many better sites ofc just did a quick search for pictures, i'll finally need to start keep track of em

    much info to be found on the web in old and new books about experiments, documentaries , ancient civilizations, alternative astronomy, astrology/cosmology, artwork, even movies and music

    beware of occult subliminal messages everywhere

    do your research and enjoy some music nobody flies around the sun

    too much to post here, enjoy the research if you dare to try to debunk or confirm it, good luck

    curvature=theoretic, fish eye lens & composite photoshop
    dinosaurs=phony bone wars
    nuclear=TNT hoax
    oil=scarcity greed
    planets=wandering stars (retrograde motion of the procession cyclus)
    earth=flat planeTruth
    horizon=perspective, vanishing point, point of view, atmospheric occlusion and refractive distortion
    sunlight=hotter than shadow
    moonlight=colder than shadow
    back hole=nassholes & cohorts whitewashing tons and millions and billions tax payer money
    spaceX=same old song, government grants from taxes but supposedly cheaper so more often reuse of same models
    money=the root of all evil, follow it
    university research=waiving all your research rights to the institutions and the ones that invested in the subsidy/grants (club bilderberg, monsanto now bayers fused, DARPA, Rothchilds)
    school education=wasting your time with submissive lies to work as a slave in a broken system instead of being your own boss
    history=written by the victors/writers (his-story)

    read between the li(n)es

    much more bs just research the hoaxes and ye shall be able to judge them by their fruits

    there's nothing new under the sun

    haha Scottie come beam ya boy all the way up!

    bye or shall i write
    be-ye b-eye !

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