To Destroy Humanity because they were becoming too Numerous.
Lord Enki helped in saving Humanity through Noah and the Ark.

This Archeological Fact, this is not a Comic Book Story Boys and Girls, this is REAL.
Can you handle this Truth?, Yes you can.


edisonik: The Draco used Nukes First not the Annunaki

The Draco went to War with the Annunaki, not the other way around so the Draco are really the Bad Guys.
Listen to Micheal Tellingers Report.

2+2= 4.

Do you understand the gravity of this Information.

bluesbaby5050: Yes, We understand this,as you,and Lord Annunaki77 has ---

Taught this to us in our lessons.We did not forget this Lord Edison.This is important to remember, as this is in our True Earth history of earley humanity,and the Gods/Kods.We honor you both by our remembering these lessons. Falcon.

edisonik: Please do not get Scared

Just Understand who the Players are. Peace to you and your Families.

bluesbaby5050: We will stand up to them,and be Brave!

We will show them we are NOT DUMB BEAST! We have learned well who all the players are Lord Edison. And We are Humans,and the rightful Stewards of this Planet Earth.We are very many,and We will live in Peace,and in Harmony together.We are All ONE! Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: i really wonder what

i really wonder what annunakis doing right now....

edisonik: Some are trying to Destroy Humanity, others Protecting Humanity

Remember there is this Awsome Force called Duality Herbrian Daniel. Humanity has Free Will and knowing that Free Will is there Duality is there also, the Freedom to choose your Destiny and to choose Right and Wrong.
This Duality enables Humanity to Evolve Son. You are here on Earth to Learn Lessons.
Even these Illuminati Pawns are learning Leasons on this Mortal Plain Son of Nibiru/Hebrew.

"Do Unto others as you would have them do unto you".
No one on this Planet can force you to do anything Wrong on this Planet, Utimately it is your call since you are your own Independant Being with the Gift of Free Will.

Love you Herbrian Daniel.

Embrace your God Potential within your Beating Heart Son.
Do not Let Fear take your Free Will.

HebrianDaniel: hey edi i respect the way you

hey edi i respect the way you speak but i myself have long time to reach this way there still much to learn and its not easy but im sure once you was like us also sleeping and not awakened im sure you really feel what we feel now which what i call limited.
but i hope its will be changed one day.

Tarheel: HebrianDaniel-YOU are on the right path.

Sat with it, my brother and you will get there. Or should I say -WE will get there TOGETHER !

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