Fixing the Problems

Hello Everyone, my name is Harley and the purpose of this thread is to finally fix the problems in the world today.

The reason I am certain we can do this is because I know all the causes, most of the solutions, and can provide all of you with all of the answers to all of the questions in the universe (really, test me). From the Origin of Energy, God, Matter, Life, Humanity, the Truth about Free Energy, Sacred Geometry, and now for the most important one right now, the point of this thread....

Constitutional Political Action

The Supreme Law of this land, the United States of America, states;
-that its very purpose is to "Promote the General Welfare" of "We The People" of theses United States,
-that all laws of this land must derive their authority directly from the Constitution, and
-that any law which contradict the constitution in notwithstanding,
-that all officers of all branches of government and military must swear an oath to support the constitution in order to obtains authority, and
-that those officers can only hold that authority under good behavior, and they lose all authority upon violation of the constitution, or commission of even a misdemeanor crime.

This is the spirit and the letter of the Law in our United States and We The People are not going to accept the illegitimate ownership of ourselves (via birth-certificates) and everything we have (via debts), by the wealthy groups of such names as Illuminate, Federal Reserve, central banks, Luciferians, etc.

As has always been known that only the ignorance of the public is the only thing that allows such severe corruption to develop, and the mere awareness of a sufficient number of people is enough to stop corruption once and for all, because only the ignorant people endow the corrupt people with power.

STOP ELECTING CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the names of some of them, the enemies of all Humanity (because they actually worship Lucifer):
Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, Lehman, Sachs, Kuhn, Loeb, Lazard, DuPont, Carnagie, and others.

To get you started on your research, look for these sentences:
1) doctor strike mortality rate
2) federal reserve audit
3) supreme court define "income"
4) federal reserve notes not legal tender
5) New World Order quotes
6) Where individual income taxes actually go
7) how i clobbered every bureaucrat
8) "UCC-connection"
9) "science of nutrition"
10) missing 13th amendment image

on youtube:
11) "what in the world are they spraying"
12) "the change your founders believed in"
13) "the cancer report"
14) "Decolonization Referendum Petition"

And for everything else you can possibly wonder, connect to my

"It's not about left and right, it's about Right and Wrong" (Arianna Huffington, Colbert Report)

Together we can finally end this age-old war against good and evil, by educating enough of Humanity on how greed corrupts society, how secrecy allows corruption to breed, and how the freedom of information on the internet is the solution to prevent it forever into the future.


harleyborgais: Why would my first post be automatically marked as "Spam"?

Why would my first post be automatically marked as "Spam"?

Tarheel: Harley-you MAY be a good person, BUT until YOU can ....

...prove that you actually know WHO Lucifer is, I am not sure I want to hear what you have to say.

Please, tell me who/what your depiction of Lucifer is? A good understanding of who Lucifer is would be required before I am interested in hearing your point, altho I will admit that iot appears you are ttrying to be helpful, Brother. Please, tell us this.

harleyborgais: Lucifer

The Illuminati are a sect of the 1% that were started or made public in the mid to late 1800s, mainly thanks to Albert Pike, who by the way is the only confederate with a statue in Washington DC (and he was an enemy of the United States).

THEY believe in Lucifer, and aliens, and that they communicate with them, but whether that is true or not is not really that important to all of us.

What matters is just that we know why they are doing these terrible things, like intentionally fluoridating the water supply. All Fluoride compounds are toxic to cells, they accumulate with calcium around your pineal gland, which is the part of the brain that puts thoughts together, making your higher rational thinking processes cloudy.

Fresh organic berry and fruit juice and distilled water are all things that can undo this build up in your body.

It just does not matter who or what Lucifer is, or if he is even real.
We just need to know our enemy, and THEY're motivation.

edisonik: They have taken it upon themselves to Manage Humanity

Like a Natural Resource.
Like Cattle and not as equals.
This was not the intention for Mankind.
Mankind was created as Equals to the Gods.
But Humanity must wake up and take back their Sovereign right to be Free Independant Beings, Free from Gods, Religions or Tyranny.

You belong to yourselves and not to a System or to Tyrants cloaked as Messiahs.

They might come and cloak themselves as your Gods, you tell them to go "FISH!".
Or just tell them that you are not Slaves to any Extraterrestrial.
You are Free Beings created in the Image of the Gods.

bluesbaby5050: We understand this Sir----

We are NOT beasts! We are Divine humans beings! There are also Huge numbers of us humans that are very awake Sir! We understand how theseTryants have run the systems, and have used Religions to seperate the humans ,and they have created wars amongst us for their purposes !They have used, and abused us humans for thousands of years! We are strong,and we are powerful! And we will NEVER again tolerate this from NO ONE! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: Edisonik-REST ASSURED they will NOT come as OUR Gods.

You and Anu77 have prepared us well, and we would NEVER go for THEM cloaking as OUR Gods.
We arent slave to any ET or any other Human for that matter. We serve YOu because we choose to.

Your people love you and Anu77 beyond what you may believe,

Tarheel: Retracted by Tarheel

Retracted BY Tarheel

harleyborgais: CoPAC

The Constitutional Political Action Committee is a Super PAC whose purpose is to "Support and Defend" the Constitution of the United States of America, and to "Promote the General Welfare" of "We The People".

Tarheel: The INFO we trade here at Truth Control is FREE !

Go somewhere else if you want to profit on somebody.

harleyborgais: Typed this just now for you to defeat these bankers.

Maybe you have heard about things like discharging debt, accepting for
value, getting out of taxes, traffic tickets, and "You gotta learn how
to Play The Game"...well this is what "The Game" means, the Dishonor

Read the following documents (UCC Connection is the most important
one, see link at bottom), and you will learn the basics of how Law is
supposed to work, and how to turn the tables on "Them" (Those guys who
seem to be above the law, but really its just because they know
something, and that is this...)...

Jesus taught us this, you always agree with your opponent, but always
upon your own conditions.
You never ignore or refuse, because then you "Dishonor" them, they
take you to court, and you lose.

After a time if they ignore, you get a default judgment, and win.
If they refuse your conditions, and they are reasonable and legal, then you win.

Arguing is done in the court, and if you have the notification that
you would accept whatever they asked, if they provided the following:

-Proof they have the legal right to do this under the United States
-Complete accounting of any money amount they want,
...Etc., etc.....

Use a notary to prove the content and date of messages to the judge.

Here is the best part, the banks and courts are doing so many things
wrong, you can nail them, and get out of almost anything by knowing a
few things.
Lookup the phrases at the end and you will be amazed....

The banks do not give you all the info, how much they will make, the
fact they risk nothing, and do not lend any real money or anything of
value, since our Federal Reserve Notes have never been legal tender
(look this up if you cannot believe it). Banks are all connected to
the N.M. Rothschild company and the current head of the House of
Rothschild is in Germany, Baron David Rene James Rothschild I believe.
He is the real Enemy.

That and any lawyer or judge who accepts any title of nobility is not
a citizen anymore, (Goggle the missing 13th amendment image phrase to
see this).
That and they are trying to enforce international, admirality law
under the name of Statutory laws in the courts, since 1938, but they
cannot admit it, so says the owners of the world, the Rothshilds,
Rockefellers, Morgans, Schiff, Warbug, Goldman, Sachs, Lehman, Lazard,
Kuhn Loeb, etc...

(See list of search terms above)
(This is the most important one to read first)

P.S. Typed this just now for you to defeat these bankers. I trust this
process and the knowledge you will gain from checking all these 13
search terms and two linked documents, will empower you to take down
all bankers, IRS and many other fraudulent "Government" agencies, and
any company or entity under the law that is doing wrong against you or
anyone else.

Please don't let this info pass you or your friends and family by. It
may save you.

Tarheel: It appears your heart is in the right place, but you use ....

...some references/names, and it appears you dont have full understanding of who these people you refer to are, or what they actually did do for us. I am not demeaning you , just questioning your use of references in your text.

I LIKE WHAT YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO DO, I just am not sure you are using references./names correctly to make your point. can you tell us who your understanding of Jesus and Lucifer are, and what YOU believe they actually did for Humanity please. I would like to know what you think/project with regard to these people.

Again, I am NOT belittling you. I need a little info to understand what you're truly attempting.

I DO LIKE what IT APPEARS you are trying to do.

Oh, I especially like the link title
Being located in mountainous SW Virginia, are ya sure you wanna talk 'Shine with a local country Boy? Just jokin', pal but they are everywhere around here. Good, clean, little bead on the shake and blue flame on the burn.

harleyborgais: Finding the truth, solving the problems

The purpose here is to verify the truth, and make the changes that need to happen,

The only reason the 1% has managed to concentrate so much wealth and corrupt the worlds governments so much is because we have ignored them.

Now that there is this internet, and the freedom of information we still have on it, we have a method to reveal their corrupt methods, and stop the financial tyranny on the Earth once and for all.

I have seen the original list of 13 names from the Illuminati Handbook, the network of people who owned the Federal Reserve in 1976, and I have seen a list of owners of it now, and these names refer mostly to those companies that I have seen evidence of wrong doing.

The bible predicts this time, where the beast (The corporate person) is revealed and comes to an end.

If you are not aware of the crimes of the federal reserve, and its owners, and if you pay taxes on you labor, then you are actually enabling the 1% to cause most of the wars, disease, poverty, and suffering in general on the earth today.

The UCC-Connection and the Science of Nutrition are the best two documents for a person to read first.

Then look up the 14 things on the list above and see the truth.

Tarheel: Leave LOSER !

Science of Nutrition is 142 DOLLARS... a phrickin RIP OFF with a Free Diet analysis(hahaha)!

UCC Connection site calls you a Free Loader is you dont DONATE ! Leave BITCH !

You got some nerve !

harleyborgais: Holy Cow!!

YOU got some nerve.
Those things are free:
(This one is science of nutrition)

These are valuable knowledge.
Shame on you for your language and attitude Tarheel Cowboy.

Bring us rational discussion or dont waste everyones time posting.

bluesbaby5050: I also agree with you too harley---

I am familiar with these Ideas you bring to this forum. Some people here are too quick to judge .Welcome aboard! When the people study about Drake,and his ideas they will wise up! This is my opinion. Falcon G.

wmarkley: information

I have read the information on the sites that your link sent me to, i didnt need to buy anything, the information is very good, It is a good idea for the masses to understand the common law, it should be taught in our schools, this is the way we will take our country back, and prosecute the evil cabal. it is the stuff that DRAKE speaks of, this info also teaches the way our courts are set up, this info could very well empower you if faced with foreclosure, with this information, you can own your home free and clear. give this guy a thumbs up for this info.

harleyborgais: Thanks

Thank you wmarkley, I greatly value your intelligence and polite manner.
Please contribute our opinions, experiences, knowledge, etc., in order to "Promote the General Welfare" of We The People.

Thanks again.

bluesbaby5050: These Ideas you have spoken about---

Are Good Ideas. Drakes ideas are free to the public,and very helpful to the people. The information is easy to understand,and easy to follow. I also listened to the video.I am familiar with the site. Falcon G.

Tarheel: And what about your propensity for Profit on these sites?

If you were just about The Truth, it would be GREAT but you want people's money for giving them some happy horsescheitt book that's For Sale or you wanna make money selling ads for the number of HITS you generate on your sites. You're transaprent Guy. Leave.



harleyborgais: Unfounded Comments

If you had any knowledge of the facts of the matter you would not have posted any of the false statements that you have on this thread Tarheel Cowboy.

On there is a 'contribute' button through which people may give if they wish, and if they do, I must report every amount to the IRS that exceeds $50.
(However I expect that when the time comes and I challenge their authority, they will back down, because I am quite sure they do not have this right).

It is not rational for them to tax money or anything given from one party to another, just like one cannot tax fair exchanges, which is the reason why "Income" is defined by the Supreme Court as "Profit or Gain", and not salaries or wages.

Aside from that, and some ads I plan to put on my own forum (, not ready yet), and on a news page that I need to put a lot of time into.

All of this requires money, and if people contribute to I will use the money to hire people first for making the web page, then for researching the federal electoral candidates and bills, then to create a freedom festival to celebrate the signing of the Constitution (like the 4th of July), and more.

All of the money for CoPAC will be of public record, all of their activities too.
(That is actually how we protect ourselves from the corrupt ones, who use secrecy to get away with corrupting our Society).

The mission statement of The Constitutional Political Action Committee (CoPAC) is:
"To Support and Defend the United States Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and to promote the general welfare of life on Earth."

And the amount I will receive as a salary will be modest once there is enough.
The primary purpose of CoPAC now is to get someone into the office of president that actually obeys the Constitution.

That only includes Ron Paul right now. Romney has provided aid and comfort to the Federal Reserve, who has stolen trillions from us and corrupted our society and govt., so that makes Mitt Romney a Traitor.

Tarheel: I Tarheel am NOT beyond reproach !

I will apologize for the vigor of my attack and the verbage. I will not retract it.

You're out for The Dollar, and youre lieing if you say youre not.

Tarheel: Quinton-Can you delete this Clown and my REPLIES with it?

He's trying to Market thru our site (ok-YOUR site).

I'd make him advertise !

Thanks !

harleyborgais: Point?

What are the points I keep getting?
(Good or bad? Posts too long?)

Crigitine: each time you post you get

each time you post you get them, it shows whos active and what not. you get a point for making a thread and commenting on them. They are virtually worhtless from what i know but they are kind of like tally marks.

Welcome to truth control.

harleyborgais: Crigitine

You still with us Crigitine?

The few posts above are meant for every one to read, and I think every one will be glad once they have.

harleyborgais: Thank you - Truth

So what is the concept here at "truth control", controlling the truth is the strategy of the enemy.

That certainly is not what we should be doing on this thread.
We must share the truth.
Truth=Fact=Verifiable Evidence=Evidence that can be re-produced by any adequately trained and equipped person or group.

Its not about left or right, black or white, its only about right or wrong.
The age old battle between good and evil in our society has always been waging, and really it is bigger than the wars themselves since they are only one part of it.

It is only through secrecy that the evil forces on the Earth have won (The international banking families currently own all the world, all the nations, all the property, everything, but not legally).

And with this internet, we must spread the truth, and that is how Humanity will end tyranny, and win the war on evil once and for all.

(Though there will always be evil, it will never get the upper hand again once the majority of Humanity learns the truth)

Tarheel: Perhaps Harley missed the"I applaud you/yer hearts on right"

BUT-I couldnt navigate the page without a blue page popping up in my face calling me a Free Loader if I didnt contribute.

On the Science of Nutrition-it is 142 dollars on Amazon and comes with a free diet analysis.

Yes, there was free info on the site but you had to pay or be made to feel like a Free Loader if you wanted to extract it, Youre out for profit and its obvious. Forgive the viciousness of the attack is the limit of my apology. You were on when I posted, so Why no reaction then? Waiting for me to get off ?

Dont take the moral high road with me, or wave a FLAG in my face, pal-Im a vet.

harleyborgais: Agression

You are being very aggressive, needlessly.
There is one purpose to my life, to improve the quality of life on Earth.

There is one purpose to this thread, reveal the truth, to fix the worlds problems.

I understand that most people will not be able to believe the things that I claim to know, and be able to do, but I will not lie (and if I make a mistake, I will try very hard to correct it).

bluesbaby5050: Truth Control is about learning the real Truths that's denied

By our goverments. This forum is to get the real facts out, and to help the people to become aware of the hidden truth that the goverments do NOT want us to know about. We share our knowledge. We discuss a wide range of topics.We talk about it in this forum. Falcon.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Free of bills infos

yes, it is important because money have price and we joined here to change ideas and learn together. and teach, then.

for Free Will and Truth, just it.

the rest is pass degree and remunered masters; please, dont confuse us with this sistem.

so, welcome and enjoy!

Knowledge and Wise

harleyborgais: Me

First of all, I swore and will always honor this oath:
"I Harley Davidson Borgais do swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

And so here I am fulfilling that oath, far better than 99% of the people who swear it.
(0% of the Police I have asked have known their own oath. That means there is no guarantee they are abiding it if they cannot remember it, and the Supreme Law of this land requires them to in order to even have any authority. Even a misdemeanor causes one to lose authority in this land)

Here is who and what I am:
I am the first Human (that I can find) who has EVER created a rational, mathematical theory to explain THE ACTUAL ORIGIN OF GOD, and all things of course.

It is called: "The Genesis of Relativity", or the "First Event", and that is the first chapter of my upcoming book: "How We Exist". You can see the current rough draft free at
I have a lot of interesting articles there you can read.

Also there is a page with all of the publications of Dr. Max Gerson who was the first person in the United States to discover that proper natural diet cures cancer, and all disease.

(But the secret societies have had this knowledge for centuries, and the science of nutrition is possibly an example of writings from that secret knowledge if Max was a Rosicrucian. I dont know)

I started in 1999 and by 2009 I wrote "How Energy Works".
About one year ago is when I figured out the First Event.
About one or two months ago is when I started learning about government.
About two weeks ago is when I started with secret societies.

I have learned so much, so fast, I honestly think God has been helping me.

Now I know that the secret society which calls themselves the Illuminati at least since 1776, is the cause of the worlds problems, I know that they have always known that the United States and our Constitution is the one thing that would stop their plans for world domination, and I know that they have caused most of the worlds problems in order to take over our country, and they have mostly succeeded.

However, they have always known that they can only succeed through secrecy, and as soon as enough people learn the truth, they will be stopped (and probably killed in a terrible way).

Lets make that happen, shall we?

harleyborgais: Good Vs. Evil, and how to defeat Evil.

As Arianna Huffington said on Stephen Colbert's show recently, its not about left or right (Or black or white, etc), its about Right or Wrong.

Wrong is the side of greed, power, money, and control.

Right is the side of good, harmony, peace, love, etc.

The side of right will always win because energy is higher than matter, and material goods, possessions, are never as powerful as knowledge, and love, because of what these things enable us to do.

The side of greed and power can never truly win, any victory is temporary, short lived, and will come at a great cost in the long run.

A couple days ago I read the UCC Connection, and suddenly I knew how to defeat the government and banks, at their own game.

You see, even Satan has rules he follows, the rules of deals, of mutual agreements.
This goes for all the govts and corporations as well (when they are in the light of the public eye that is).

Here is how Jesus taught us to deal with enemies:

Never refuse or ignore, and arguing is done in the court, but you must always agree with your opponent lest he take you to the court and win.

You always agree under your own conditions, and make those conditions reasonable, but such that your opponent cannot fulfill them. Then you take him/her to the court, and you win.

This will get you out of taxes, and nearly any debt to the bank, because they are violating our laws.

You require them to prove they have the authority under the Constitution, prove all their accounting, prove what they risk, what they gain, things like that.

The IRS and the Banks will lose at this "Game" every time, because they cannot risk revealing how much they are doing wrong. (see next post)

harleyborgais: Wrongdoing

The banks are violating so many laws, the IRS too, so if you challenge them with conditions of your own like stated above, using a notary so it is useful in court, then you can get out of a lot of debt.

In 1938 most of our lawyers and judges were told to enforce Admiralty (international) laws in the courts, INSTEAD OF the Constitution, but they were instructed never to say the word Admiralty, never to reveal this fact.

That was because the Federal Reserve (its owners) had finally gotten all our gold, and America was finally bankrupt.

According to Admiralty law, both parties must enter any agreement knowingly, voluntarily, and legally. Since they are hiding these facts, that is already a way to win, because they have already invalidated all their contracts by hiding the terms.

But this is all against the Constitution, and is already illegal to begin with.

See that the missing 13th amendment eliminates the citizenship of anyone who accepts a title of nobility, well, have judges accepted the title of Esquire when they entered the Bar?

If so, then all judges do not have citizenship, therefore no authority, therefore, if this is correct (not sure yet), then we actually have NO judges in the United States right now that are legal.

The federal reserve notes are not legal tender, and they never were. Banks lend out money they dont have. The central banks literally create money by writing numbers down. There is much more too.

These things enable you to defeat these evil entities.
Good luck.

harleyborgais: Tarheel Cowoy

So TC, you ready to stop attacking me, and start helping the effort now?

I do know how to fix the world, and we are going to do it.

I have never had much money though, so I am starting the Constitutional Political Action Committee to obtain contributions to hire people to make these things happen.

I will replace all of the companies that we need to be healthy and happy, with non-profits over time, and our world will get much better.

But for now, I can only reach out and find people to help in the effort. Until I start getting contributions, this is all I can really do.

When I do, the first thing is hire some friends to improve the website, I will build a brick making machine to build buildings, start making CoPAC centers where people can go with nothing, and leave healthy and educated, and many other things.

I am an agent of change, and an agent of Truth.

Tarheel: There was never a doubt about you wanting Contributions, and

.....we both knew I was right about THAT part, but I need a little more info about YOUR Plan before I give you a vote of confidence. I apologized about the vigor and verbage, but not about pointing out you were after money which we both know I was right.

Change-Im all for it. Tell US Truth Conntrollers what you are gonna do and WE will look at it.

I would encourage you to ask people who actually have RESERVES to dole out and target them. Most of us are doin all we can to get by.

I appreciate YOU coming clean about The Contributions, though ! I wish you well and support change for the better of Humanity.

The TRUTH always comes out in The End.

harleyborgais: Tarheel Cowboy

Have I earned your 'vote of confidence' yet?
The several posts above are pretty good, dont you think?

Ecbra de Oaoj: ei, harleyborgais

im sure that Tarheel is a great guy and what he say to you wasnt to evil; only because supose like me that true isnt a pay issue. please dont worry.

congratulations for your Job. United States are a very very important naction and we in this World admire your vocation of liberty and democracy. go ahead if your heart allow this way on your jorney. goo luck!

donatives dont are compulsories taxs. and money are needed to supplies.

Peace and Harmony

who dont are against Light are for.



harleyborgais: Taxes

Ecbra de Oaoj, it is a bit difficult to read your posts, apparently your primary language is not english, but are you saying that taxes are compulsory or mandatory?

Property taxes pay for our government. Taxes on profits from companies also. Taxes on imports are another thing that our govt. does which are all legal.

Taxing anything given or exchanged however is wrong.
Salaries and wages are money given in fair exchange for time and energy (work).

That is not taxable. The IRS code even says it is voluntary to file.

They violate the law when they force people to pay such taxes.
If you know the law, you will no longer be a victim to this.
Just read this if you want to know how to stop paying illegal taxes on your labor:

Ecbra de Oaoj: taxes and bills

my primary language isnt english; and although seems to me relative easy this idiom, im still learning to express me, mainly in this site, reading and talking with you; thanks for it, too.

what i said to you (and i know what are taxes, im brazilian) those sites that you linked on your posts just sugest (untill i saw) donation, dont forces payment to read and navigate.

"tecnically" it would be (one word) "the bill". like any other "la cuenta", "a conta", "the payment", and etc. i know that you are understand; considering that dont understood.

and i sincerely consider Law; a non "tecnical" neither a "sciency". i guess that this point of view was created to justify ... finaly. decisions. based in the law; and on interests that who imposes it.

well, but i dont want teach you about what you know. just did try appease you and Tarheel and stimulate you in your Job and to stay here like a friend with us that search Peace and Harmony.


harleyborgais: Thank you

Thank you for that Ecbra de Oaoj.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Cheers

your lessons are welcome to me, harleyborgais. thank you too.

Life and Prosperity

harleyborgais: why

why wont it let me post now?

harleyborgais: Very Frustrating

It will not allow me to post this post, it is a shorter one than the others, with several links, and it says "Page not found" every time I try to post this info. WHY?

harleyborgais: Information 1/2

On my facebook page ( there is a lot more.
As I have been learning these things, I have been posting them, and the sources, on my facebook wall.

Just now I watched these:
These are two very good documentaries, especially for introducing people who dont know the truth yet....

Cancer - The Forbidden Cures

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

This one give a lot of facts on how the govt. is corrupt, and who is responsible.

wmarkley: post

it should, the last couple did.

harleyborgais: Test

This post is a test, because I have not been able to access or post here for 2-3 days for some strange reason.

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