Former satanic priest REVEALS their tactics

by Tarheel on July 24th, 2014

This guy is a fan of Tsarion & company.

I hope you took a little time and looked at parts 1 & 2 of this 3 part REVEAL. This guy covers everything from how to recognize and combat satanism to The 4 Satanic Principles.

Mark Passio Natural Law (part 3)

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HebrianDaniel: how many times i will tell

how many times i will tell you guys satan and god is bullshit made by religious people
get over it :)

Tarheel: If you watched, you'd know it's about control systems.

Certainly you don't dismiss the notion that we're in a control system do you?

He's FORMERLY a satanic priest. I don't subscribe to the notion of the devil or of any 1 supreme deity. Why would you think I did?

You misconstrued what I was communicating, HD.

bluesbaby5050: Who does not know this already?!

Everyone is in this control system. Everytime someone goes off to work they are reminded of this. When we pay taxes our morgage, and our rents, our insurance, our water bills, our heat, our food. Even when we die we are still in their control system! None of us are being fooled by any of this. And HD has it right

HebrianDaniel: the more you are aware of the

the more you are aware of the reality the more chance you can break the chains that binds youre freedom.

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