Flat earth

by BamfOttO on December 5th, 2016

So I have been seeing this flat earth stuff around you tube? The whole you tube thing is my next post so I will not go into a whole thing now. So doing the logical thinking the fact that we concern ourselves about the movement of the stars and plants move around the earth or the earth rotates is an question we can no answer with any confidence. Guess what? WTF does it matter? Does it effect your spiritual life in this reality? Yeas seeking knowledge is in our spirit but to define an undifineable universe is just a dog chasing it's tail. I contenplate it, but I think this whole science and politics is to destroy our ability to gain true happiness. I have to take on so many dfferant perona's in m day, and yes you do to. I have to worry about feed unhealthy food to a bunch of ungrateful people, and supervise a bunch of people who do not care about their jobs. And I don not blame them, they work for me, and I work for them. I am not your typical manager. That is just an example to explain my point. I am not the only person who does this, most people serve themselves. I was lucky enough to stuggle most my life and I know living with nothing makes you felling no diferant then living with everything. It is what we have been taught and what we all assume is true, even though if you ask people almost no one believes it. Isn't this Fuct? It is not only this subject but most of society. Why if we all think something is wrong we act like we can not do anything about it. When you ask a person who can do some critical think what benifits the government does for them and what say the rally have in the way it opperates is sad. The police run around doing all kinds of illegal acts and get away with it. The I.R.S. robs every citizen of the U.S.. The FED is the most corupt sysrtem in the world. Why we do not have enough cofidence in our own abilities to survive in our natural world where a damn hamster or chcken can survive without any help why the fuck can't you. Why are we so dependant on what destroies us that we do not even atempt a change. No it does not come from a revolt, it comes from a small community suppotrting each other and not involving the government. Once they find out (my guess is if you just drop of the face of the earth never, toms of homeless do it everyday with no proble,ms, but they don't help themselves or worktowards a common goal.

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BamfOttO: I am sorry this did not have

I am sorry this did not have much to do about flat earth other than it is very plausible but in the results it leads to benifiting my life is nill. It is very inrteresting only because as a citizen of th united states I am detached. No it is not from my lack of trying. I am that person anyone can talk to or get along with the fact no one wants to talk about anything relivent and chnages the topic when it comes up disturbs me.

Terran resistance: flat earth they dont want you to think its hollow

according to the Hittites and the ancient Egyptians the earth is more chevron shaped with a hole where Canada is. Which ties into the earth being hollow. The letter A originates from the shape of the earth. All the civilizations that said the earth was flat said that there was a hole in the middle which lead to the underworld

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