by Annunaki77 on September 30th, 2014

The New World Disorder is a Reptilian Disorder designed to destroy what ENKI has created from the Appa Beast with the Divine Anunnaki Mothers and with the Clay of the Earth.

The Reptiles call Humanity Beasts because you comprise of Carbon Atoms,6 Neutrons, 6 Electrons , 6 Protons , 666, the Atomic structure of the Beast , the Adamu,a Carbon Based Life Form.

A Worker & Builder Group of the Creator.
You are Marvalous Builders and Highly Creative.

Humans are Carbon Based Lifeforms, while the Reptilians are Copper based.

Sure Reptilians are stronger and live longer than Humans but they too are far from perfect, they have shortfalls, they lack Empathy, they lack compassion, they lack Passion, they lack Free will because they are slaves to their own hierarchy, they lack Love and are very heartless Beings and only know Domination and percieve Compassion as a Weakness and a Joke.

They will never evolve to Higher Levels of Existence because they do not have what the Falcon Masters have, the Gift of the Akhu (The Divine Feather).

Humanity on the other hand has been designed to be Unlimited in their Potential, Yes Unlimited , created by the Ultimate GENESIS Sciences of the Heavens.

The Reptilian Vaccines will never alter the DNA of Adamu, the Reptilian Mind Control will never overcome DESTINY.

Hear these words for these words are Eternal, Eternal.

The CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM is a REPTILIAN SYSTEM, The Dredds ( Jamaica ) call it the Babylon System, Correct it is an Ancient System, a System not only being used here on Earth but on other Planets in other Star Systems.

The CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM is EXTRATERRESTRIAL and it is a PRIVATE ORGANIZATION that Holds Governments & Kings to Account.

The CENTRAL BANKS fund Wars , they fund Heroes & Enemies alike, yes they Fund$$$ both sides.
No Nation can go to WAR without Funding$$$ from these CENTRAL BANKS.

Governments that over extend their Budgets because of reckless Spending $$$ , can Increase TAXES from the Beast, but when they are Bankrupt they will go to the CENTRAL BANKS for LOANS and to SECURE these LOANS with the EXTRATERRESTRIALS they hold the Nations Sovereignty and the Lives of all Humans / Adamu as collateral which is Treason.
Humans must hold their respective Governments to Account for Transparency & Accountability.

When Brave Kings say no to the Extraterrestrial Central Banks these Reptilian Bankers will Fund $$$ a Kings Enemy to OVERTHROW a NATION that DEFIES the will of the EXTRATERRESTRIAL CENTRAL BANKS.

Mercenary Groups like the Taliban , Alqeada, ISIS is nothing more than a Creation of these Alien backed Central Banks.
Using Terror to take away Liberties from Humanity.
Sending Cells to Shopping Malls (like in Africa recently) to Murder Innocent Civilians to provoke a response of Surrender from Humanity, meanwhile make the Police stand down while these Mercenaries Butcher Men , Women & Children.
Certain Cowardly Government are complicit with this Infamy.

They use the Media to Decieve the Masses into Submission.
The News Media has alot of Blood in it's hands also.

Yes the Non-Terrestrial Officers (Extraterrestrials) hide in Plain site, among Adamu,they look like Humans but are not from Planet Earth.

Now this is why Adamu always thinks about Money$$$ , because it is Money $$$ that Controls the Lives of Billions of People.It truly is Social Engineering at it's best, creating Ignorance & Indifference among the Children of the Son (Adam).

You think about Money because it is this that makes you assume your Survival.

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew that the Greatest Enemy to Freedom was not a Standing Army at their Doors but a Banker setting shop in their Nation.

Yes it is the Bankers that are the REAL THREAT TO THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET.

Bankers Print Money out of Nothing and charge Interest %%%% on Loans, thus Enslaving Adamu and Nations.

An Alien Banker once said " Give me control of a Nation's Money and I care not who makes it's Laws".

Once a Private Organization has control of a Nations Money this Organization can Bribe it's way to Global Domination and the Enslavement & Murder of Untold Millions of People.

These People Funded Hitler and his Third Reich, but even Hitler who was Brainwashed by a Rebel Pleadian Group called the Giza Intelligence regarding the Master Race , knew that he too was a Pawn for the Reptiles.

When he finally woke up he lost the War to take the Planet for Germany. He set up his cousin in the Bunker and lived the rest of his Life in South America up to the ripe age of 83.

And at this time being 2014 , these Reptiles have control but they will lose their Control because the Children of the Son are waking up to these Reptilian Tyrants.

Starseeds are the Majority, the Children being Born at this time are Starseed, this is why the Reptilian Vaccine Program has been increased to literally destroy the DNA of these Star Souls who are coming through the Womb of Earth Mothers to lift up the Vibration of this Planet.

Say no to Abortion and Protect the Children & Eldery for the Reptilian System is killing them.

But we the Ancient Ones will see to it that these So called Satanists fail in their efforts to destroy what EA has created.

They do not serve the True Brotherhood of the SNAKE. But serve different Masters, Reptilian Overlords that kicked out the Annunaki, they serve the Orion Group.

The Alien Greys run the United Nations and Dictate Global policy.
Lies like Global Warming & Climate Change which they themselves are creating with Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying with Planes.

So I ask the People of Earth , do you want to become Robots?, or do you want to be Free Beings able to Chart your own Destiny.



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harrison orono: Arch angel michael

Arch Agel Michael once featured in this forum revealing His status quo.Can satan or lucifer do the same? If not,why?

Tarheel: Timeless spankin' post from Wise One.

And, just in case not everyone saw this, you may want to Read & Heed.

Thanks again, Anu77. The message will spread.

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