Hi everyone. Nortonbates here. I'm so glad I found this site. I know I'm sane :-), but the amount of resistance to these ideas can sometimes make one feel like they are not. I don't know anyone else in r/l who sees through this charade of a world we're in. My friends (and wife) don't actually think I'm crazy. They know the world is corrupt and that people at the top are, and always have been, doing unscrupulous things. They just don't quite see that not all of them are necessarily human people. (Still trying to find the evidence that will sell them %100). So, I'm happy to have found a place where everyone is, more or less, on the same page. Truth is what matters to me. So, happy truth hunting.

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nivine: Hi too

Welcome to our world!

Quinton: I'm with you. Most of the

I'm with you. Most of the people I talk to I face the same thing. My family and close friends are pretty much on the same page, but the rest of the world I work with just doesn't care or thinks I'm crazy. Welcome to Truth Control! :)

Tarheel: Crazy?

We're goin off the rails on a crazy train.
Maybe it's not too late to learn how to Love and forget how to hate.

bluesbaby5050: Welcome..........

Welcome to TC Nortonbates. I hope you find this site satisfactory, and that you'll learn a lot from it. I know what you mean. Some people will not believe the truth about their true reality until it's right in their faces, and then they will Still be shocked by it :-)

nortonbates: Thank you

Thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to discovering all I can.

Tarheel: Any kin to Norman?

Welcome aboard !

I'm getting a transparent shower curtain IF you're kin to Norman. (remember the shower scene in Bates Motel)

Let me or anyone know if they can help.

Peace !

Tim Lovell: welcome Norton :)

welcome Norton :)

M3RT0M: Hello

Welcome to the Crazy World :)

nivine: like!

Those who believed that they are crazy enough.. will actually dare to do it!
Ofcourse we are crazy.. we are the only ones that had the courage to take a step out of this world, even that this whole world is fighting fight us

LoveTruthPeace: Welcome Nortonbates to the

Welcome Nortonbates to the group, everyone thinks I'm crazy too so don't worry. Now I just tell them, "yeah I'm crazy but aware" then I shoot them a big smile. :) Hope you find what you are looking for and much more. If you need help or have questions let us know.

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