Fish With Human Teeth Surfaces In Russia, A Relative Of The Helicoprion?

Fish With Human Teeth Surfaces In Russia, A Relative Of The Helicoprion? [click on image to enlarge]
A picture of a fish with human teeth found in Russia, which made the rounds on the internet last week, has left many people with a number of questions.

According to Cornell University evolutionary biologist William Benis, from an evolutionary point of view, it could actually be the case that it’s the other way round, and human’s are the ones who have fish teeth.

“Fishes with specialized dentitions long predate the origin of humans,” he said.

Scientists are also familiar with a fish, called the Helicoprion, which swam the oceans around 270 million years ago and had spiky teeth in its lower jaw, just like a buzzsaw.

According to Yahoo! U.K., the Russian fisherman who caught the fish actually caught a pacu, which is a relative of the piranha.

Pacus, which are freshwater fish native to South America, have a square jaw with human looking teeth which are pointed and sharp and used for eating their meaty meals.

Even though pacus are usually found in South American waters they have been discovered further afield as well. Biologists suggest that some pacu owners dump the fish into lakes when they grow too large for aquariums.

Dr. Benis added that there are also other species of fish which have teeth that resemble those of humans. Some fish even have teeth which closely resemble human incisors, and many believe that fish’s teeth over time have evolved to help them process the various vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants they eat.

Evolutionary biologist Brian Sidlauskas of Oregon State University said about pacus, “This doesn’t mean that pacus have human teeth, or that humans have pacu teeth. We’re just so familiar with our own morphology. That we say, ‘Oh, that looks so much like us’.”

Nevertheless, the discovery of the fish with human teeth in Russia was certainly shocking for the fisherman who caught it. The fish with human teeth caught in Russia is likely a strange piranha, scientists said.
Alexander Korobov, said he found an unusual creature while fishing in Arkhangelsk.

"I took it in my hands and smelled it. It seemed to be fresh. I opened the gills — they were red. Yet, the mouth did not look like the mouth of a bream. I opened its mouth and was horrified to see human-like teeth in there. I got scared a bit," he said.

Korobov took the fish to a local department of fishery, where Andrey Rumyantsev, senior inspector of the Department of State Control and Protection of Water Resources of the Arkhangelsk region, said he also had difficulty identifying the animal.

"The fish looks like a bream, but the scales of it and the presence of adipose fin makes it look like salmon. Yet, salmon can not be the size of bream. The teeth of the fish looked like human. This fish is not from our region," he said.

Meanwhile, experts at the Institute of Fishery and Oceanography said the fish with human teeth caught in Russia is likely a strange piranha, scientists said.

"This is a piranha, but the fact is that there are more than 90 species of piranhas. This fish is a herbivorous piranha," a scientist told Pravda.

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HebrianDaniel: looks more like horseteeth

looks more like horseteeth

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That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the picture of that fish. What's in their water??!That's very strange if you ask me HD :-)

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big lips,looks like its laughing,lol!

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