Fixing the Problems

Hello Everyone, my name is Harley and the purpose of this thread is to finally fix the problems in the world today.

The reason I am certain we can do this is because I know all the causes, most of the solutions, and can provide all of you with all of the answers to all of the questions in the universe (really, test me). From the Origin of Energy, God, Matter, Life, Humanity, the Truth about Free Energy, Sacred Geometry, and now for the most important one right now, the point of this thread....

Constitutional Political Action

The Supreme Law of this land, the United States of America, states;
-that its very purpose is to "Promote the General Welfare" of "We The People" of theses United States,
-that all laws of this land must derive their authority directly from the Constitution, and
-that any law which contradict the constitution in notwithstanding,
-that all officers of all branches of government and military must swear an oath to support the constitution in order to obtains authority, and
-that those officers can only hold that authority under good behavior, and they lose all authority upon violation of the constitution, or commission of even a misdemeanor crime.

This is the spirit and the letter of the Law in our United States and We The People are not going to accept the illegitimate ownership of ourselves (via birth-certificates) and everything we have (via debts), by the wealthy groups of such names as Illuminate, Federal Reserve, central banks, Luciferians, etc.

As has always been known that only the ignorance of the public is the only thing that allows such severe corruption to develop, and the mere awareness of a sufficient number of people is enough to stop corruption once and for all, because only the ignorant people endow the corrupt people with power.

STOP ELECTING CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the names of some of them, the enemies of all Humanity (because they actually worship Lucifer):
Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, Lehman, Sachs, Kuhn, Loeb, Lazard, DuPont, Carnagie, and others.

To get you started on your research, look for these sentences:
1) doctor strike mortality rate
2) federal reserve audit
3) supreme court define "income"
4) federal reserve notes not legal tender
5) New World Order quotes
6) Where individual income taxes actually go
7) how i clobbered every bureaucrat
8) "UCC-connection"
9) "science of nutrition"
10) missing 13th amendment image

on youtube:
11) "what in the world are they spraying"
12) "the change your founders believed in"
13) "the cancer report"
14) "Decolonization Referendum Petition"

And for everything else you can possibly wonder, connect to my

"It's not about left and right, it's about Right and Wrong" (Arianna Huffington, Colbert Report)

Together we can finally end this age-old war against good and evil, by educating enough of Humanity on how greed corrupts society, how secrecy allows corruption to breed, and how the freedom of information on the internet is the solution to prevent it forever into the future.


Tarheel: How about Full disclosure of THEIR bank accts, and....

....Nobody can ever be re-elected under any circumstance PERIOD.

Draw it up,. if I agree I will SIGN it.

harleyborgais: THEIR banks accouts

I believe there is a mention of Queen Elizabeth above or below the image of a list of bank accounts with many trillions of US dollars possessed by foreign entities, signed by the Queen, on this sight:

There are bank accounts there.

I was told that if you know the name, address, soc number, birth date, drivers license number, etc., that you can call up a bank and transfer some of this money.

Then you can hire some Ju-Jitsu experts and hackers to protect you 24/7 for when they come to kill you.

All those Federal Reserve notes are not legal tender, read the constitution a couple times to see why.

Plus, when we Mass NESARA to fix the problem, our national debt to the fed becomes void under the 14th amendment if we rightly declare them an enemy of the US, but still, all those companies that received trillion dollar loans with no interest or time limit, will still owe us, but their money is worthless, and they dont make that much, so we will own all those corrupt corporations publicly. That makes their plan backfire.

We need to physically get our gold back from the central banks though with our expert military forces.

Then we print silver and gold certificates again, back on the gold standard (The most stable item in value throughout time), and we will flourish again. Each hour of labor will bring to each person several times the products and services it does now once we eliminate the Federal Reserve that is stealing trillions per year, and the middle men that we dont need who take over 50% of all that we spend, then we will be far better off as a Species.

Tarheel: I'm all for reclaiming OUR gold.

After all, they have stolen it from US.

I'd personally like to see a live camera walk into Fort Knox and see exactly how much gold WE have. LOL widdat !

bluesbaby5050: Fort Knox is,and was always empty!

There is nothing but bare space there! You missed the camera shots of all the bare storage rooms. It was also on the history channel. They showed how it was built, and how it was used in the past. They stored ammo,and cannons etc. They never had gold there.This was another myth created to divert from the real hidden places where the gold really was. Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: I Must say...... I LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY??!


bluesbaby5050: WE ARE NOT FOOLS HERE!!

BRING IT FORTH! Let's hear what it is that You have to say?

bluesbaby5050: I DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR HERE!

IN FACT..... I AM very at Peace, with , My Inner Self ! I Have Inner Peace,and Nothing can Harm Me! Peace,and Love,Light ,and high Harmonics to All of you! Heads UP!

bluesbaby5050: Danny Glover---

Danny Glover,and Mel Gibson should get together ,and have a BIG ROUND UP! LOL! This is Only My opinion here today. Thank You, A Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: You make some really good points here Harley

It makes a big difference when people can see the facts laid out before them.

harleyborgais: Save your life, and your neighboors

Lets all do this idea I had yesterday:

Go to your local grocery store, and ask the grocer (the manager of produce) what is genetically modified. At my store it is all but one item, heritage tomatoes.

Then speak with the manager, and/or owner of the store, and threaten them with a lawsuit for attempted manslaughter, for providing us with only GM foods, which have been shown to have unstable DNA which literally alters your internal organs, and causes unborn babies to die.

We need to be fed only plant foods as they have existed in nature for millions of years, EVERYTHING ELSE CAUSES DISEASE, and I can prove all of that. There are already some links here and/or on my facebook wall:

The scare of the possible lawsuit should be enough to make the manager/owner of the supermarket replace the GM foods with natural produce.

This is the biggest thing, because they are literally trying to reduce the world population with all of these things, making all of our foods poisonous is going way too far.

We must have the ability to obtain healthy food, and preventing us from having non-GM foods is exactly and irrefutably attempting Genocide.

I am not exaggerating, this is literally true. You would be an idiot to not check for yourself.

harleyborgais: What If....good idea, or bad idea?

Have you seen the orangutang who imitates DIY and tries to use a hammer and saw, or the chimpanzees who were taught to use a log to crack nuts they normally could not get into, the dog that could fetch any tool you ask it for, or any number of other amazing animal feats of intelligence?

Do you think it would be a good idea, or a bad idea, to teach a bunch of wild primates living around a city, how to open doors and refrigerators, how to make and use wooden spears, and how to teach this to other primates?

I think it would be Hilarious!

We are advanced enough to handle that without savagely killing or hurting all those poor ('innocent'?) animals....aren't we?
(Or would that be the beginning of the planet of the apes? They would have to learn how to use computers first)

What do you think?

[I just had to post this because the thought of it was so amusing to me.
Any producers want to make this a movie? (I have many other, more epic ideas as well)]
;) :) :0 :0 :0 :)

harleyborgais: This is quite helpful:

Roll your mouse over any of the 24 vertebrae in the human spine below to learn how each vertebra is connected to specific areas, organs and functions of your body, as well as how subluxation of that vertebrae may cause health challenges if not corrected.

Son of Leod: The Bee's are dying due to

The Bee's are dying due to Monsanto's GM corn and etc, and the birds are because of are magnetic poles are about to flip. The magnetic field on the earth is weakening and the location of magnetic north is changing. This is causing problems with the birds GPS magnetite systems. I doubt they would use haarp on animals. They would save that for us.

harleyborgais: Ionizing the air

Ionizing the Air as HAARP does would kill birds that fly through the energized cloud under some conditions (energy levels must be high).

The magnetic field reversal and the increased activity of the sun cause the ice age/global warming and this is what causes this:

The reason the Genetically Modified foods are bad is because the genes (The DNA molecules) are unstable. It takes a few generations of breeding (sexual recombination of the DNA) to stabilize genes. That causes them to actually alter our DNA when we eat them, and most mutations are harmful.

harleyborgais: Drudge Report

My landlord does not believe the Fed is bad, so I posted this message on his news source, the Drudge Report:

Do you know who is responsible for the worlds problems?

Illuminati Handbook

When and how the problems started:

The Hierarchy of the New World Order:

Proof of the New World Order (Quotes):

How to take control of the law, stop being a victim:

More on the above:

Wanna know how to cure all disease:

Want more:

If you actually want to fix the world, spreading this info is the one true answer.

Quinton: Hi Harley, if you have a new

Hi Harley, if you have a new topic to share please create a new forum topic rather than a comment. A new forum topic will help keep things more organized and make it a little less confusing. Thanks for everything you're sharing :)

harleyborgais: Which post?

I guess the Monkey joke is a different topic, but it looks like you are referring to the drudge report comment, and that is on the topic of solving the worlds problems, because the solution is spreading this knowledge.

(If you can move it to another thread, or do I have to: copy, delete, start a new thread, then paste?)

But why not lighten the mood a little, when we are talking about the literal and intentional attempt at genocide on the 99% through all our food, chemtrials, shots, tooth fillings, tap water....etc.etc.etc.

harleyborgais: Looks like its happening

"Former Liberian President Charles Taylor became the first head of state since World War II to be convicted by an international war crimes court, a historic verdict that sends a message that tyrants worldwide will be tracked down and brought to justice."

The "clean up" seems to be starting now.

harleyborgais: How the world should be

Imagine that you suddenly started earning four times (4x) the amount you are earning now.

So you could buy four times as much stuff off the same amount of work you do each week.

Statistically, if we eliminated all the UNNECESSARY "Middle-Men" from society, everything we buy would cost LESS THAN HALF of what it does now.

Lets say you earned $100,000 in the last five years (20G per yr), the Federal Reserve Audit revealed that they have stolen over 29 trillion in that time, and I know they take over 1 trillion more each year from our labor taxes illegally, and 10% of every dollar printed as interest for their efforts corrupting our govt..

That divides to to about 100G stolen from every adult and child in the United States since 2007.

So that 100G you earned in the last 5 years could have bought an additional 100G worth of items if the dollars you had saved were not reduced in value by that same amount over that time. (It's Elementary my Dear Watson's)

So, that amounts to an increase of 4x on what ever you were able to buy with your earnings since 2007.

Now, if we educate enough people to how the bankers are corrupting the world (the corporate person is a BIG part of it, that is the "Beast" predicted in Revelation, the imaginary entity that owns property and marks it with a numerical 'Tax Stamp", the Mark of the Beast)....then those corrupt bastards will be unable to continue fooling us into giving them our money or voting their puppets into Mitt Romney, and every one I know of in the Govt. except:

Ron Paul
Dennis Kucinich
Chris Christie

Those are the only ones I know of that are abiding the law (As far as I can tell, and I have checked on the former Baby Doctor Ron Paul to be sure he is a good guy, and our only hope this election)

harleyborgais: More on how the world should be

The best generator I know of is the one from Howard Johnson who nearly figured out how magnets really worked (and I put that together with several other things like relativity, observations of electro-magnetism, toroid/dipolar geometry, Peter Lindemanns "Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity", and the first photos of atoms from Elmer Nemes, to finish the picture)..

That uses only magnets on rotor and stator to make self perpetuating motion, but it will eventually wear out, technically making it not "Perpetual Motion" as is commonly perceived.

This connected to Nikola Teslas Wireless Transmitter from his patents named: "The Art of transmitting energy through the natural mediums", and see the Wardenclyff Project which worked, as well as the experiments in Aspen Colorado.....

Those would provide limitless free energy to the entire world, with no need for dangerous fuel or batteries or even power wires for anything anymore. All devices are powered directly from small Nikola Tesla Style coils with simple circuits to manage the power for the specific device.

Nikola Tesla presented this (which would have been powered by Niagra Falls, which was enough for the entire worlds needs with his Tesla or Adams style Motor Designs) 1911 to J.P. Morgan,
who suppressed the project, because he is one of the top families in the Illuminati Designed and controlled "New World Order".
(For evidence, Google this: "New World Order Quotes")

harleyborgais: This thread is getting long...

At this point, I should try to stop repeating, yammering.

We should try to get new people to contribute more sources of fact, and to get some celebrities and wealthy contributors to come here.
Then we can make some real change for the better.
(NOTE: I will be publishing 100% of CoPACs financial records on the website for all to see:

The real trick to making this change is getting to large numbers of people, so I need your help to do that.
Maybe; Events, groups, organizations, foundations, famous people, anyone in media or on TV even briefly, we need to all converge at one place and fight a unified fight for the Betterment of Humankind.

[This discussion is enjoyable for me, but I just hope God and everyone protects me, because I know the Corporation Owners - may try to have me killed for what I have been saying about them]

The top 50 of the 147 superconnected companies

And the Hierarchy of the NWO:

harleyborgais: Getting back the money the govt. has taken from you:

- By filling out the Form SS-5 “Application for Social Security Benefits” we entered into another contract that allowed the ‘company’ to access the [our] prepaid account that was created with the passage of House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192. (learn about this resolution) the SS-5 can be revoked and the contract rescinded by simply filling out a Form SS521 “Withdrawal of Social Security Benefits”.

This site also tells you how to "Accept for Value" and "Discharge Debt", but I have not read it all yet. It has to do with the UNITED STATES corp. selling you as an object (via your certficate of birth) and all the taxes you will ever pay, to the Federal Reserve Corp, which pays about 1 million now, but about 600,000 decades ago. I guess it is under the social security number, and you can discharge your debts against that account, because the notes we have as money hold no real value, so you cannot possibly pay of any debt.

It says in the constitution that states may use only gold or silver to pay debts, but the federal reserve took us off the gold standard in 33 I believe, and then changed our court systems to admiralty or the perverted form of statutory law in 1938. That is why you must know to reserve your rights without prejudice UCC 1-308.

File IRS form 1041 to get back all the taxes you have ever paid.

Learn the Dishonor process using notaries here: and the other links next to this one in this thread, to learn how to screw the banks that have been screwing us, by cancelling your debts to them, since they have violated so many laws. Just challenge them to prove they didnt, and they will have to drop the case. Same with the IRS when they try to make you pay taxes, use freedom of info request to demand they prove they have the right, cause they dont.

These cases get dropped so the truth does not come out.

harleyborgais: What got me started

These two things got me started in learning about the worlds problems a couple months ago:

FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time (Written by David Wilcock Friday, 13 January 2012 13:13 )

The CHANGE Your Founders Believed In - Part I

(for much more info:,, and This site [ ] has the best collection of info, but the facebook page has more links/sources)

harleyborgais: Twitter?

Can we make this page a popular/trending topic on

Maybe we can put links to this page with interesting titles on youtube videos and other forums, news reports, etc.?

And feel free to print out the list of things to search for on google and hand them out, it is a good starting place for them to find the proof for themselves.

Quinton: I have published this forum

I have promoted this forum topic to the front page of this site because I think there is some great information in here. Thank you for sharing :)

Crigitine: I would tidey it up on a new

I would tidey it up on a new post with all the info in order

harleyborgais: I encourage several other people...

I encourage several other people to do that as well, we need to spread this as much as possible in order to stop the corrupt bastards from getting into power, and getting our money.

How many celebrities are paying how much money in individual income taxes on compensations for their labors, which is all illegal, and all goes to the international/central bank owners?

I may try, but this one is coming along ok. The list of search items in the second post is really the start that everyone needs to be shown to enlighten them and keep them from perpetuating these problems.

harleyborgais: Spread the word to fix the world

Lets share this thread with as many local and private, online and other new agencies/outlets shall we?

Print out the list of items to google from the second post, and share those.

Share the link to this thread with famous and rich people.

Post links to this thread on twitter, facebook, youtube, and other social networking sites.

Everything you can do to spread this knowledge, will improve the quality of life on the Earth for you and your children, and all your friends, forever into the future.


First read the Constitution, and get a free copy from Hillsdale College at, and get the "Missing 13th Amendment about titles of nobility TONA, and the Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 explanations to add to it.

Blacks Law is the accepted dictionary for official legal definitions I was told by the ASU law librarian. Here is the Index first for the Second Edition(1910):

Here is "Equity":
"Common Law":
"Maritime Law":

Beat the Law:


Here is the missing 13th amendment:

harleyborgais: Help us all

I have posted 20 or more links to this site on youtube videos relating to federal reserve and new world order. Also on several other threads (maybe a dozen) on this website/domain.

Twitter seems nearly useless as nobody seems to actually read the trending topic posts, because they are going by so fast.

Facebook needs freind requests, which limits it greatly.

Youtube is great, but who reads all the posts?
Voting for them I guess helps.

Posting links to this on other popular forums, and news pages can help as well, but the comments must stand out, and get voted for so they are at the top.

Can you do that?
(I am trying to)

Tarheel: WE are trying but Spamming the site isnt cool.

8 identical threads.
Come on.

harleyborgais: Ok, I will delete all but the first.

That did not even occur to me, I am just trying to spread it.

Tarheel: Its okay Harley if you didnt mean to.

I didnt know if you had an issue wityh your mouse or what.

I like what youre doing in theory. I gotcha,. Harley.

Cool beans. Peace and Harmony, my brutha.

Crigitine: Just remember to stop and

Just remember to stop and think and for a second about all the trouble money has brought, so far the negative outcomes out weigh the positives. Do not strive to get money back, in the end all you up with is numbers in an account and a lot of green paper. It has led us down this road we are on now, each time a fix is put into action it is a new mask to put the people to work. Where will your power be, in your wallet?

I'm not trying to say that if you rely on money you are wrong in all manners, this is not true for your reality is what you make it. But money has brought more trouble and kept people at bay more than any form of mind control and drugs. I can't go out tonight I need to save my money. I can't eat today because I don't have any money. I can't continue going to college and learning valuable work skills, I don't have any money. We live under price tags.

While the dollar makes every day lives easier, it also cuts out the need to learn valuable life skills and lessons. Why would I need to go farm my own organic food, I can just buy some. Why would I need to keep my house or office clean, I can just pay someone else to do it for me. Why would I need to learn how to get around the country, I can just buy a device that will tell me everything.

It is the root of just about all conflicts we face today. When the governments are finally done away with and the people can stand up again on their own hopefully, I honestly don't see money having a place. But that is only an opinion I offer to everyone as more food for thought.

That's not to say I do not like what is going on around me, taking the very tool they use to control people is the least we could do to release this pissed off notion of being enslaved for thousands of years. But when everyone everywhere is getting their cut people will inevitably be clawing at each other to make sure they get what they are told is fair. If anything this is a first step. But after the people get their money, the loaning countries will then strive to get the trillions in their accounts..because he who has the biggest wallet, has the world in their deposit box. People need to first break their addiction of the dollar, and remove themselves from their straw men. Only after you have successfully left the system both physically and dropped the mind set that the dollar is the most powerful thing will you truly be free of their grasp.. in my humble opinion.

harleyborgais: Money

America was fine as long as the dollar was backed by a certain amount of gold per dollar, which was set by congress, who controlled how many dollars were printed. The ratio of dollars printed to gold we had in Fort Knox determined the value of the dollar. We went off the gold standard in 1933. You can see the inflation increase after 1913 when the Fed started, but then decrease until 1933, and then around the 70s it increases much faster as they start printing more money each year.

All that crap was caused by the evil bastards that own the fed.

Studies show that humans and animals usually know right interactions from wrong interactions, and usually choose right, even just after birth.

Up until 1913 the gold standard kept "Inflation" constant, or in other words, there was none before 1913.

That means that all our problems are because of the fed from devaluing our savings so accounts can only decrease in actual value, unless you buy something like gold that will actually hold its real value. Platinum, and Silver (silver will take a lot of weight, platinum is the most valuable here). We need to import as much gold as we can honestly, just like China is currently doing.

Once we rightly declare the Federal Reserve and its Owners and Operators enemies of the United States People, then we cancel our debts to them, and their money becomes value-less, to we have the treasury make new silver/gold certificates (we would need to get a lot of gold first). We honor the worthless money for a while, nothing really changes there. But personal/individual people can exchange new, real money for the fed notes, but no money will be allowed into or out of the borders for the transition time. People would have to deal with that for a year or two.

We Pass NESARA perhaps or something better if we can make one, to fix the system once the Fed is eliminated.

So buying gold, exchanging the money you have now for gold or platinum, or at least silver, is the best idea, since those will hold real value when the money changes.

I have thought about buying and selling gold for 10-50% profit depending on the negotiation, but really I would try to hold as much as possible, and use it for money as much as possible too.

wmarkley: money

from what i know, as long as we have money, we have starvation, greed, and crime. people dont have enough money, there fore thae cant eat, so they take yours. Greed keeps the deserts hot and dry. we have the technology to turn the deserts green, to create a tropical environment for fruits, but it costs too much to create, as long as we have money, we will not put humanity FIRST. WE must evolve past money, we must out grow it. we must let it go and get over it, as long as we depend on money, we cant evolve past it. the evil cabal hid free energy from us because you cant put a meter on it. this is what money does, it is the root of everything bad.

Tarheel: I once heard a wise man say....

...."Money is not the root of all evil. It is the overwhelming desire for money(greed) that is the root of all evil."

I agree.

harleyborgais: Money is not the root of the problem

Selfishness is the root of the problem.
Holy means being concerned about what is best for all life.
When we learn to be more Holy, money will not be an issue.

Money is needed as a universal item for trade, and that will always be needed in some form, no matter how society evolves, because we will always need to keep track of what is for what, we cannot just go without money, how would people perform transactions?

The reason Human Society has such problems now is because we have created a system where NOT having empathy is an advantage, because the system relies on empathy to prevent those given authority from doing wrong.

We must simply re-design the system so that is different.

Lobbying, bill riders, campaign contributions, and other things like that are what make the system flawed, because those without strong ethics will always give in to the temptations of wealth.

For one thing, governing is s servant job, and should not pay too much, because then people do the job for the money, and we need to reduce the pay to a point where it is only worth it for the praise. That way people who want praise more than money will do the governing.

Furthermore, Big Brother is for Govt. We need to watch every single discussion and decision, and have punishments for discussing or deciding govt. matters OFF of camera.

They should not be able to do anything without the public seeing it (except of course for certain things like military plans and current projects under development, cases under investigation, etc).

Once again I point out, that the meaning of this physical life is to teach us to temper or balance our desires with our rational, complex thought. This is the one thing we all need to focus on. This is the purpose of each life we are incarnated into. Money is a trivial side note on the path to true enlightenment.

Crigitine: Money should not control such

Money should not control such a large if not the entire portion of living on this planet if it is so trivial. I agree greatly with the fact that if it concerns the people living under the governing few that every action should be done in public and on camera so people know what to expect and have a say in it. There will always be a trading and transaction system but it should be done from paper bills and governments that rule it. I strongly believe it should be back to raw materials (yes, 3 bushels of carrots for that pile of wood, etc) because people will know right after the transaction that yes I have been swindled because those carrots were rotten, or I will trade with this person again because their food is delicious. People could then not have to work for their lives and enjoy and prosper in any direction as it should be. People would learn to think for themselves and not worry about the inflation and the DOW. There would be no economic crashes at this point. Unfortunately the first few years would be hectic as the people would have to learn how to maintain their homes and possibly craft their own things the first few decades but it would forge the later generations to not be obese and learn a great deal more, and not just the people mooching off of rich family members. It would require a global effort to make the switch but in the end it would clear out the notion that people should only rely on the government to defend and feed the people.

I'm starting to wonder what true enlightenment really is. Whether it is a simple phrase or just living in a certain way. Every religion we are taught we are created, great here we are. We are told that we are here to learn, great, here are learning. 6 more days until we are to see our old families again in the skies, maybe I'll figure it out then.

harleyborgais: Enlightenment

Enlightenment is the learning to understand the causes of things.

Those that are enlightened know the causes of all the things that the observe.

I honestly believe that at this moment, I am enlightened far enough to know for sure the causes and solutions to the major problems in the world, as well as the major mysteries in science.

From the origin of God, to all things, and the answer to world peace...

See my videos on this thread, and my papers: "How We Exist" and "The Genesis of Relativity" to learn about the theories (they are here:

The answer to world peace is to devise a system of government that prevents secrecy and corruption, which has always been perpetrated by the central/international bankers.

By keeping conflicts of interest out of Governments, Human Kind will find world peace.

The US Constitution was the closest to a perfect Govt. Humans have ever devised, and with a few improvements it can bring an end to wars and disease now!

The Secret Societies have always known that our Constitution is their greatest threat to creating the "New World Order".

By informing enough people about all this, we as a species will become more enlightened, and end financial tyranny forever on the Earth.

The greatest enlightenment however comes from understand the Sacred Geometry, how energy takes form to make matter, and how the geometric forms of all things determine their functions.

By knowing that, you know the truest universal language (sacred Geometry), you can communicate with other advanced societies who dont speak your language but also are enlightened, you can determine the causes of all things, solutions to all problems, and you can create anything you can imagine.

I have just updated to mention the causes and solutions to Americas problems.

bluesbaby5050: There are alot of better ways to live.

Depending on money to make a living for you is slavery. It keeps you a slave to it.It is only paper! Lite a fire with it. Use it for compost! I want to live inderpendently.We all have learned some valuable skills along the way of life, and now is the time to use them.Lets get together in our cities,and towns,and help each other out.There is going to be a time when things are going to get rough,and we need to rely on our horses to get around,and use them for the heavey work.Get down in the soil,and grow some seeds,and repair your home now,and get ready to help each other out.Have public suppers to feed your areas,and hand out unwanted clothes,this is a start.The rest will follow.Lets all work together.This is the point to start at. This is what is really going to matter when the time comes,and it is coming. Falcon.

harleyborgais: How to live free

Claim unused land (see land title act, claiming for Surface Mineral Rights from BLM and county)...
Build the Howard Johnsons Magnetic Motor which uses only magnets to turn a generator...
(In science and mechanics magazine with instructions)
You can order the custom make ceramic magnets fairly cheap from some magnet manufacturers...

You can also use water if you have a stream or river or body of water above to drive a generator.
You need only magnets and wire coils to make a generator, it is easy. You do need to build a simple circuit to control the energy and a battery bank to keep it smooth.
High frequency DC (one directional) pulses is the best form of energy to use, as discovered by Nikola Tesla. The fluorescent lights work much longer off that, and use higher frequency than 60, but use one that does not match anything biological (so they dont interfere with life).

Use a distillery to clean the water, but I am working to figure out how to make it like the petroleum stills where there are layers, so you can get only the water, since there are other things like the Fluoride that evaporate at lower temp than H2O. There should be a compartment above and below that have temps close to but above and below the evaporation temp for water, so only water collects there (that level should be just below that temp, which is 212F I think).

Then you can get a copy of "Science of Nutrition" (Heindel -1919) from this thread, and UCC-Connection as well, and learn how to use food to cure all disease, make you healthy, and defeat corrupt law enforcers.

You have to know the Constitution, the difference between equity, common, and maritime/admiralty law, and "Without Prejudice UCC 1-308", for start. You can get a free pocket constitution and declaration from It is missing the 13th amendment about titles of nobility though, you can add that in yourself. See a book from 1820-1860 to see this is a real amendment.

Oh, the home...You can design and build a simple hydraulic press that uses two pistons to press wet dirt into bricks. It can make 1500 in a day with three people, an be built for 4-10,000 dollars or less. The dirt should have 30-70% clay and 1-10% hydrated lime to be the strongest and impervious to rain. Without the hydrated lime from a hardware store, it will gradually erode in rain, and be less strong, but still strong enough to build a two story building, without curing time or firing of the bricks.

Growing your own food is the only way to insure your health, and you can sell or trade the extras for other things you need.

Remember, gold is the one item that is the most universally valuable, the most useful in a sense, and holds its value the best of all things used for currency, hence the gold standard (which we need to get back on so we have real money again, like the silver certificates still floating around).

If you live in a dry hot desert like me, an air conditioner is driven by a pump, which can be powered by many things, and it creates water off the cold side, which needs to be cleaned through the distillery, like ALL water you drink (bathing should not use distilled water, but natural mineral water, without toxins from industrial waste).

alinabezerra: People have forgotten how to work hard.

Money is slavery,and its fiat money anyway so it doesnt actually have any value. Also people have forgotten how to work .People use to fix things when they broke now they just buy new.Our society just teaches us to throw away and not work at things,this including possesions and relationships.The wastefulness will be peoples demise.
I use to ask myself why God let bad things happen all the time and then i realized that people are hungry and homeless and sad and hurt not because of God but because of humanity itself.Its our Job to help people.We are responsible for ourselves and its not Gods job to fix us or our problems.

bluesbaby5050: Your right Alina--

You have the right ideas here.This is the problem.Humans have to get up off their butts,and do the work for themselves,and not wait for a hand out from the goverments in our countries this is how they use money against us.This is the problem, people got too lazy.You will be happy when you can see your food grow, and help others, this is our rewards. To be Human, is to Help each other. We are All in this together. Falcon.

harleyborgais: Critical Thining is key

Yeah, you are so right.

If people started to use the gift of intelligent, rational, critical and creative thought that only we Humans have, then they would realize what you are saying, they would stop depending on grocery stores, employers, and government benefits, and they would find some land, grow their food, build their homes, and generators, and trade for appliances and other items.

That would make people healthy and happy. The Human can live this way off FAR LESS than 40 hours a week of work. One just has to work all day, every day for a while until the home is built and the first good crop comes in (and a green house will be needed to have the foods you like all year).

People are literally brainwashed on purpose by the so called "Black Magic" and symbology of the Illuminati (International bankers/financial Co. Owners). They need to rise above the influence of subconscious messages, and become aware of the meanings and causes of the things they observe. This understanding of causes is the key to raising ones thoughts above the influence of subconscious influences.

That is why we must spread the knowledge. To help ourselves in this life and the next, we must help everyone else now, to understand why things happen, and what we can do to make the world right.

bluesbaby5050: Thanks Harley,and Quinton,I am glad YOU do understand my point

People have become numb,and dumb because of this brain washing from the Corp America,and the medias,which just help spread the Corp.American's ideas,like Manure! The other countries just do the same too.Falcon.

harleyborgais: Fluoride in the Tap water

It has been demonstrated that the Fluoride in the Tap water does bond with calcium on the Pineal Gland, which clouds our thoughts, and does make people dumb.

Fruit and Berry Juices, as well as distilled water and other health foods like algae's can clean that out of the body.

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