Forget all the stories you've heard....Let's just get to the simple truth right here

Hi everyone,

Well I've been drinking tonight, (Yes I had to open the conversation with that statement, so that people will discredit me) but the simple truth sometimes just comes to you. It comes and goes. We go through ebbs and flows. The best players in the world, go through their bad streaks as well. Same with learning "truth"....we can go up a notch....or down a notch. Now don't get me wrong...nothing wrong with "learning" stuff. Information is cool. But just be careful with what you "learn" because REAL TRUTH COMES FROM WITHIN....not from words, not from some book. That is someone else's truth.

So, only study what is interesting to you. If this doesn't interest you what I am about to say, then close this out right now. But it's simple. I've already known all this but I got another clear as day vision today on all of it. Just wanted to keep it as simple as possible so people might be able to understand. I know it's nearly impossible to write truth and convert it into words, but I do my best.

#1- There is NO such thing as pure evil.

(I can go into many details and attempt to explain exactly how this is, but I fear it will fall upon deaf ears. I would explain more...but it's just something that has to come from within. So, I will just say one little detail on it, one sentence. We will bugs, the illuminati(aliens, higher ups) kills us. Basically we are bugs to the illuminati. Now, I am not saying everyone kills bugs. I certainly do not. I look at them as living creatures just like anything else, and I respect them and save them whenever possible. I have a connection with them. They are not from the "devil"....Everything is from god. Even "Robots and Mind control" which to me, seems like pure evil, originates from God. Everything comes out of god. God is on another level. A level not of our human understanding. I don't even kill flies and they annoy the hell out of me. (Even though I have a connection with them) They even seem evil to me sometimes, but my inner guide tells me NOT to kill them. It's as simple as imagining if you were that consciusness of the fly....going about your life....would you want someone killing you?)

#2- There is no such thing as pure good.

(Again, depends on the way you look at it (Eye of the beholder, truth isn't spoken in words)
Even in the bigger picture of things, that balance was needed for life, even if we cannot understand it, there cannot possibly be a such thing as pure good because if there was then there would be no Evil. "God" in itself is good and evil, or neither one. Just depends on the way YOU Look at it. I look at it in every possible way. The only thing that isn't possible is "Pure Evil or Pure Good" because I see it the way it really is. I could prove both wrong right now, if only words were good enough. With my bad english, and our shitty languages, I am unable to even attempt to prove this to anyone. I am just hoping people can see my points here. Much too much to explain though in words)

The good news is, "God" IS GOOD, because if "God" wasn't good, we wouldn't be here right now. We would have no life, we would have no consciousness. There would be no "Evil or Good" and there would be nothing. "God" is everything that is...and this "God" is conscious and DID create everything and created it for a reason. And not some stupid scientific reason either. There is no such thing as an atheist. That's just another false label. No such thing as a "Narcissist" another false label. But of course we get caught up in the groove and start labeling each other. We all come from the same source. I can see this without any proof what so ever. I cannot explain any proof to anyone.

OK I will stop here, because I have way too much to type and I forgot most of it. So, at least we covered the aspect of "Balance" even though this is simple shit here, most of your probably already came to this truth from within, just wanted to post a reminder here, as we all seem to get caught up in our "Studying" groove and forget that the REAL truth comes from within! That's the only place it CAN come from!

Now, just knowing about EGO and where I've been before, I'll admit....I could be wrong about everything here. But I just feel what I say is true. It could be some lower level of understanding that other entities here on this site. So, I am not here to argue with anyone. Maybe there is some kind of "eternal heaven or hell" that I am not aware of. But I just can't see it. I think that everything flows through and sometimes we are in Heaven and other times we are in Hell. I can't see it being possible to be in Hell for eternity. Eternity never ends, so there will always be possible escape. Even if you were in hell for 10 trillion years, you'd get out one day. But don't worry, nobody will be in hell forever. If there was pure evil, and the god of the "Bible" was true, then he would be pure evil. To send people to hell for eternity for simply not believing (I know, that's probably a false doctrine, but just making a point) and then send people to heaven, who lives as bad people, simply because they had "faith"? LOL Faith means you didn't truly KNOW god, or there is no "Faith" about it. You either know "God" or you don't. I know "God" and therefore I have no faith. I just know. That means I can say FUCK GOD and it means nothing to me. Nobody takes offense, other than those who are brainwashed (Think-Christians) about this particular subject. God of the bible cannot be real, not a pure evil god, because if he was, then there would be NO GOOD. A god of pure evil would not be capable of good, or else he wouldn't be pure evil. Even the illusion of good, such as maybe a high on drugs, is still an illusion. We live our lives through illusions, so with the illusion of good, proves the theory of pure evil totally wrong.

Any thoughts welcome or appreciated.

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TillToTheWhen: Oh! I just remembered one

Oh! I just remembered one thing I wanted to say-

You have two choices in this world-

#1- You can be BRAINWASHED
#2- You can be BRAINDAMAGED

That is, if you're human. If you're not then I can't relate. I am human so this is what I figured out about us humans. I knew this already, but saw a plain as day vision again tonight about this fact. Either you are brainwashed or braindamaged or both. You can't hope to have a brain wand not have it washed. "They" ..."Wash" every single brain that comes into existence. (WASHingtong DC....they just said that on TV...Syncronisity) anyway they have to wash ALL BRAINS....or in other words, ANY BRAIN MUST BE the way to avoid this is to DAMAGE your brain and then it cannot be washed. It's really your choice. I chose to DAMAGE my brain, even though I didn't know what the benefits would be. lol honestly I didn't know the consequences either. But now that I did, I don't regret it. I'd rather be brain damaged, than brainwashed. Retarded people are more blessed than most people could ever realize.

TillToTheWhen: No comments? Well at least

No comments? Well at least nobody shot me down. I hope some other people have seen the same truth I have, because war, torture, rape and killing seems so senseless and our conscious minds cannot grasp why god would allow this. That is why the truth must come from within. You can't try to think about it or explain it yourself. You have to let it come to you.

dvogel: I will comment then

but I will spin the subject a bit. I agree with you about the duality of good and evil (not that I'm in favor of those terms) and the balance (or "golden mean" as Aristotle said). Sometimes it is hard to believe though that some people are not just pure "evil", but they perhaps have a different way of looking at what they are doing. I wanted to take your discussion in a bit of a different direction, if you will allow me. You mention that you have no faith, I guess it means that you are not religious, but you seem to talk about "God" as a person like it is done in religions. Did you perhaps grow up as a Christian? And if this is the case did you then reject the religion but kept the view of one god who is above all and who is personalized enough to be called "good or evil"? You mention that we live our lives through illusions, do you then mean the eastern philosophical way of everything is an illusion (Maya) or just that people are deceived? I ask this because I'm interested in understanding people who were religious but realized that it's fraud and then rejected "holy" texts but kept many of the values from the texts in their "new" view.

TillToTheWhen: Thanks for the comment Dvogel

I personally was not a Christian and my close family wasn't either, but they are everywhere so the common word people used was "God"

I also don't like that word too much. That why I usually will put it in parenthesis....but I usually use that word, as you mentioned I grew up saying it. We definitely were not spiritual people either, but not religious. We just always referred to the word as god. I'm still fascinated to this day as to who or what "God" actually is. I feel from within that god is NOT a person in the sky or any single one entity, but rather a collection of everything together combined. One guy said "God is a mathematical equation, and it doesn't love , nor hate you" ....In a sense I can understand that being true too.

As for the living an illusion, I meant like the different dimensions, we cannot see what is in other dimensions here in this 3D....and what we do see here doesn't really exist, only in our reality. I don't know, it sounds kinda crazy lol but that's the vision I've gotten at least. Almost like we are living a dream, and our minds are creating our external realities and everything that we see. For instance, if we learned the ability we could walk through a wall.....because the wall is just an "illusion" and not really there in the true reality. I think 3D(fake) reality is all an illusion. That is why we need a physical body with "senses" to feel, touch, hear, etc

dvogel: From what I understand here

it seems that you are interested in the eastern philosophies (probably without knowing it) and I would suggest that you read the book called "The Secret Doctrine" about esoteric Buddhism and occultism (very anti religious). It's a heavy book (around 1200 pages) written in old English and it can be a bit dry, but very interesting if you have the discipline to read it.

You can read it online here:

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