Follow your Heart!

by meb1974 on August 16th, 2013

I gave up a $80 k Job last week. My Wife is giving her job up as well. We are Leaving the east coast. My heart tells me to leave now. I always follow my heart. I will be head back west. I currently live on the Virginia coastline. I have never been this confident that I am making the right decision. Anybody else feel this way?

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Tim Lovell: do you have a new job to go

do you have a new job to go to ? :)

bluesbaby5050: Hi there...... May I ask Why out West?

If you do.... Maybe it would be a better idea to stay near the NORTHERN Middle Border states, but, away from the Oregon, and Washington States. These areas are being hit hard by the radiation from Japan in the air, and the food sources. The Pacific Ocean is still washing up debrie all the way from Japan too. And then you have the Fault Lines to contend. Then there is all the Air Polutions that are very high there, and Unhealthy as well, along with the high costs of living. Colorado is not a good idea either, unless it is away from the Denver Airport that is located there, and so is all the hidden underground bunkers that were build underground for the Dark Malevolent, Wealthiest Elite. This is Purely Satanist Territory. Not a good idea for a family to settle into. Sorry, I was just pointing out some important facts to think about first. Your already in a good area to begin with, just move inland more, like West Virginia, and grow your own foods. Your on granite that goes deep into the earth, and is part of the mountain range anyways, and you would be behind the mountains, protected by the high winds, and the ocean that can act up anytime. You also have safety with the thick forests, and water there, and game too, and to be self reliant is best. I would think, just my opinion though :)

Tim Lovell: to antartica!

to antartica!

meb1974: I have a new job Tim.

I have a new job Tim. Bluesbaby5050, I now alot about nuclear fall out. Just say I have ten years experience in that. With a secret clearance to go with it. I think everyone should move inland before the end of the year. . Get away from the coast line! Be safe, everything will come out soon enough. But I can not go into details. Internet, email , phones, T.V.'s. are not safe to talk about such things.

bluesbaby5050: Thanks for your Feedback, and from....?

From the coastline of Maine, U.S. to the Atlantic coastline of Florida, U.S. , how many miles would you say to move inland to become safe? Will your information go public BEFORE any major event happens? Your not giving away any secret info, just a friendly warning for people. Thank you, and good luck, and you and yours be safe too :)

Tim Lovell: hmm nice but I live on the

hmm nice but I live on the coastline in freshwater in the isle of wight in the uk I guess ill climb a tree :)

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