by edisonik on April 4th, 2011

When you were young you Dreamed about a World with no limits, a World that can give you free choice, a World of Free Will , a World where you can choose your Dream and your Destiny, a World that can give you the chance to Create your own Reality and the Ability to choose your own path.

This World is Earth and if you want to choose your own Path you can do it but first you must overcome your fears. You are an Awsome Creation and I will see to it that you achieve your Dreams.
I will always be here keeping a close eye on those who desire to destroy what the Lord of Creation has Created. Those who think that they are above will be humbled by the Power of the Canis Kings. The Military Might of World Nations are no match for the DAK.
The DAK are with me and if things get out of line they will be summoned to clean up this Earth of NWO Scum. This is the Power of the Spirits of the Ancients. Earth is my Playground, not the NWO'S.

So enjoy your lives and fullfill your dreams, People, never give up on hope.
Fulfill your Destiny for it is prewritten , your heart is the key to your Victory.
Follow your Dreams, and Dare to Dream.


edisonik: To the Native Indians

To the Native Indians who have told Stories of the Star Elders, many blessings be upon you.
You who have kept the stories alive for Generations from Father to Son. Your hearts were measured and you have been given favour with the Gods.
I give you many Blessings Children of the Feather, life will continue in Peace, Harmony and Universal Love.
Greetings from Sirius A & B.

edisonik: For to Express Oneself, your Body in Dance is Key

The Dance is Important for this is Flavour of the Gods. To see their Creations Commemorate Life through the Dance. The Dance is the Signature of the Gods.

The Zulu Dance

The Chinese Lion Dance

The Samoan Slap Dance

The Polynesian Dance

Japanese Tradition Dance

Lord Enki is most Pleased.

inanna17: Nice to see the eagle has landed - again

Love you Edisonik!

edisonik: I Love you too Inanna17

You now who I really am. You know the Divine truth , a truth forgotten for Hundreds of thousands of years. I am with you always.

Annunaki77: You Speak with your Heart , Big E is the Real Deal!

You speak with your Heart, it speaks Loud. I am also your Star Brother, One of the Big Boys.
A Heavy Hitter, In time all will Learn the Ways of Prince Da Aya Ba El.
Edisonik is also an Incredible Being.

The Gods are already here, in Human Vessels which Enki has Fashioned with his very hands from the Absu. If a God appears before the feet of Man, Man would tremble with Great Fear but with a Primitive Instrument such as this we can learn the Ways of the Lord of Creation.
No Money Down, no Seminars, No Secret Groups, No just out in the Open in a Human Vessel.

Who is Awsome , who fashioned the Tigers, the Lions, the Whales, the Dolphins, the Elephants, all life on this little Pathetic Planet. It is Mighty Aya himself. Yes oh Yes, Ianna17 Goddesses tend to see without seeing for they see with their Heart.

edisonik: Kanesh , I am proud of you also

How is your Tour?, your Teachings are truly Divine Old Friend. Keep enriching them with Ancient Wisdom.

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