The Flower of Life and Kabbalah - first density geometry

The Flower of Life and Kabbalah - first density geometry
Jewish mysticism? no, its alot older than that, it goes back to ancient sumeria:

Notice in the image what appears to be a flying spacecraft right up above the two people. Some crazy shit, aigh?

Image of the flower of life symbol:

I may not know alot on kabbalah and what Exactly its about, but I have my valuable input as much as the next person.

So what is it exactly? It was knowledge passed down from the heavens so to speak, in other words Aliens! well the word alien comes from the elyon which is hebrew for god, so it cant be that hard to swallow the fact that it could have been aliens, so...

In the ancient hindu creation story it was told that the whole universe came out of a lotus flower from lord Vishnu's belly button, that sounds like the most ridiculous claim in the history mankind.

For those that dont understand the myth, it would sound incredibly stupid, but its a metaphorical story, the lotus is the flower of life!

The flower of life is an ancient symbol used in kabbalah to describe geometry, it shows how all the atoms in our universe existence align themselves. Lord Vishnu is symbolically being used to describe a white hole which all our dimensions come out of, to create our 12 dimensional holographic universe.

To ancient secret societys this was proven knowledge that the gods exist, however they are not the gods as we would like to know them, they were not the supreme beings, just galavanting extraterrestrials taking advantage of our ancient civilisations.

Octrahedral, tetrahedral, planar tiangular, linear, trigonal bipryamidal etc etc etc, are some of the bond formations that atoms form while bonding. This is what I THINK it represents.

The flower of life symbol is usually on a round sphere under statues of lions under a lion's paw:

The lion is a symbol of the constellation of Orion, like the sphinx at the Giza plateau, and the pyramids represent Orion's belt. Many gods in our ancient past that represented the constellation of Orion like the goddess Athena were gods of wisdom and it should come as no surprise that its a lion thats guarding the secret of the flower of life. An owl is also a symbol of the constellation of Orion aswell. See my goddess lilith picture for example.

Lilith=Enlil=Alnilam a star in orion's belt
She has both lions and and owls around her.


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Kierkegaard: Thank you...

This sort of thing reminds me a lot of what I'm reading in the Rosicrucian Mysteries, though I haven't yet finished it. Thank you for the time you spent on this.

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