308 "Rebels" were killed in Michigan (10am, 6/62012) by unmarked black helicopters dropping bombs equipped with depleted Uranium (To purposely cause "Fall out").

I grew up there, and believe the "Rebels" were the Michigan Militia, trying to liberate America from the Illegal Corporation named "UNITED STATES" which has owned us since the civil war of 1861-1865.


I will keep looking into this, and call my Father who lives in Michigan.

therepublicforamerica is a group that is trying to replace the Corporate UNITED STATES with a proper govt. which we have not had since before the civil war. They have the backing of the military and the international court (the Hague), which is why those were black aircraft dropping the bombs, from privately owned forces.


harleyborgais: First attack on American soil?

Other than Pearl Harbor, which was not on the American Continent, I dont think we have ever been directly attacked like this before.

But the Rothschild family owns the majority of the world, so they have most of the resources.

If they fight to the end, possible half the world could be destroyed or more.

We all need to figure out how to minimize our losses while we destroy the Ruling Families and their private forces.

bluesbaby5050: ToHarley----!

I can't believe those assholes did this to those poor people!! This is truely an OUTRAGE!! THIS IS AWEFUL!! I remember the reason they went to Hague in the first place! Go Figure! Those Bastards! To THINK they could do this to the US people! At what time did this all happen?

bluesbaby5050: Obama trying to keep this QUIET !!!????

Fox news reporters were arrested on the spot trying to get more information on the many bombings! The radiasion levels are wide spread into Indiana too! As reported ,the actions of the mass bombings were quickly hidden from the public views! Russia is shocked,and is reporting on this outbreak of violence by Obama on the US peoples!! What NEXT??!!?

bluesbaby5050: It happened at 10-10:30 am---

It happened Last Wedsdayon the 6th day,in the morning at between 10am-10:30am.

Tarheel: DO NOT take ANYTHING said on as truth

Because it is The Russian military acting as an underground terrorist organization, and they do anything they can to undermine the US/USA.

Im not saying there's nothing wrong going on, but DO NOT react to those clowns.

If you look, "" always starts out with-
"There's a rumor /report circulating the Kremlin today that says..blah/blah/blah"....and it usually goes into anythg that can cause harm in/to The USA and it's citizens.

Just be very careful about "whatdoesitmean" guys !

I do agree there is a lot going onnthat is way WRONG in The States.

harleyborgais: I am going to court next week, guess what...

It seems like such a waste of time now to make these stupid hot dogs for food, when I am trying to work on this. I wish my cpu was faster. It cannot keep up with me.

I wish my mother would lift a finger around here to do anything other than sit and watch TV shows she does not even remember while she is watching them!

I am getting evicted, so court next week. Just got served now. But guess what I am going to do...

This is an opportunity for me to question the authority of a judge, on Television.

I need to find a camera crew by next week to put on TV what happens.

I need to figure out if the Judge is a member of the BAR, which gives the Title of "Esquire", and I need proof that holds in court the meaning of that title is the servant of a knight who is the defender of royalty. (It seems she is a good judge so far, and not in the BAR, so maybe Justice Elizabeth Rogers is good. She does seem to be acting as a good person, but I doubt she knows any of the info on this web site.)
I need to print out images of the 13th TONA from several sources to prove its legality. And demand the court present copies of the Constitution published between 1820 and 1860 for proof if the deny my proof.

I need to say when i first walk up to the court: "I reserve my rights according to UCC 1-308"
...Actually, I need to memorize this information:
UCC 1-207 (NOW changed to UCC 1-308):
Performance or acceptance under Reservation of Rights.
A party who, with explicit reservation of rights, performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. Such words as "WITHOUT PREJUDICE”,” UNDER PROTEST" or the like are sufficient.

Here is what I should say:

"I reserve my rights 'Without Prejudice', via UCC 1-308!
Which means that whatever I may promise to do or be forced to do, I still reserve all of my God Given and Constitutional Rights, inalienable rights, to be free to do as I please with my Life, Liberty, and Property, free from any search or seizure, as long as I honor my deals and do not cause any harm."

THAT is the Law in America that millions have fought and Died for!

The reason this is needed is because you have to reserve your rights according to the jurisdiction you are charged under, which is the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code, because the "UNITED STATES" and all the "STATE"s are Corporations, and so are you "JOHN DOE", as it says on your Birth Certificate (of Ownership, of you, by the N.M. Rothschild and Sons Corp.)

Also you must ask what jurisdiction you are entering right after you say that, but before you pass "The BAR" or whatever is there. Since 1938, the answer is Admiralty, but they cannot say that, because that is not legal.

Dont forget, the ALL CAPS name cannot represent a person, for the official, legal, and scholastic grammatically proper way to write my name is: "Harley Davidson Borgais".
The 'Imaginary entity called the Corporation', or the 'instrument representing a debt', that was created with my name in all caps like this: "HARLEY BORGAIS", does not represent my physical body. De Jure means of law, like the all caps name, and De Facto means of fact or physical reality like my "Proper Name" which is (according to all proper rules of grammar and law), "Capitalized", NOT ALL CAPS!

Since only you give value to that Title (The Birth Cert., or the Application for it which is said to be the actual title, and the Cert. is just proof of its existence)....ONLY YOU can set its value, and claim ownership over it. But right now, the Federal Reserve holds the original Birth Cert., so they must accept responsibility for the actions of that ALL CAPS entity.

Any legal papers accusing "HARLEY BORGAIS" of anything, should be directed to the owner of the imaginary entity names "HARLEY BORGAIS", which is that Birth Cert., which is held by the Fed, so bring them before the court.

bluesbaby5050: Well Harley---?

I truely Hope it all will work out for you! I really do. With all your knowledge,I can't figure out why you are being evicted!?? This is NOT Good! Your mom?? What is she going to do about her situation too? Is she evicted too? I don't mean to be nosey,just concerned, and a little curious too. She is too old to be living over a sidewalk heating vent, in a BOX?!! You would think she would wakeup!?? UN-PLUG THE BOOB TUBE,AND GET WITH THE MENU? JUST MY THOUGHTS-----

harleyborgais: Just posted this info here - making connections

Just put some info here, and some links to here...

Heard of the Bible Code?

It pretty much describes what I am doing, and what we all have been experiencing. Right now I think we are at: Terah

And in revelations, we are at the red horse: The Rothschilds (means Red Shield).

What may cause the events to come would be meteors (Making waters red, and raining brim stone, a mountain crashes to earth), and possible yellowstone erupting (for the sulphur and rolling back of clouds like scrolls).

But Nikola Teslas technology can actually stop these things. This is something HAARP may be able to do, and the Soviets started working on this in the 70s...
This technology is the most advanced of all, Energy Wave interferometry!
That is how our minds work, and why we have the ability to manipulate reality itself (but it is latent, which means we have not accessed it yet).

I think if that stuff about us changing our Carbon 12s into C7s (With only one neutron, and six protons surrounding it), then it would occur as an EFFECT of the mental state elevating, which would be the CAUSE.

harleyborgais: My Life

I spend too much time doing this, instead of working some lame min wage job.

At some point I will find people to solicit (must be in America, no foreign contributions are legal), and then CoPAC will start doing as much as it can afford to do to fix the Entire World, but America first.

There is a PayPal contribute button on there if anyone wishes to help me out.

We will move out, it takes over a month to physically make us leave, so we have enough time to find and save for another place.

I am in Tempe Arizona, and when ASU lets out 10,000 people for the Summer months, business drops, jobs go, money goes, and everyone has to 'hunker down' for the summer.

Since I can fix or build almost anything, and explain/understand/figure out/solve almost anything for anyone (as long as it is withing the subjects I have studied of course, which are the ones that are important to everyone), whenever an opportunity does come around, I can usually get it.

Not having a car or drivers license does not help.
Until I lost that, money was never an issue. Delivering for Dilly's Deli was enjoyable, worked 3-5 hrs a day, 5days a week, made about 1,600 a month, and had spending money.

Then I got pulled over for one headlight, arrested for looking 'high', even though I got the officer (Escarcega) to say: "I agree you were not causing any harm", "Yes" to the question, "I was driving safely, wasn't I?", and "No, I cannot" to the Question: Can you recite your oath you swore when you became a police officer?. (Pretty sure I quoted Exactly)

I admit to having 'dirty pee', but that is my right, and now I know they did not have the right to search, because they had no reasonable cause to suspect me of causing any harm or violating any contracts.

The 'contract' you sign when getting your license probably says you agree to all the traffic laws, but that is not a valid contract! You cannot just make a contractual condition that says: "You agree to do whatever I tell you to from now on"!
That would be a violation of the Supreme Law of the Constitution which limits the govt. to protect the people.
Plus, then you are not made fully aware of all the terms and conditions, unless they list them and you read them or choose not to.
I think the burden of making sure the signer reads the contract, really lies on the other person, because they are the ones who would lose if in court the signer said: "I did not read that, so I did not know that was a condition, and I would never agree to that", such as giving up all of ones freedom.

I lost my car because it was impounded, and I lost my job because of that, which means I could not get my car or job back again (impound lot got to sell it).

In order to apply at any corporation, you need to go online, so having internet is now a necessary living expense to find work, but no-one considers it that (like when it matters and you need it to).

Every single job I am qualified for so far REQUIRES a car, and a valid license of course.

That is why I have chosen to start preaching on the darn street, overcoming my anti-social tendencies, and asking for compensation for all that I am sacrificing for the betterment of my fellow Humans.

What you dont know is Hurting you. has color photos of the Original Constitution, and the searchable text of the Constitution.
Once I check the microfiche I found recently for proof the 13th TONA was ratified, I will add that to the text as well, with the proof it is Supreme Law in these United States of America.

(Virginia ratified the 13th Amendment on March 10, 1819. This
completed the 13 states required to ratify an amendment. (Virginia
Legislature Act No. 260, Virginia Archives of Richmond, file, page
299, micro-film))

bluesbaby5050: Same in all states I think----

You need to use the internet to sign up for jobs now,or go to your local library to do this,as many people are living in parks,and are homeless now because of the times we live in. I read a story about a man that even was living in a TREE STUMP IN THE WOODS!!! He came across this,and it really was NICE,and Huge,for a tree! The girth of the tree was as big as some closets! he had a bed in there,and lantern,and pics on the stump wall,and had a natural hidden slit for a doorway,and two other trees were flanked on both sides of it,and bushes were all around,and firns too. It was really pretty! Moss grew on the areas too,I was almost looking for the evicted Elves,and Nomes cause he just moved right in!! LOL!! REALLY! This location was in Vancover,Canada near the border. This guy CHOSE to live this way,and said he liked it!! I read alot of stories of people,and their reasons for livinig this way. Most hate it,and alot love it! For many reasons.

bluesbaby5050: To Har---

I do not know about your mom's situation,but if you,and her? Get a chance, you should try to move to the state of Nebraska,as this will be a very safe place when the crap finally comes down. There is alot of shelters there,and food storage being done by the service to OTHERS of like mind waiting to help the masses that WILL be on the move soon. They have been getting ready for some years now,growing nut,and fruit trees,and canning vegs.from the gardens,and storing items,tools,and the like that does not use electricity, for survival. There are much more places, But this is one of the better places to be. I studied this for a while now. I am sure, I will be OK when it happens in my areas. I have made my mind up to stay where I am,for many reasons,not for myself,but to assist others. I have been preparing for years now,by studing alot for the coming times in order to have knowledge to help others in many ways to come. I also have prepared spiritually as this is what people NEED to do! Are you READY to meet your God? Where will your soul go when it is your time? People need to realize that it is MORE then just surviving! It will NOT matter if you, DO NOT HAVE FAITH IN THE REAL GOD! Many people WILL be tested by these very trying times to come. Will you Kill a person for food? Will you kill a person to rob his/her shelters? What will you do when you are tested? Will you Make the Right choices? You NEED to think all about this! This is why you are here now too! You will have chances to work off Old Past lifes karma! People have OLD DEPTS FROM PAST LIFES! This goes to all the people that reads these words! You were not singled out Harley. This is all simple reminders to ALLl the peoples on this planet! GOD IS WATCHING ALL OF US NOW! YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

harleyborgais: Time to Sharpen My Sword!

I will from now on, be carrying my Functional Katana around, exercising my 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms.

In July of 2003, I swore this: "I, Harley Davidson Borgais, do hereby swear or affirm, that I will Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

As did every soldier that ever joined.

I believe the rest of that oath would be against Gods will for me to obey, based on Reason.

I further swear: "To Promote the general welfare of life on Earth." Those combined are the purpose of the Super PAC that I recently started:

harleyborgais: Silence Falls Upon America

A link to a source of info...

“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”.

1901... "Knowing how close his nation was to the abyss of revolution, one of President Roosevelt’s first acts as leader of the American people was to deliver a 20,000-word address to Congress asking it to curb the power of large corporations. Known as the peoples “trust buster” (corporations in those days were called trusts)"

HebrianDaniel: drawing card

drawing card militia.
1power=illuminati 6resistance=millitia
millitia on the strong hand then.

harleyborgais: I observed Corrupt behavior from Tempe, AZ Police today...

Tonight, at 12:56am, 6/14/2012, at 6th and Mill avenue in Tempe Arizona, the Police followed me from the area 100ft west of that intersection, through 6th street heading west, up to the New multi-story tower, where I crossed a walking path through to ash avenue heading west...

South of that intersection there was another car waiting on the right side of the road pointing north (They may have both been Tempe Police SUVs but it was dark and they stayed behind me).

That car followed me north bound on Ash ave to 5th street where I turned west, and the car followed.

These cars were traveling about 1/2 the speed limit of 25mph behind me exactly as you would see a gangster in a movie who is about to do a drive by shooting.

As I passed Farmer avenue west bound on 5th street, I looked back to see this SUV obviously stalking me, so pulled out my cell phone, dialed my State Representative David Schwiekert whom I know to be a good guy, and who answers in business hours (got machine, left message).

Then the SUV did a U turn and drove away!

WHY were they following me you may be wondering?

Because I had a Sword, a Katana (The handle of course) sticking up out of my backpack as I rode my bicycle along the public walking and driving paths of Tempe, AZ.

SO, if I am exercising my 2nd amendment rights, which are the Supreme Law in this land, the Tempe Police will stalk me exactly the same as a gangster about to do a drive by shooting in movie.

Tomorrow I will be talking about this with my representative.

Also, I saw a news report about a police academy graduate who was refused a job with Tempe Police only because his IQ was too high!
Then I could not find any more info about it, it was squashed.

Well, it seems I will be having to enforce some laws in my town, in order to obey my oath to "Support and defend the United States Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic".

Tarheel: I wish you good luck and Godspeed, Harley !

Whatever you do, do NOT let them intimidate you, my brother. Fight back !

harleyborgais: A sword can kill anything, just watch the movies!

That's why I like the sword, no matter how big and nasty, or magical and powerful, there is always a sword that can kill the mighty beast.

And it quiet!

In close proximity, a sword is superior to a fire arm, because you can prevent them from using it faster than they can use it, if you are good with it.

At a distance however, swordsmen need to take cover from firearms.

Mine is strong and sharp, but jagged and rusty and dirty, so you really don't want to be cut by it!

Fortunately for everyone, I really wont hurt anyone except in self defense, but in that case, I will show no mercy! Tis' better to reincarnate then continue corrupting ones soul in my opinion.

bluesbaby5050: Ya-- I saw alot of regular people like--

You and me, get stopped by the police in their towns ,for having their guns on their hips in cases,and ALL of them got stopped,and were asked alot of questions as to why they were carring them in view, in public! They said they also were getting many calls from people reporting these people that were using their rights to bare arms! They were using their cameras to record all of this at the same time. The cops DO NOT LIKE BEING RECORDED! They REALLY GET MAD AT THIS,NO MATTER WHAT STATE IT IS HAPPENING IN! You can't even stand on a corner now,just to talk to a couple of your friends now,as your ALWAYS told to move along, or be arrested! For what ? Not taking their orders? You do nothing,and you get harassed for it! Thats how it is where I live,and has been this way for years now. It is NOT new.

harleyborgais: More Links about the Alpena, Michigan Bomb incident on 6/6/2012:

Russia Shocked After Thousands Of Americans Beg Obama Not To Kill Them

It has been clear for years that the Obama administration believes the shadow war on terrorism gives it the power to choose targets for assassination, including Americans, without any oversight.

Obama’s “kill list”

we hereby request that the White House create a “Do Not Kill” list in which American citizens can sign up to avoid being put on the president’s “kill list” and therefore avoid being executed without indictment, judge, jury, trial or due process of law.!/petition/create-do-not-kill-list...

Eyewitnesses on the ground near the media-blacked-out elevated radiation zone near the border of Indiana and Michigan, where radiation levels hundreds of times higher than normal were quickly removed from public viewing by the EPA,
Read more:

Reporter Detained/Arrested Investigating Mysterious Explosion That Rocked N.E. Michigan
On 6-6-12:

Glen Greenwald, one of the most highly respected of America’s constitutional lawyers, further warns that Obama, in an effort to limit the reporting of thousands of innocent civilians being killed by US drone strikes, has re-defined “militant” to mean “all military-age males in a strike zone.” This was to avoid having to count civilian deaths.

Obama regime is preparing to equip over 18,000 local US police departments with spy drones

Coming: even more FBI warrantless searches

BREAKING! ATTACK ON AMERICA STARTED! UPDATE May 2012 Liberty News Radio with Steven Quayle
-Foreign attackers, privately owned by the Rothschilds I bet you! (My comment)

10 Signs That The Highways Of America Are Being Transformed Into A High Tech Prison Grid

I have always known the highways were designed and created by and for the military to use when needed, but I never thought it would be against the people, that was supposed to only be in case of invasion.

New Bill Would Make It Legal To Target Propaganda And “Psychological Operations” Directly At U.S. Citizens:

Reporter Detained/Arrested Investigating Mysterious ExplosionThat Rocked N.E. Mi On 6-6-12 (1 of 2)

Reporter Detained/Arrested Investigating Mysterious Explosion That Rocked N.E. Mi On 6-6-12 (2 of 2)

PROOF of RADIATION EVENT in South Bend/Chicago, Indiana + NRC Hotline Call

Shaking Booms snapped trees prior to Indiana Incident


Colo Mass Arrests Innocent People

USA WILL Commence Limited Air Strikes In Syria - World War Three

Shaking Booms snapped trees prior to Indiana Incident

The Loud Booms: Fireworks or not


High Radiation Levels Indiana And Michigan Loud Booms

Tarheel: Good stuff Harley, BUT.....

...when you start your post off with a piece from '", it destroys credibility.

"What" is a suspected Russian Military site, that takes aim directly at US/USA/anythg else non-Russia and is very suspect.

I am NOT saying your post isnt credible, but I am saying, "take EVERYTHING you read on "" with a grain of salt".

My God, we can only hope that the other stuff isnt true. It's very sick.

Peace/Love/Hope/Passion/Free Will

harleyborgais: The Alpena incident

That report of the people killed seems to be unreliable, but the explosion and the radiation (in two different areas), as well as the arresting and secrecy are all true.

There is something suspicious, and it seems to be radiation from Palisades Nuclear Power Plant.

I think the explosion was underground, just like one near DC and virginia a while back, because there is not surface evidence to be found.

bluesbaby5050: WELL PEOPLE!

You ALL wanted to KNOW WHEN this crap was going to START! Well it HAS started already ! Last week! This is OFFICAL NOTICE TO YOU ALL! GET READY FOR THE PROTECTION OF ALL THE FAMILIES! Stay OFF the streets IF YOU CAN HELP IT.DO NOT DO FAR AWAY TRAVELING AS YOU COULD BE STOPPED? AND BE DETAINED ! NO REASONS NEEDED! They are going to be using drones to spy,and do Killing,, OF AGE MEN,and BOYS! GIRLS- MAYBE! WOMAN TOO? I DO NOT DOUBT THIS! This is NOT A JOKE! THIS IS FOR REAL NOW! It is in the links that Harley provided to us ,PLEASE READ THEM! You NEED to be INFORMRED As to the events taking place all around your countries now! Annu 77,and Edsion have warned us of this! Way back in the fall of last year,and during the winter months. Keep on Praying too! The Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley---


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