts even thou we can sense a bigger reality. Earth, previously in the 3rd density, is in the process of becoming a 4th density planet. Ra says, “During this planetary shift, the space/time of your solar system has enabled this planetary sphere to spiral into space/time of a different vibrational configuration. It is now in a space/time continuum, fourth density.” In order for earth beings (souls) to continue to evolve on the 4th density, they must raise their energy to the vibration of Love and have an orientation of service to others.

bluesbaby5050: You Still Have it WRONG Tarheel!

The Con-Federation of Light is REALLY ASHTAR OF COMMAND along with his Trope of Reptilians, and his Phoney Trope of Ascended masters of light! ASHTAR of Command is really a REPTILIAN IN DISQUISE! He appears on the internet with Blond hair, and Blue eyes, and a curl in the middle of his forehead in his picture. And the planet Saturn is filled with these Negative aliens, they are against humans period! This planet has been HQ for a long time, and this fact was made known to this forum in the past. The only thing that was right in your link was the fact that they said, " THEY are going to TRY HARD to HARVEST A LOT MORE SOULS!! " You were CORRECTED by us in the PAST ON THIS FORUM, and also by the master teachers, Annunaki77, and Edisonik. They both made it perfectly CLEAR to us of who, and what these COPY-CATS ARE! They also WARNED all of the forum that these dangerous fools could show up during " PROJECT BLUE-BEAM" ALONG SIDE THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT, and for us not to believe anything they tell us, and for us NOT to go near, or to enter any of those ships of theirs, because if people do, they WILL NOT BE GETTING BACK OUT!! THEY WILL BECOME SLOOSH/FOOD FOR THEM! So Please stop Mis-informing the people in this forum with your wrong information. You need to research your material better before posting dis-information to the people. Please get this topic right next time.

Tim Lovell: wow nice TaM

wow nice TaM

Tarheel: She doesnt know it was an article, not my POView.

It is from a piece I stumbled upon, and I just wanted to share it. That's why I posted a link & excerpt. It isn't my own and I made no assertions that it was.

It was however, enlightening to read another's take, which is why I shared it. I certainly would heed NO direction from the mental midget not would I subscribe to her misinterpretation of any material.

But, Thanks TL. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

bluesbaby5050: Your name calling people AGAIN Tarheel......

I never said it was YOUR Material at all, so what ever gave you that idea??! You are mis-leading the entire thread as shown. You were incorrect about the Con-Federation of light, and that's what I was referring to, and I corrected it. And as always you chose to ignore your mistake. You did not take responsibility for it, you just pretended it was never there. TR accused you of being a shill a couple of months ago, and this is exactly the kind of stuff shills do. They mix truth with lies, or just tell lies period to confuse the people, thinking that the people are too dumb to take notice of the wrong information when it is passed off as being the truth. You're the only mental midget ( your choice of words) here doing this, I don't do this to the forum. And when I do make a mistake in information I give to the forum----> I have ALWAYS GONE BACK AND I HAVE CORRECTED IT MYSELF, AND I WOULD EVEN SAY SO TO THE FORUM IN MY THREAD. YOU NEVER DO THIS. We can tell when you don't care when you behave this way, or you would have taken it upon yourself to correct it, or to even admit to it. But,,, this is not the gentleman you claim to be, and the proof is in the forum to see. Instead you always come back with a nasty low- life title for the person that corrected it for you instead of thanking them. You still have a lot to learn by your reaction in this forum, and by your behavior to others Tarheel. Calling people names will not solve anything.

Tim Lovell: I have been reading a lot of

I have been reading a lot of info lately about the `tall white` ETs and have seen various pics of them with red eyes , to me they seem suspect mabey a hybrid race if any has more info on them ...

bluesbaby5050: I have never seen them with red eyes............

This is news to me. Where have you seen them at? What material? Hybrid? Maybe, but with what??

bluesbaby5050: Thank's Tim........

That's quite a collection indeed :)) You must be thinking about the Anunnaki woman in the large picture? She is an Albino Anunnaki female, and ( I Thing You Know This Already) They don't have any color in the Iris of their eyes, and so they will have a pink hue/color to their eyes, due to the tiny blood vessels seen in the iris, that is the part around the pupils/the center. Their eyes are color sensitive. And Albino humans will have to wear sun glasses for this reason. Also, all Albinos have very pale white skin because of the lack of color pigment in their skin, their hair, and their eyes. I have seen only one alien recently with real big red eyes, and it is green skinned, and it was from a crashed spaceship that crashed in South America some where. The attending police officer on duty that night, brought it to the police station and put it in a cell for a while, but then the alien had to be taken it to the local hospital,l because it was in physical distress, and looked as if it was going to die. So that police officer never used any gloves when touching it, and so he too died a week later. He was in his early 20's and he was said to be in good health before this event took place. It was seen by very many villages after the crash. I don't remember where I saw this, sorry. I see so many of them, and I don't keep a log.

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