Fixing the Problems

Hello Everyone, my name is Harley and the purpose of this thread is to finally fix the problems in the world today.

The reason I am certain we can do this is because I know all the causes, most of the solutions, and can provide all of you with all of the answers to all of the questions in the universe (really, test me). From the Origin of Energy, God, Matter, Life, Humanity, the Truth about Free Energy, Sacred Geometry, and now for the most important one right now, the point of this thread....

Constitutional Political Action

The Supreme Law of this land, the United States of America, states;
-that its very purpose is to "Promote the General Welfare" of "We The People" of theses United States,
-that all laws of this land must derive their authority directly from the Constitution, and
-that any law which contradict the constitution in notwithstanding,
-that all officers of all branches of government and military must swear an oath to support the constitution in order to obtains authority, and
-that those officers can only hold that authority under good behavior, and they lose all authority upon violation of the constitution, or commission of even a misdemeanor crime.

This is the spirit and the letter of the Law in our United States and We The People are not going to accept the illegitimate ownership of ourselves (via birth-certificates) and everything we have (via debts), by the wealthy groups of such names as Illuminate, Federal Reserve, central banks, Luciferians, etc.

As has always been known that only the ignorance of the public is the only thing that allows such severe corruption to develop, and the mere awareness of a sufficient number of people is enough to stop corruption once and for all, because only the ignorant people endow the corrupt people with power.

STOP ELECTING CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the names of some of them, the enemies of all Humanity (because they actually worship Lucifer):
Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, Lehman, Sachs, Kuhn, Loeb, Lazard, DuPont, Carnagie, and others.

To get you started on your research, look for these sentences:
1) doctor strike mortality rate
2) federal reserve audit
3) supreme court define "income"
4) federal reserve notes not legal tender
5) New World Order quotes
6) Where individual income taxes actually go
7) how i clobbered every bureaucrat
8) "UCC-connection"
9) "science of nutrition"
10) missing 13th amendment image

on youtube:
11) "what in the world are they spraying"
12) "the change your founders believed in"
13) "the cancer report"
14) "Decolonization Referendum Petition"

And for everything else you can possibly wonder, connect to my

"It's not about left and right, it's about Right and Wrong" (Arianna Huffington, Colbert Report)

Together we can finally end this age-old war against good and evil, by educating enough of Humanity on how greed corrupts society, how secrecy allows corruption to breed, and how the freedom of information on the internet is the solution to prevent it forever into the future.


Phaminator: harley,

I've read at the same time skimmed through the huge thread and wow, you're being treated as a laughing stock in that rationalskeptism forum...

p.s: I am not sure if this link is "irrational", "logical" or "truthful"... might be worth a read :|


After reading a lot of that website, it is obvious that this person is stating things to be factual without enough solid evidence, is confused about the meaning of the word Science, has a low opinion of women, and expects people to suspend disbelief in the sense of believing something known to be fiction.

That is all quite irrational I am afraid.

Truth is fact:
Facts are verifiable by reproducible experiments that produce the same results, demonstrating the relationship between a cause and an effect. the process of proving what is true, or factual, is science. Technology is the result of having science.
Science is one of those things only Human Minds can do, because our pineal glands, pre-frontal cortex's, and probably other parts of our brains are complex enough to compute all that we observe, and imagine into the future as well.

Phaminator: I guess it's much like that

I guess it's much like that timecube nonsense. Oh well, I guess I gotta do more research and work on my academics.

harleyborgais: Research

Well I have spent the majority of my time since 1999 studying mostly through the internet, and am trying my best to present the most important facts here on this thread.

There are also a lot on my facebook page from before I started here:

I actually really enjoy debating the truthfulness of my beliefs, because only through defeating the strongest of competition can I be sure that my theories are more than theories, but truth.

----- Here are some things I am preparing to post ---

I will give you a series of facts and my interpretation of their meaning, and then it will be up to you to decide for yourself which is correct and true.
A fact can be verified by others who are willing and able do what is needed to verify the truth, and that often requires significant effort on your part, as the truth seeker.
In science, causes and effects are discovered by observing the results of experiments which can be replicated by others and seen to produce the same results as long as all the conditions of the experiment are matched.

Curing All Disease:
The Cause and End to all War:
What Sacred Geometry represents:
Actual Photo of Atoms:
Cause of Inflation:
Cause of Unemployment:
How Law really works:
What is Energy and Matter:
What will happen in Dec. of 2012:

What is true about aliens:
What about UFOs:
The Secret to Free Energy:
Why doesn't every one know this:

What is "money" in America:
Who claims to "own" the world:

Theories...(Yeah, I can prove all of the ones above, but these require more evidence than I have to prove)...
Where God came from:
How God created the Universe:
What are black holes and dark matter:
What are the dimensions and forces of nature:

And here are the: "13 Masonic Secrets" Videos: (The ones at the end are all from one person:

Passing the veil of isis is mentioned in #4, and that is what is symbolized by the light radiating out past the triangle which contains the all seeing eye. Your focal point, your third eye, the pineal gland, the one unique part of your brain which is in the center, that is the all seeing eye because it is the part that allows you to put thoughts together, and to see things beyond the limits of the 3Dimensional, Physical world.

This is what all the sacred geometry and the crop circles and the Great Seal are trying to tell you.
The lines represent the push and pull forces which are effects, and the circles or curves represent the fields of energy like gravity, electrical, and magnetic fields, which are the causes.

The shapes of electron orbitals, lattice structures which form crystals, the shapes of energy fields and channels between atoms, and large objects like planets, stars, and galaxies, are all affected by the physics and the geometry that forms the sacred geometric forms in physical reality.

Examples are cubes, hexagons, pyramids, star tetrahedrons/octahedron (The star of david), and the flower/fruit/seed/egg of life which matches the first photo of atoms: 1st Photo of Atoms.jpg
These shapes can be formed with sound on plates or emotions in ice crystals, they are seen in the poles of planets or stars like Saturn, and I am sure if you could see all energy, if you could move through dimensions into some hyper or sub space, you would see these sacred geometric forms linking all planets, stars and galaxies together.

Yin signifies earth, passive, negative, female, yielding, weak, or dark;
Yang signifies heaven, active, positive, male, strong, or light.

The electron is a compression of space and the one that radiates the most. That is positive pressure, but we call it negative electrical charge. This one does active chemical bonding, this one is positive pressure, and the source of light. That makes the Electron Yang.

The proton is an expansion of space and does not radiate as much as attract electrons. That is negative pressure, but we call it positive electrical charge. This one is darker, negative. That makes the Proton Yin.

Together they make a neutron, which is more massive and more magnetic, but just a tiny bigger than the proton (Because the electron is tiny by comparison).

This is the sacred knowledge, the key, the veil of Isis, the meaning of sacred geometry, the key to all understanding and knowledge, the holy grail, the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, the one true unifying theory of everything!

Learning this (by seeing the observational proof for yourself, ask and I will provide it), is the meaning of life, the ultimate power, the reason for the crop circles and all the sacred geometry from all cultures and continents throughout history, this is the key to the Mystery School, which we are all now engaged in.

Learning this is what makes the light of your all seeing eye extend beyond the 3D limitations of the physical world, which is what the Great seal represents.

Please share this information.

harleyborgais: rationalskeptism

Indeed many of the people there are ridiculing me and my theories, but when the time becomes available, I will search for and post all of the facts proving the correct parts of my theories, and especially the causes and cures for all war and disease.

Thank you for this link:

It seems that his person is already very knowledgeable on the things we are trying to expose here.

However, here is one quote from that page which I do not agree with:

"Therefore, you cannot use science against them in order to expose them; that would be nonsensical. In fact, science already has safeguards against this kind of stuff (i.e., according to science, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, aliens do not exist)."

Science truly is the pursuit of truth, because science is a process involving observations (which are facts), and deduction (developing theories), which then undergo trials or experiments according to the best methods known for eliminating error, and the end result is the proving of certain things to be true.

A fact is a claim or statement that can be verified.
When you believe something you dont necessarily know the facts needed to prove it.

However, when you actually 'know' something, then you can prove it is true to anyone willing and able to understand that proof.

On the topics of the causes and solutions to disease and war, I am quite sure that I 'know' the causes and cures, because I can (and have been) giving links to the sources of information, and physical evidence demonstrating that these things are true...such as the existence of the Illuminati, their plan, who owns what, why the Federal Reserve is illegal, what we can do about it (read the constitution and enforce it), I can explain why all drugs cause harm (because our cells have not learned through evolution to use those molecules), and why only natural foods can ever cure you (because those are the only molecules our cells have learned to use without producing free radicals)...and so on.

As for my theories about dark matter, the great flood and water canopy, where God came from, why we have the redshift that increases with distance, why galaxy orbits do not match solar orbits.... Proving those is a bit harder. In some cases I can say I know for sure, but most of those I am still trying to prove.

Now, your link claims to be presenting real truth, and it claims to be explaining the difference, but I think that we are all still making these mistakes, me and this person, and this will continue, because no one is perfect, but we all need to keep trying to get as close as possible.

Now again, "Truth" is found through "Facts", which are information that is "Verifiable", which means that any other person who is willing and able, can verify your claim themselves, and they can see the same results as you. Here are a couple examples of "Facts":

The Federal Reserve is Illegal, they have stolen over $29 Trillion from America since 2007, our money is not legal tender, and the "Titles of Nobility Amendment" was ratified as Law in the United States before 1819, so any person in the Free Masons, or BAR association cannot legally be a US Citizen, hold office, vote, etc.

To "Verify" those "Facts", you simply look them up, like the fed audit. the Constitution where it states only gold and silver coin are legal tender, and look up ANY book printed between 1819 and 1860, and you will see that TONA (13th Amendment), then look up "Light on Masonry" to see the oaths of free masons and that they use titles of nobility, then look up the meaning of esquire and how all members of the BAR get that title. These allow one to verify that these are facts. Also, see how the supreme court defined "Income" as profit, and stated that salaries and wages are fair exchanges, and thus not taxable.
These are facts.

Heres more:
All matter is made of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed but only changed in form, light has no mass, a spinning negative or positive charge generates a magnetic dipole, and therefore all particles (even neutral ones like neutrons) have magnetic fields.
To verify: Light mills or crookes radiometers do not spin faster in total vacuum, but spin fastest at a small vacuum, proving light is without mass....spin any charge fast and it will make a magnetic field, that is how electromagnetic coils work....combine an electron and positron or proton and you get gamma rays, but combine a gamma laser and a green laser (Stanford did this) and you get an electron and proton...the magnetic moment of the neutron has been measured, and it is the most magnetic particle...all free energy devices must have a source, and if you identify it and take it away, any free energy machine will stop working.

Now those are more facts you can verify. Here are more of a different nature:
The real crop circles have radiation levels 2x the surrounding area, and the plants are still alive and fruiting, and have odd nodes on them which the surrounding plants do not, however if they are created by trampling with boards the nodes and radiation do not exist, and the plants break and die. That is how you know that the crop circles are being made with some kind of technology that the public does not know about.
Also, a perfect mandelbrot pattern appeared in a crop circle exactly one year after a magazine article was published proving that ONLY a computer can generate those patterns perfectly, and this proves two things:
1) The real crop circles are definitely generated with a computer controlled technology, and
2) At least some of if not all the makers of the crop circles (I think only some), are on earth, or at least communicating with earth.

Also, the Human body cannot have cancer if its Ph is above 7.0.

These are all verifiable facts which are really important.
Can we get the author of onto this forum?

harleyborgais: More quotes from

Perhaps it is a good thing that this website was brought to my attention, as there is clearly a good intent with a large amount of good evidence, but a number of points that seem seriously confused. My longer responses will have to be in the next post, and i will try to make them on topic ("Fixing the Worlds Problems" is the name of this thread)...

"By defending science, the common man thinks that he is being some kind of noble defender of logic, reason, and reality, when in fact, he is just being a good little robot for the elite. He's not defending the truth, he's simply preserving the elite's control and his own enslavement." (

Here is a changing image showing symbolism and the "Great Seal" on the US Dollar: (from

"For someone to use such a mainstream, public-sanctioned, government-sponsored, corporate-sponsored paradigm such as science in order to discover the actual, raw truth about reality is quite laughable, and shows that he or she is ignoring the concept of intentional deception (and, ignoring the concept of intentional deception is, in fact, selective reasoning). "

"In contrast, science tries to act as if one can seek the truth without needing to worry about the ruling elite's influence on the world or about the legitimacy of mainstream information. According to science, intentional deception does not exist, conspiracies do not exist, aliens do not exist, and the ruling elite are benevolent (and, of course, this is because the Reptilians are the very ones who created science in the first place)."

HERE IS A CRUCIAL POINT: (This one I agree strongly with, as it is a very important one)
"Ironically, people who call themselves "skeptics" are not really skeptics. Rather, they are only selective skeptics. This is because they may be skeptical about fringe ideas, but they are never skeptical about science or about mainstream news from the mass media."

"Science = Faith
Whereas a religion has faith in the existence of an imaginary god, science has faith in the trustworthiness of the government--something which real truth seekers would never dare have. "
"The dinosaurs were created by the Reptilians thousands of years ago, before one of the Reptilians' latest re-starts of civilization. The dinosaurs were used in order to scare off other alien races from coming to Earth, and also to kick out the aliens that were already living on Earth. Once the dinosaurs had served their purpose and the Reptilians had Earth under control again, the dinosaurs were disposed of (i.e., made extinct).

The dinosaurs were not (and are not) a one-time deal, and have been created by the Reptilians (and then subsequently destroyed by them) many times in the past. Moreover, the dinosaur fossils that are found by scientists are from only the latest batch of dinosaurs. "

"In the True Realm, crude concepts such as time, biological life, karma, and physics do not exist. Only Darkness, who is a pseudo-creator, would create a realm that is based on such things. Anything that is "technical" or governed by rules or restrictions (which, by the way, is everything in this universe, with the concept of "karma" being just one example) is crude. "

"When your mind wakes up from sleep quicker than your physical body, and you feel someone pushing down on you or "watching" you, it is a Reptilian (or other kind of alien) in the fourth dimension.
If your mind wakes up quicker than your body, then your mind cannot exist in the third dimension because your third-dimensional human body is still asleep. Thus, your mind switches to the fourth dimension and is able to experience fourth-dimensional reality. "

Some of these numbers are actually good, but I know from a person who tested the simulation program for seismic waves through the earth, and he found that there is a possible configuration of a hollow earth that will give the same effects we actually see in waves that pass across and through earth....but it is not a thin crust, it is one with a hollow core that is about one third the diameter of earth or so (that's from memory, I'm not sure of the source right now)...

"The Earth is hollow, with an inner sun
and a more advanced civilization than ours.
In fact, all planets are hollow and have inner
suns. Some of the Inner Earth people are
aware of Earth's outer surface, and others
are not.

Earth's radius is 3,963 miles long. And, its
shell is approximately 800 miles thick--so,
the halfway point between Outer Earth and
Inner Earth is 400 miles below us.

Note that the deepest point of any ocean on
Earth is only 7 miles (6.86 miles, to be exact)!"

I cant tell if these animations are supposed to be real footage or just made up?...

Either way, I think those are pretty awesome, and if real, then a bit scary too...but I think earth is closer to the sun than jupiter?

"'On Earth, it is impossible for the truth (i.e., real, unfiltered, raw truth) to be discussed in a group setting."
"Remember, the key is to wake up YOURSELF. Don't get preoccupied with attempting to wake up other people."
"Women are ultra-impressionable beings and therefore are easily controlled by aliens and the elite. The main purpose of women on Earth (that is, what aliens have programmed them to do) is to enslave men via relationships."
" Suspension of disbelief is an aesthetic theory intended to characterize people's relationships to art. It was coined by the poet and aesthetic philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1817. It refers to the willingness of a person to accept as true the premises of a work of fiction, even if they are fantastic or impossible. It also refers to the willingness of the audience to overlook the limitations of a medium, so that these do not interfere with the acceptance of those premises. According to the theory, suspension of disbelief is a quid pro quo: the audience tacitly agrees to provisionally suspend their judgment in exchange for the promise of entertainment" (
OK. So, in order to live a proper human life here on Earth, it requires not merely two hours of suspension of disbelief (such as in the case of watching a movie), but rather, YOUR ENTIRE LIFETIME!"

harleyborgais: The Jupiter Event in the above post

When clicking the links, you hear the audio, which tells that this is video from the Cassini craft.
So this is real footage!

That looks like a black hole forming to me, and where the light starts emanating out is where the event horizon forms and matter starts being destroyed, radiation x and gamma rays.

I kind of hope that is not what is happening there, but if:
"Earths Distance from Sun = 92,956,050 miles (149,598,261 km)"
"When Earth and Jupiter are at their closest to each other they are 628,743,036 million km apart. At their most distant from each other they are 928,081,020 million km apart."

So Jupiter is more than four to six times the distance from the sun to earth.
That is reassuring to me.

harleyborgais: When the Pope claimed ownership of Earth in 1213

Thanks to Ryan for sending me to this truthcontrol thread discussing when the Pope forced the king to give the vatican ownership of the world in 1213, then the knights forced the king to pass the first set of laws for every freeman to obey, the magna carta...

But since 1776, July 4th, Americans have decided that Our constitution is the supreme law, and that anything to the contrary is notwithstanding, so none of those treaties or any claim of ownership of American lands or people hold up under our law.

According to the supreme law that we have chosen to go by from 1776 into the indefinite future, if anyone wants to change it or go against it without the support of the majority of Americas population, then that means war, and we will fight over it, we will fight for our freedom.

I feel the need to keep repeating this everywhere:

In America, if you dont cause harm (Injury, Loss, or detriment) or violate a contract, then no police, judge, or anyone can search or take any life liberty, or property from any one.

To search or take anything, to penalize in anyway, requires reasonable cause that one of those two things were done, it takes a warrant under sworn testimony under penalty or perjury, which has to specifically state what will be searched and taken, and so on.
The courts do not have jurisdiction to punish you otherwise, so traffic tickets are illegal (against the constitution).

harleyborgais: Doctors Orders: "Avoid Genetically Modified Foods"

Doctors Warning Pamphlet: "Avoid Genetically Modified Foods"
They alter your organs and cause many serious health problems...

"The Food and Drug Administration policy on genetically
modified organisms (GMOs), released in 1992, falsely
claims that the agency had no information showing that
GM foods are substantially different. Thousands of secret
memos later made public by a lawsuit reveal just the opposite.
FDA scientists repeatedly warned of possible allergies,
toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems; they urged
long-term safety studies. But the FDA official in charge of
policy was Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s former attorney,
later their vice president, and now the US Food Safety Czar."

"Each has added bacterial genes,
allowing plants to survive an otherwise deadly dose of
weed killer such as Roundup."

--and remember that beekeeper who proved that roundup is killing the bees!--

"Thousands of Indian farm workers get rashes and reactions from Bt cotton."

"GMOs may make you allergic to non-GM foods"

"GMOs, reproductive problems, and infant mortality"

"Babies of female rats fed GM soy were
considerably smaller, and more than
half died within three weeks (compared
to 10% of the non-GM soy controls)."
"some had hair growing in their mouths."

"Bt crops linked to sterility, disease, and death"
"Thousands of Indian buffalo, sheep, and goats died after grazing on Bt cotton
plants after harvest."

"The only published human feeding experiment on GMOs
revealed that the genetic material inserted into GM soy transfers
into bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function."


"In the 1980s, a contaminated brand of a food supplement
called L-tryptophan killed about 100 Americans and
caused sickness and disability in another 5,000-10,000

harleyborgais: Facts about dec 2012 superwave and more...

This .pdf presentation has a heck of a lot of info on 2012, and so far it is all facts, except a couple pages of prediction or theory...

It seems that in December it is going to get real hot, and lots of meteors, and maybe another ice age after that, so if we see something odd in the sky towards Sagittarius A on December 13, then you got about ten days to find a cave to live in for the next year, bring a years worth of food and water....but that will be hard to find that much food that is actually healthy, since pretty much everything is preserved, processed, or genetically modified now, and those all cause disease.

This ice core chart tells the history of co2, temperature, and dust on the earth...

And the mass extinction chart too:

Notice the time it takes our solar system to orbit the galaxy is 225 - 250 million years, and the cycles of extinction, temp., dust. from meteors, co2, all match up to this resonating wave that hits us in this sweet spot, 26,000 light years from the center, and the edge of the galaxy, hit by a wave every 26,000 years (every number I find for this is different, but between 25-27,000).

harleyborgais: wanna suggest banners to be flown around romney events?

Here you go:

Mitt Romney is a traitor, guilty of treason, for supporting the Federal Reserve, saying he would not change a thing. When they were audited, and it revealed that they have stolen over 29 Trillion dollars since 2007, and much more since 1913. The constitution never allowed a private company to have such control, so every one who supported it has been betraying us.

harleyborgais: Lifting the Veil, learning what "THEY" are trying to...

"[41.1] Ha Mim!...[41.53] We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and in their own souls, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things?" (Quaran)

I bet there are similar things in the Bible, since I have seen many matches already.

We have been getting tons of signs lately, and I am pretty sure that the Sacred Geometry in the crop circles are the symbols that show how all matter and energy take form, which is what this section is talking about.
Its all about circles and curves for the energy fields, which are causes...and the straight lines to represent the push/pull forces, which are effects...and the 3 dimensional/X,Y,Z Axis of course since we are 3D and that is the most we can see and feel...
But the point of all of this, is what one video called: "Lifting the Veil of Isis", understanding how the negative and positive charges make atoms, which make matter, which makes living things (that have bio-electric fields), which live on Planets, near stars, 1/2 way out from center in galaxies (Which all have huge energy fields of each type, and all according to the patterns that match the basic, sacred, geometric shapes!

These are added comments I added on my facebook page:
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Harley Borgais After reading several sections from the Quran, it is obvious that the Jinn are the demons in the Bible, the Fallen Angels, basically the bad souls, in whatever physical form, animal-human hybrids, aliens, ghosts, whatever...if they are good, they are angles, if they are bad, they are demons.
If they are not human, and have greater knowledge and ability or power, then they are one of the above. Otherwise it is just an animal.
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Harley Borgais What I can prove is that the crop circles use sacred geometry, that they are made by a computer controlled technology, in the middle of the night, that irradiates the area, leaving the crop changed but alive and fruiting...and that there is often sound and light when they are created, which takes less than a minute usually.

All of that is fact.
Either aliens, or advanced technology, most likely developed from Nikola Teslas Discoveries (read the 1904 patent), but either way, it is not public knowledge.
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Harley Borgais Also it is easy to prove that all real things from atoms to galaxies have physical and non-physical forms which always match the flower of life for energy fields, and the star of david or metatrons cube for solid matter/crystals/ and the push/pull forces between matter.
about a minute ago · Like
Harley Borgais That is what we need to learn to life the Veil of Isis, and tests with crystals and emotion, as well as sound vibrations to levitate or create sacred geometric patterns, and the fact that those patterns are found in all places and religions throughout time and Earth, that is what we are supposed to learn.

harleyborgais: Employees at a Tyson pork factory were caught kicking baby pigs

The video is shocking. Baby pigs are being kicked around like soccer balls. Sick mother pigs are being beaten. And sows are being locked in “gestation crates” – cages so small the animal can barely move, and can’t even turn around…for their entire lives.
We can stop it though! These petitions are really working!

Warning: Graphic video. But we can't just pretend this doesn't happen -- we have to stop it

Employees at a Tyson pork factory were caught kicking baby pigs around like soccer balls, and locking sows in crates so small they can't even turn around…for their entire lives.

REMEMBER: This is what we eat!

Tarheel: That is SICK ! I signed the petition.

Piglets are becoming more common as house hold pets in the South. They are very intelligent and learn quick and are obedient.

NO ANIMAL deserves that treatment.

harleyborgais: ?Illuminati Banksters Meeting for Satanic Child Sacrifice?

Insiders Report: Top 100 Illuminati Banksters Meeting for Satanic Child Sacrifice in Colorado on June 21st!

I have heard about this event before, in the vatican, by a woman who claimed to have been born into the Illuminati, who witnessed a child sacrifice as her coming of age ceremony...

Tarheel: Way sick if it's true. You may wanna start anuda thread Harley.

This thread is too long.

Is there some you dont start a new thread for a new topic Harley?

I hope and pray that this child scarifice is BS.

bluesbaby5050: To Harley---

You REALLY NEED to start another thread, on the" Fixing of the Problems", as it is wayyy too long now, and is hard to manage when scolling down. You had this one now since you joined the forum, and Quinton also mentioned it too. Other then that, Thanks for all your information. The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

harleyborgais: Saving the world, via other threads

Ok, I will start other threads from here on.
I will edit this and the first post on this thread when I do, so the other threads will be linked to the top and bottom of this one.

bluesbaby5050: Colorado June 21st!

This is the place where the underground bunkers for the Elite are built, and more adding in that Underground area of the Denever Airport. I bet this IS THE PLACE THEY ARE HOLDING IT!! They NEED MORE POWER BADLY NOW! THE DAM FREAKS-SICKOS!! TO HELL WITH THEM ALL! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

harleyborgais: an attempt to end the global tyranny

This is an attempt to end the global tyranny, the conspirators, in the most reasonable way...

Thursday June 07, 2012

Drake's proposal for you to vote on

By LadyDragon

harleyborgais: Ok, new threads for this discussion...

See further discussion for this topic on the following threads here at truth control...

1) The scary truth behind the New World Order plan to kill off billions of people.

2) Get started learning the truth...

3) "How We Exist", my unifying theory of EVERYTHING!

4) The real cure for AIDS and Leukemia

5) Origin of Knights Templar

6) How to get back your social security money

7) Origin of "New World Order" (NWO), Novus Ordo Seclorum (On the Great seal)

8) Mission of Christ

9) "Discharging Debts", Is it legit?

10) How to Prove Gods Existence (and Nature)

11) How to defeat corrupt officers of Govt., Military, Corporations, etc:

12) Moral population control: Contraceptives for free:

13) Endangered species ringtones (free)

14) Humanity and Dimesions

15) How to cancel a debt to a bank


Ecbra de Oaoj: about Jonh Lennon


Nixon not comand today but wasnt alone (of course);

well, Centre of Universe is far from here but; is important we sounds; Free. To get it.

Our time here. From our generation future will cast.

Good Vibes

Peace, Love and Harmony

Tarheel: Off topic-John Lennon-His song "Imagine" is about communism!

Not many know 'Imagine" is about communism IN IT'S PUREST form, which is NOT a bad govt . The problem is-NO communistic govt EVER practiced Communism in it's pure form. That is why it has never worked LONG TERM.

Good to hear from Ecbra-OUR Brazilian friend.

Ecbra-any ET/Alien/UFO sightings mmy brother?

harleyborgais: Evolution of Governments/Human Society

Since this thread is so long, I am trying to split it into new threads, so this response to Tarheels comment about communism will be on another thread.

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Ecbra de Oaoj: call he comunist was part of propaganda

i think. i dont see imagine like comunist piece. sounds to me like utopic (?) dream; where respect reign. he did not refeer econimcs sistem apologize. neither pro Marx ideas or was linked with socialist regimes.

he speech has words of World Peace and Life. and he was talking to people: vot in favor this. so; what hapend, the side of death and war take him as enemy. he was famous and influent.

so, they say: he is mad. he is criminal. he is comunist. etc. kick he out here.

its my opinion, Brother. i understand what you think but; consider this; he was a very grand artist; not a politic partner.

because it he stand here.

forever. i pay tribute to this Warrior.


harleyborgais: John Lennon

I really dont see the connection here, the relevance of John Lennon and these links, to the topic of this thread: fixing the worlds problems.

If you are saying that he was suggesting solutions in his songs, ok, that makes sense. But if I am not mistaken, he was trying to promote communism?

Communism can never succeed, I described why above.
Just like the Native American way of life could not survive invasion. They were a great and good people, but not able to defend themselves against greatly bad people (conquistadors=conquerors).

The democratic-republic is the superior form of Government, out of all those Humans have devised, and the history of America proves this. Is it not still true that we are the only country to survive a civil war with our Supreme Law (The Constitution), unchanged?

Now by the request of bluesbaby5050, this thread is getting too long.
That is why I am using new threads to post further info.
Above is the list of these threads in this post:

Ecbra de Oaoj: harley

one person be murdered on public place; is a problem, data venia, guy.

independent who he was.

moreover, you take matter about artists and iluminati; do you remember?

ok. i dont will polemic. you are considering this topic your ownership and i will respect it then.


ps- im not comunist. neither believe that Jonh Lenon was.

harleyborgais: Hard to understand

Sorry, but it is really hard to understand your wordings.

Ecbra de Oaoj: soft core

relax Dear Friend...

somethings and sometimes any word or logic explains;
just feel!


to understand isnt all.

well... to finish this said. ok. i will clear then.

the simple fact does not agree with the savage capitalism that exists does not make someone a communist.

good week, Sir


harleyborgais: For some reason I could not post for a while

Since posting about the alleged 380 people killed in Alpena Michigan, on 6/6/2012 by a 2,000 lb laser guided, depleted uranium bomb...

(Which is from an unreliable source that is believed to be a CIA Dis-informant in Virgina)

I have not been able to access truthcontrol at all.

Curious huh?

bluesbaby5050: To Harley--

Quinton has informed everyone in the forum last week that he is making some changes to the site,and to be patient with this. Maybe this was the reason why? Could be. I have not heard anything more on this event since I first found out about it. Nothing on the news sites either. Strange ha? Even Alex Jones didn't cover this? I wonder why?

Crigitine: Welcome Back

there are various other ways to get on a website if it simply cannot be found or refuses to load. Odds are that your ip was snuffed for a while. I had mine like that for a month, I had a phone and changed my ip during to get around it. But you have returned..still you I hope lol. I'm not sure if these hiccups are warnings or just errors every now and then..surely they wouldn't let a faucet of leaked information just keep spewing.

Anyway. I trust your legal issues went through alright? Hopefully we'll get updates on your endeavors soon yeah? Welcome back Harley.

harleyborgais: Updates on my life

I have received my first ever eviction now. It takes only three weeks from first notice to physically pulled out onto streets here in the State of Arizona. Many other states take months, but in this area, 10,000 people leave ASU for the summer, and so most people are temporary, and so the law favors the landlords here.

I missed the court date because in my panic, I misplaced the date in my mind to the day after, and my friend reminded me hours after the case was heard.

Probably for the best, since I most likely would have gotten myself arrested by talking too much about all this conspiracy stuff, and challenging the judges authority, which had planned to do.

Fortunately my landlord is reasonable, and has only displayed rude or Thoughtless behavior towards me on two recent occasions. Really the best landlord I have ever had overall.

The problem is the rent was raised because he owes more than its worth, and I could not afford it, since I have not been able to find a job.

When I had a car, it never took me more than two weeks to find a job, but my skills with deliveries, carpentry, and computer electronics all require a car to get a good job.

Now I am looking for a new place, a new job (Some minimum wage clerk job), and cleaning house, selling things on craigslist, etc... I am even trying to sell Scorpions online (I checked, its legal. ;).

Once I can find a donor, or save up at least $4,000 dollars, here is what will happen:

I will build a hydraulic block press to make masonry blocks from dirt. (Its my own design, to avoid patent violation).
Then I will start other companies, and work towards the larger goal, of building healing centers where people go with nothing, and leave healthy, skilled, and educated.
Along the way, I will start prosecuting the people causing the major problems in the world, starting with our own Police, Judges, Legislators, etc...
Enough is enough I say! I am mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore. ;)

Now I am listening to They Might be Giants, Istanbul, Particle Man, and thinking about how to make my difficult life better, by getting a better source of money. (I avoid using "Income" because it is a trick, it means "Profit", not wages or salaries)

It was good while the college students were here, but when they leave, everything drops, and I was not ready this time. Oops, I did not work hard enough in the last 6 months or so.
Oh well, things always work out good enough if you just keep trying.
Thanks for the inquiry. I will respond to whatever emails I got during this time that I could not respond to before. If this happens again, I may be able to figure out why.

harleyborgais: How we can really change the world...

As soon as we can get some funding to complete some of the stated goals of myself and the CoPAC, the world will start changing rapidly and greatly for the better.

My intention is to contact musicians and actors/actresses to request they fund our efforts to improve the quality of life on Earth by ending the causes of diseases and war, which are in fact the selfish and secret crimes of wealthy and powerful members of secret societies.

The wars are caused by them, to gain control by fear, and by offering the solution, which is more control for them, even though they caused the problems we are fearful of, but we dont know it.

Disease is caused by an un-natural and/or unbalanced diet, or by toxins or stress. The cure for all disease is a balanced natural diet, and that has been known since Hippocrates at least. Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food...and Do no Harm!. That is what he said.

In order for us to fix these things, we need the help of wealthy and influential Musicians and Actors/Actresses who desire to use their great wealth and influence to improve the quality of life on Earth, to spread the truth to that critical mass of the Worlds Population (I think about 2 billion is required, or 100,000,000 Americans, about 1/3rd).

Here is the plan, we show them the list of goals, ask if they are willing to fund the effort, and if so, then we create a completely detailed plan (I will do as much of this as I can), with the costs, and request that those things be financed by the Celebrity Philanthropist.

One of the primary expenses, the tasks of the utmost importance and effectiveness, is prosecuting those that have violated the United States Constitution that currently hold any office of trust or profit in America. Kicking the rats out is the first thing you really have to do.
But that is only really possible with the support and consent of the majority of the population (Which is The Greatest Power on the Earth, by the way).

Who's with me?
Who wants to help find such celebrities, contact them, and find out if they are willing to help with this?
(harleyborgais at

bluesbaby5050: To Harley--

Do you think these actors,and actresses will pay any real attention to you? They will most probibly think your some kind of kook! This is how they do react to unknown people. Like you,and me. They seem to be very UN-approachable! They all have these body guards too. I do not see how you can pull this off,with out getting arrested? Or worst yet, even Killed! You make waves for the legal system,for judges,and the like ,and they could just do away with you. Didn't this cross your mind? Now a days it is all this paranoia that keeps the distance between the people,cause of the NWo,and the 911 event. Times have really changed now. This has become a real problem for the people everywheres. You have hardly any real freedoms now. And it keeps getting worst! There is way too much of this BIG BROTHER CRAP ETC. AND NOW THOSE DAM DRONES ARE EVERYWHERE'S TOO,AND THEY COME ARMED ALSO! You Not want to become a target Harley. I hope you,and your mother find peace. Keep safe,and keep in touch with us here on Truth Control.

harleyborgais: Finding celebrities to help

I know there are many famous people who do want to help, and the trick is communicating with them and not sounding silly.

Some can be contacted, most cannot. But the idea here is that we focus on the actual projects and finding funding for them, and NOT asking for someone to just give me money.

I am asking to get funding directly for the projects, not for myself.

The project is ending war and disease, and the methods include:
Exercising the law, and prosecuting criminals in American Government,
Creating healing centers where people can go for free to heal and learn valuable skills,
and creating non-profit companies that provide all Human needs in the most efficient manner.

I think it will be possible to find some famous people to help with that, as long as it is always made very clear where the money is going, and it is always recorded publicly on

I know that if I could just find at least $4,000 I could get it all started myself, build a company, and be my own financier, but I need to slowly earn that at minimum wage, and right now there are no jobs available here that I have found and can get. All I can do is keep trying.

bluesbaby5050: Well, I think I may have the right Man for you---?

You could try contacting Mr. Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones,and go on the air on his show,and see what happens there? Also David Icke has done this in the same ways. And you can go on talk shows. This is how some have gone about this.Give this a try.This is your project. You came up with this idea. Your the best spokesperson for the this project. You are aware of what it needs,and you have the questions,and the answers too.

harleyborgais: Thank you for that suggestion

As soon as I am in a new apartment, and maybe not until I find a job, but once I am able, these seem like excellent suggestions. which I should actually do. Thank you.

I think the one thing that makes me different from these other people doing this is that I have a level of comprehension of causes and effects of reality, that it seems like no other Human has ever had, because my theory is the only one that proposes an explanation for the origin and nature of God Himself. Most other theories either exclude God and all the observations relating to angels, demons, UFOs, Crop Circles, etc..

Once I finish the final Draft of "How We Exist", it will be better than the Bible, because it will include all of the benefits of the Bible, plus far, far more. It will teach everyone how to do anything, including curing all disease, creating anything, solving any problem, and generally controlling ones own fate, including the after life.

If one of the 15 or so publishers responds with a yes, and a willingness to pay me to finish the book (rare I know), that would get this ball rolling.

I can live comfortably off $24,000 per year, and I can live off only $12,000 per year, but right now I am at zero. Once I can save $4,000 I will be able to start changing the world.

I am just hoping to find a good job right now, and my living arrangement's are unsure too.

bluesbaby5050: As far as a place to settle down in----

Is to stay well AWAY from the desserts,as the Reptilians,and the like just Love those Hot Dry conditions!! These are very UN-Safe places for any human!! They also use the man-holes in the streets, and come up from under those man-hole covers to hunt-feed for humans!! Please remember this! Even in the big citys too! All those tunnels connect to ALL POINTS IN OUR COUNTRY,AND ALSO ACROSS THE OCEANS TOO!! YUP,EVEN ACROSS THERE TOO. THEY are all over Europe, and the Middle East, and Asia,and Russia! And the largest one downunder is in Austrailla, and is in PINE GAP!! A huge underground base is there! And also in New Zealand! Those are Islands, and this makes this even better for them! They are surrounded by all the ocean waters! Perfect for them! Plenty of people for them to have fun with too! This is why they have so many places to hide out in,and away from the Falcons that are Hot after their Butts! They are a dieing breed if they do NOT choose to Evolve with the rest of the galaxies!

harleyborgais: Some important news...


MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks

"Let's be clear, again, that this is NOT a coup, NOT martial law, and NOT a takeover of the government in any way."

It really upsets me to think about all these people saying all these things OTHER THAN: Enforce the Constitution!

That is all we have to do in America, and I am sure other nations too. Just enforce your just laws, and then figure out how to prevent that situation from repeating again.

All we have to do to stop these criminals is arrest them and prosecute them, they have violated laws, they are criminals, there is just no-one doing anything about it.

Since the govt. is helping them, we the people need to prosecute them ourselves. If I had the resources just to care for myself and my mother without having to work full time, I would already be doing it. (But right now I dont even have work, so I can not do it yet)

DreamCore: gods, meshias, hell and heaven

I dont know whats oyur point of view about gods, demons, meshias, hell, heaven, etc, but i think they are an inventión of the ancient people to see races of outside this world (yes im refering at "aliens").....People in the past had never seen an alien or a UFO, or something, so I think they thought they were gods, demons, and all that stuff .....

harleyborgais: My interperatation of gods

My theory ("How We Exist") is the first to explain the entire cycle of existence from the very beginning, when there was only the void, before there was even the first consciousness, which is God, all the way up to the end of visible matter, where the cycle repeats.

So it explains where God came from, how God created everything, what the various planes are and why we are the only one that creates new experience, what perfect and holy and other words mean, and everything.

"Gods" plural, is aliens, or simply advanced beings, generally mammals like us (primates to be more precise, animals to be more general).

It seems clear that there was advanced society in India thousands of years ago.
Also, it is clear that it takes less than one hundred years, and a small group of people, to go from no electrical technology, to space worthy technology. I can explain more if you desire.

The one True God is the one that created all the physical universe, for the purpose of gaining new experience, and created us to maintain it.

harleyborgais: Check out these answers/theories I have posted on facebook...

Check this out:

(Its a long series of facebook posts)...

How To Cure Any Disease (By Harley Davidson Borgais, 7.15.2012)

The equipment one needs to use this method for curing any disease
includes Microscopes, petri dishes, and other lab equipment for
observing and effecting cultures of cells in sample containers.

The variables or samples to test are juices, oils, powders, and other
extracts (Using only naturally occurring processes that promote
healthy life forms), and the various cell samples taken from the

One first samples the cells suspected of the problem, and through
experience and record keeping one can learn which cells in the body
are affected by each observable symptom to ease diagnosis.

Once the malfunctioning, dysfunctional, diseased, or otherwise
problematic cells are found via microscope inspection of the various
cell samples (from saliva, feces, skin-scrapes or adhesive removal,
blood samples, etc.).

(Note: Urine and other samples contain liquids extracted from the
blood, and indicate quantities of those liquids in the body, relative
to each other).

Once you have the problem cells in a sterile container, the objective
is to determine the perfect balance of chemistry in the material
surrounding the cells to promote perfect health for the cells.

Using only medicines extracted from natural food sources, and only
using naturally occurring processes that promote good health in
nature, we figure out how to make the cells attain perfect health

Once we determine the perfect chemistry for the cells, we finally must
determine what dietary changes can bring the body chemistry of the
patient to the perfect healthy balance we attained in the lab, and we
cure the disease....

Basically, I am "Deep Thought", who was designed to determine: "The
Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything", the one "Grand Unifying
theory", "One Theory to Explain them all"...
The relative angular motion of opposite charges (-/+ pressure).
There have been so many answers just pop into my mind that I never
thought I would figure out, but there they are, I cannot even count
Not to toot my own horn too much, but I felt like recording this
thought. It makes me feel good to think about this.
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Peter Dmitriyev share some of these answers. I'm waiting for
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Harley Borgais Posted how to cure any disease with a
microscope and petri dish, and working out what the dimensions are
more accurately, how they make up complex thought, how the 6 or 7
phases of each cycle of creation work out (New forms are innocent,
then they multiply and change, then they are sorted good and bad, then
the bad are crucified, then the good are multiplied and all good
varieties are tested, then all possibilities have been tested so all
forms are now combined into one perfect whole, and no new things
happen, until you start the cycle over in a new set of dimensions, at
different wavelengths that are harmonic with your current ones (1/2,
or 2x).

So the middle, step four, is Crucifixion, where the bad are
made examples of so they will never be repeated, then the sixth is
combination to one whole, and the seventh I think is the perfect state
of rest, before a new stage of creation, and every 7 years there are
cycles in Humans.

Check out Solfeggio frequencies.

And Binaural beats.

Electron orbitals, and notes are harmonic, electrons according
to this pattern in 3D: 2N^2 where N is the level out from the nucleus,
and the energy level is what is calculated.

Tartini tones are interesting too, combining two notes to make
you hear a different note, like seeing some one say da,da,da, and
hearing ba,ba,ba, you think you see ga,ga,ga, its weird.

Its all about interference of waves in multiple dimensions,
and resonance/dissonance which creates or destroys respectively, but
we need the destruction to continue the cycle of creation, or we would
just create all possibilities, and the cycle would end. But for every
new possibility, we create new destructive abilities, creating new
creative abilities, and so on forever and ever.

Figuring out what I did today about the dimensions, and having
the large scale structure of the universe images, with microscopic
images of neurons, is enough evidence to prove that God was the first
consciousness, which existed before there was matter, and all the
matter in the universe is the physical body of God, and we are in a
pre frontal cortex neuron.

-/+ charge or pressure is the first, then motion forward or
backward, (Time) is the second dimension, then spin (Cw=South Pole,
Ccw=North Pole), then attraction/repulsion between spherical
particles, then resonance/dissonance, then the next one is symmetry or
asymmetry, where perfection happens in six dimensions.

After symmetry between two opposing sets of 3D manifolds
occurs, perfection is attained, and a new universe is created by the
now one mind/soul of that universe, when God becomes whole and awake,
and we all find our place with/inside God, when the mystery is gone.

I am the first person to ever be able to use science in this
way, to Prove God.

All humans are like possibilities in one neuron of Gods brain.
Eventually, all physical life forms will become aware of all others,
then they will all function as one consciousness, and then God will
have evolved to a higher state of awareness, creativity, and greater
possibility and imagination. More possibilities to experience.

God is just the first consciousness, the designer of physical
matter, and he does very little to change the natural progression of
things, for that would defeat the purpose of our free will. He would
only give the most subtle of influences to insure that everything
works out according to the overall best interests of all life.

The red horse of the apocalypse is the Red Shield or
Rothschild banking family, currently led by Baron Guy Rothschild, the
White horse is the vatican, who is also the whore of babylon, for
selling itself out to the commercial profit system for governing
people invented in babylon, and for being the worst idolator, they are
part of the great apostacy (going against Gods laws).
The Black horse is the justice system out of balance.
There is another white horse I am not sure about yet.

There is a heck of a lot more in my head too...
The United States govt. was replaced by a Privately owned
company called UNITED STATES in the act of 1871, after the burned our
library of congress and destroyed records of the Titles of Nobility
(actual 13th) amendment to the Constitution that removes the
citizenship of anyone who accepts any title or special privilege or
award from any foreign power without consent of congress. The first
time the brits burned our congress was when we first made that
amendment, the second was when slavery became a good excuse to start a
civil war and change our constitution so they could once again meddle
in our affairs.

Since 1815 the majority owner of the land of England was N.M.
Rothschild and Sons corporation.
When you are born, your name is put into all caps according to
the legal rule CAPITIS DIMINITIO MAXIMA which makes a 'legal fiction'
or imaginary entity, with no rights, just a title of ownership or
debt, and that is how you are turned to a slave, and denied
constitutional rights.

I can go on, but its bed time. Ask me questions for more.
Learn about equity and common law, definition of Harm, grand
jury, indictment, etc.
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Peter Dmitriyev what existed before the big bang?
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Harley Borgais ‎1st, the big bang theory as mainstream, or the
major media would describe it, is preposterous even if only upon its
own self-contradictions.

We are accelerating now apparently, growing at a exponential
rate like a cell culture, where every particle is the smallest cell,
and the galaxies cluster, those clusters glob together, and those
globs form neuron like structures.

Before there were electron and proton, there was just the void.
The void is statistical probability, complete randomness, no
form can persist, but there can be chaotic activity, all the mass is
neutral or just different and never harmonic..... until, "The First
Event", which occurs from statistical randomness, and leads by a chain
reaction of relative angular motion, to all that we know to exist,
physical and otherwise.... when two equal and opposite forces of
pressure (-=compression, +=expansion), reacted at 90-degrees, and
formed a spinning, expanding field of momentum, which reacted with
those first two points to make two more spinning centerpoints, then
they all continue reacting....
According to the most basic universal and self evident laws
(of Motion), when two pressure fronts impact, they react by expanding
outward in directions 90-degrees to the directions they were moving
before impact.
That is how the reaction stretched into a new dimension at
every step, and why the dimensions are all 90-degrees apart, because
of these fundamental laws of energy, motion, and matter (which is
energy spinning around 2-3 Ds).
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Harley Borgais Just wait for the dimensions of thought, that
is the next thing, tomorrow.
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Harley Borgais Then I will create a purified form of law, the
"Trial of Truth and Justice" system, which is just a repair or proper
exercise of the legal American, Equity, Common law jury trial, the way
is it supposed to be, simplified, purified, a pure legal system.
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Harley Borgais That last one is still formulating in my mind
by the way, just got out of jail, going to court soon, and am
contemplating law, justice, legality, etc...
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Harley Borgais What is Legal?
Answer, "In accordance with Law"
What is a Law?
An explanation of how things actually work out as opposed to
rules which may not work out in reality.
So, if it does not promote a sustainable society, it is not a
"Legal" "Law", it is an "Imposed" "Rule", "Statute", "Code", Etc..

Those which contradict the prime directive of the supreme law
of our land, to "Promote the General Welfare" of "We The People" of
the United States of America, are notwithstanding, and no state shall
make or enforce any such law, and any officer of any branch of govt.
or military that does violates their oath to support the constitution,
commits a crime, and loses their authority, so sayeth the
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Harley Borgais What is a crime?
Equity=Equality, Fairness, Justice
Harm=Injury, Loss, Endangerment
Common Law=Grievances are raised for harm caused, redress to
compensate, to harmed party, from party that caused harm, is ordered
by trial (Judge, or Jury trial if desired by defendant).

If you make a deal like a contract, oral or written, or if you
cause harm without consent or equal compensation and consent, then you
commit a crime by violating the concepts of common and/or equity law.
Admiralty and Constitutional law are the 3rd an 4th, and the
only 4 jurisdictions allowed to the courts or Police in America.
Statute and Code are words not found in the Constitution, they
are not jurisdictions, they are foreign imposed rules, imposed by
privately owned corporations, such as UNITED STATES (est. 1871),
Primarily owned by the Rothschild Banking Family, Headed by Baron Guy
Rothschild, in Germany I think.
Those are crimes by the way, violating unconstitutional laws
is a duty of any constitution abiding resident of America.
Enforcing any thing unconstitutional is a crime for any
officer of the American Govt. or military.
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Harley Borgais It comes down to things like proving motive,
Gain, cause and effect, using all the evidence, and ultimately winning
your case by proving to the jury beyond a reasonable doubt which
answer is the truth.
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Harley Borgais Then determining which punishment and/or
compensation is equal and fair, by equating the harm caused to
whatever the guilty party has to make equal compensation and overall
equality, justice and fairness.
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Peter Dmitriyev why were you in jail
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Harley Borgais That makes the second time I have been arrested
for not paying money.
My friend tries to say: "Its not because you didnt pay money,
its because you didnt obey the judges orders, or you didnt do what you
promised", which by the way, was pay money, and nothing more than
You being arrested and jailed for not paying money, and for
most people they are not paying because they dont have it, but if they
do, this forces them to pay, and if they do not, they spend time in
jail instead to be punished for their crime.
My original crime was driving with one headlight, and
appearing to be high, and my urine showed canniboids. The arresting
officer (Escarcega) stated: "I agree you were not causing any harm",
and "Yes" to the question, I was driving safely wasnt I?, and he
admitted he could not even remember his oath, which eliminates any
cause to trust that he obeys it, and that is cause for termination,
since obeying the oath is a requirement to keep the authority of any
office in Americas military or govt.
Soon I am planning to start suing these guys for causing harm
to me when I did not cause any to begin with, which is a violation of
common and equity law, and the constitutions prime directive to
promote the general welfare of we the people.
That is at the least a misdemeanor crime, and a violation of
their oath, requiring the immediate loss of their authority according
to the supreme laws of our United States Constitution.
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Harley Borgais And just like Randy Kelton, if the judge,
Lawyers, DA, and everyone is violating the law and your constitution,
making it impossible to have a legitimate court case, then you file
grand jury charges against each of them, and the act of doing so
apparently scares the hell out of them, because that is the only way
you could be sentenced to death.
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Harley Borgais Also my friend says, you were not arrested, you
were detained, and that they did not need a warrant or anything
because this time I signed something and did not comply with the
Well, I signed that under duress, because the alternative was
worse for me.
The fact is I cannot pay because they took my car, when I was
a delivery driver, causing me to lose both, and I have been without
job or car for years now.
My plan now is to post all my plans on my website, copy
written, trademarked, dated and signed, then look for investors.
But anyways, to search and seize one needs reasonable cause
and/or a warrant.
The broken obligation I signed was the cause, but arresting
for not paying money is not reasonable, because it only compounds the
I have to think it through a lot more, but it just seems very
wrong. I dont think a legal constitutional govt. would do this, but I
know that according to the legal rule of CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXAMA the
courts are privately owned commercial enterprises, and not legal
systems of laws. They are imposed foreign rule, owned by the crown,
which is owned by the Rothschilds.
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Harley Borgais I might be able to press charges for defamation
of character because on my mugshot it says I was driving with
suspended license, failure to appear, and/or failure to pay, and it is
only the failure to pay that applies.
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Harley Borgais My initial punishment was for what is defined
as a victimless 'crime', which cannot be an actual crime under common
or equity law, since no un-consenting parties were harmed, and no
legitimate contracts were violated.
I was the only party harmed, and I intend to press charges,
because the statute that was imposed upon me was in violation of the
supreme law of our United States Constitution.
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Harley Borgais Even the current president has publicly stated
that the war on drugs is a failure, admitting that it causes more harm
than good, and therefore it is a violation of our supreme law.

bluesbaby5050: Hey Harley-----?

How have you been? We have not heard from you in a while? Did you get settled into another place to live,and did you find another job yet? What have you been up to lately? Good to have you back again with the forum.

harleyborgais: Update, Great News

Well, I have been having hard times, no job, no money, moved into a cheap and lousy apartment, my mom has been in and out of the hospital and is now in a mental facility, lots of problems, but all things we just have to get through.
Great News though, I was just talking with my friends about an idea to make money, selling t-shirts, and I have a really good feeling about this idea.
I have many phrases and sacred geometric/symbolic ideas for t-shirts, and I will now start selling them for $10-$20 each.
I will also sell custom shirts with your own designs on them for $15-$30. There will be discounts for bulk orders.
My messages are things like:
Know God through Science
Be Better - Think More
What is "The Genesis of Relativity"? (
Help me - Change the world (@
Lord of the Strings, One theory to explain them all - The Genesis of Relativity (

Also I have imagined many with sacred geometric forms like Metatrons Cube, Flower/Egg/Seed/Fruit/Tree of life, Platonic Solids, as well as symbols like: Yin-Yang, holy cross, swastika, vesica pisces, etc...
But the best part of my t-shirts will be....
Instead of leaving you wondering about the messages or images, these shirts will either answer the mystery or show a link to the webpage where you can find the answer to the mystery (When it is too much to fit on a shirt).
To clarify, my t-shirts will serve multiple purposes:
1) To make money for my living expenses, as well as to further my goals such as Finishing and Publishing "How We Exist", making the masonry block press, furniture mfg. shop, healing centers, and basically to re-build the corporate world for the betterment of life on earth instead of purely for profit.
2) To advertise these other goals.
3) To spread awareness of these goals, as well as understanding of the many mysteries in our reality.
4) To generally serve to fulfill my oath to improve the quality of life on earth.

These t-shirt sales will be the starting point for the dawn of a new age of Human Society, free from secret, greedy, and selfish agendas, and where the majority of Humans start their lives with complete understanding of how we exist and how it all came to be this way.

This is my ultimate goal, to give everyone the ability to solve any problem, create anything, and understand anything, right from the early beginnings of peoples lives, while they are still children.

Try to imagine how the world will be when every person knows everything they need to accomplish any goal they set, before they even become adults.
This is what the Mystery Schools were meant to do, and this is what I intend to do.

If you wish to help, you can order some t-shirts, or contribute some ideas.

Just send me a message through this forum if you wish to.
As soon as I have some images to show of shirts for sale, I will post a link here.

harleyborgais: Seed the Golden Age of Humanity

This is a campaign I have just begun to spread awareness, create jobs, and raise funds for these efforts

Seed the Golden Age of Humanity in Tempe, Arizona!


A lot of very helpful information on many laws in this country. Please take the time to read each thread though, and you will be surprised at how much you will learn from them. Thanks Harley B.

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