The Human Race is now awake , you are all the Seeds of the Gods so take back what has been taken away from you and that is your Freedom. All Nations all Peoples. My family , My Seed.
Live with Courage , Passion and Free Will and never bow down to Tyrants ever again.


bluesbaby5050: I for one of many---

Will die instead! I will NEVER bow down to anyone! This is a promise. Death before dishonor to the human race!

Annunaki77: Your Heart will protect you always

Because with the Heart no Empire will stand the Fury of the Heart.
The Heart is what all Humanity is all about, not Fear, Ignorance or Arrogance but the Heart.
The Heart is truly a Part of Heaven, this Gift no Tyrant can take away.
Not here on Earth nor any Star System for that matter Daughter.

Focus on your Heart it will give you Incredible Strength. Death cannot defeat the Heart for it is Eternal.

We have died many times over for we are the Ancient Spirits, we are Heaven.

bluesbaby5050: Yes! Your so right Lord Annu 77!

I do realize the power that comes from the heart Lord Annu 77. I know it's secrets. I have learned the real truths,and I also live by them. You know this to be true. I love the video's you post of the Native American Music. It feeds my soul. I have a soul connection to it. I feel it so deeply. Sometimes it makes me cry it fills me so. I love you My annu. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

wmarkley: yes

there are now many awake, the tyranny should end soon, the people are tired of the lies and greed, there will be hell to pay for these criminals.

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