The Final Incarnation.....and Old Souls

The Final Incarnation.

“Higher Self Choices – Earth and Non-Earth Incarnations:

Higher Selves who choose to accept the Earth Game challenge have a much more complicated incarnational path than those who choose not to go the Earth human route. The Earth Game is one with memory blocked and with many hundreds of incarnations going on simultaneously in many different bodies, time periods, etc.

Higher Selves who do not want Earth Game experience, but do want 3rd density experience can choose incarnations one at a time, sequentially in NON-Earth physicals. For example: Andromedan incarnations. When the Andromedan body has served its purpose and dies, and the Higher Self chooses to continue that experience, shim is born into a new Andromedan body with memory intact. It’s like changing clothing. While this is valid 3rd density experience, you should be able to see how slowly the Higher Selves, who ch oose only this path, evolve. These incarnations are ‘safe’ but will eventually get them to higher levels.

Earth Game incarnations make for far more rapid development, as Robert Monroe said. When the Higher Self chooses the Earth path, the spirit has HUGE amounts of obstacles to overcome to rediscover shimself. That they DO make it to Final Incarnations shows it is possible for ALL who choose the Earth path to succeed. Nevertheless, many Higher Selves will decline this opportunity to play it safe. This is OK. No judgment here. Each is free to choose their own path.

If you have an incarnation in the sequential, alien incarnations, you can choose to go to the Earth rapid advancement path at any time. Once this choice is made, that Higher Self must complete it – no backing out. They realize this before accepting the challenge. The amount of emotions and sensory experiences in the Earth path are unparalleled and therefore attractive to the more daring Higher Selves.

Our concern here on the Earth path is not what others are doing in other alien incarnational paths, but to discover who we really are and connect to our Higher Self which is the repository of ALL our incarnational experiences. Once this is done, then you will know the direction YOUR Higher Self, the REAL YOU, will be going. This is why looking inward is far more valuable than outward.

Multiple Personalities – A New Perspective:

As I wrote in earlier material, Earth incarnations, for those with Higher Selves, are simultaneous, not sequential, since ALL

incarnations occur at the same time. If the physical brain is damaged in a certain way either in birth or through trauma, the body can be damaged and other incarnations can bleed through into the physical of the damaged incarnation.

The only incarnation able and intended to handle input from other incarnations (your nnminantc) is vour Final Incarnation. When the damaged incarnation switches to another ‘personality’, the incarnation’s energy stream from the person’s Higher Self allows unprocessed/uncontrolled free-flowing input from incarnations close in frequency (time line) to manifest their energy through the damaged incarnations’s body. This could not happenif Earther incarnations were sequential since then there’d be only one energy stream from the Higher Self. The physical body is also very electric. Short circuits to certain areas of the brain can effect the energy stream from the Higher Self as the energy stream is filtered through the physical body.

Multiple personalities is NOT a normal situation by any means, yet it is also not the dreaded situation most people cringe from. This would be considered an experiential choice by the individual Higher Self.

Why? Who can say why a Higher Self would chose this situation except that person’s Higher Self. More could be accessed in the Library on Monroe level 27, for those interested in this topic.

The multiple personalities syndrome is more serious to incarnations with less experience/ maturity. Those of low through mid-range incarnational levels really can become quite unbalanced by this disorder and require hospitalization. Remember, society and the Empire will do almost anything to keep you from realizing who you REALLY are.

If people understood multiple personalities from this perspective AND people were taught who they are without the religious/’scientific’ bullshit, we wouldn’t have all the problems we have today on Earth.

Some of you will find this information helpful in verifying simultaneous incarnations as well as assisting you in understanding more about this type of experience.

A Different Look At The Orion Queen & Aliens:

The Orion queen FEARS death of the body. As such, she’s been cloned and preserved by life extending drugs. Without death, you cannot gain the varied experiences the Higher Self needs to progress. Each Higher Self MUST incarnate in 3rd density genders, sexual orientations and gain a WIDE gamut of diverse experiences. The Higher Self, who became the Onion queen, is experiencing a very limited amount of experiences, only one gender and a huge dose of absolute power. The Onion queen is, beyond a doubt, a low level incarnation. Remember, alien incarnations are sequential, so there is NO input from other incarnations into that particular Higher Self as there is in simultaneous, short lived Earthen incarnations.

If Ancient Earthers were not tampered with by the aliens, the ideal lives they were leading would have kept experiences to a minimum and those Higher Selves would have progressed as slowly as other sequential incarnations. Simultaneous incarnations did not begin until the aliens altered the Earthen humans and created chaos on the planet.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the phoenix-like Higher Selves who accepted the challenge of Earthen incarnational paths are progressing as no others. The alien created chaos turned out to be the best matrix for the Higher Self to rapidly develop! Earthers seem to marvel at the huge incarnational periods aliens seem to go through.

They’ll tell their contactees of living for hundreds of years, or, as with reptilian royalty it can be tens of thousands of years or more!

You should be able to see how slowly these Higher Selves, not participating in the Earthen fast track, will progress. They live on homogenous planets in pretty uniform societies. There are few challenges, it seems, unless they clash with other aliens, like the Onion Empire. So, if things are pretty ho-hum, is it any surprise that they proceed at a snail’s pace when compared to Earthen incarnations?

Earthers who long for life spans as long as the aliens are body controlled, for it’s the body that fears death, since the Higher Self is immortal. With the shorter lifetimes on Earth, we are able to gain FAR more varieties of experiences. Your Higher Self loves all these inputs from shim’s incarnations as there is NO FEAR in those who chose the Earthen challenge despite the individual incarnational fears of the various stages of growth, the Higher Self WILL overcome.” Old Souls and the Completion of the Incarnation Cycle. Those undergoing the fifth and final stage of reincarnation are known as old souls.

In this stage of soul evolvement there is a search for balance and completion, and an urge to pass on the torch before the end of reincarnation.

The Journey’s End

Having completed the fourth stage of reincarnation, the soul has come a long way.

- In the first stage, as an infant soul, it learned about physical existence, life and death, and the need for nurturing.

- In the second stage, as a baby soul, it learned about society, culture and community, the need for structure, belonging, and playing a role.

- In the third stage, as a young soul, it learned about free will and self-determination, taking charge of its own destiny, rising to the challenge.

- In the fourth stage, as a mature soul, it learned about co-existence and interrelatedness, taking responsibility for its relationships, honouring difference and otherness.

At last, the soul is ready for the final leg of the journey: the return to unity and the end of reincarnation.

This return to unity does not involve any loss of individuality, as some imagine. The end of reincarnation — “ascension” or “enlightenment” or what have you — does not mean fading out of existence, dissolving into nothingness. Rather, the soul completes its adventure as a unique individual, like a distinctive star in the night sky, a completely realised Self.

So to begin this stage, the soul will tend to focus on true self-expression and self-actualization, seeking experiences which provide personal fulfilment within life on the physical plane. This could be found in, say, acting, painting, wine-growing, gardening, flying old aeroplanes, or simply being a grandparent. The soul is not interested in success or fame so much as doing something it loves well, and finding inner satisfaction.

Then, towards the end of the stage, there is more of an emphasis on teaching rather than simply learning: passing on the lessons learnt, showing others the way.

For some, especially Old Priest souls, the teaching focus is explicitly spiritual. Many of the world’s great spiritual teachers are old souls.

That’s not to say that every self-proclaimed guru is an old soul. Far from it. There are spiritual teachers at all stages of reincarnation. But the advanced old soul has certain characteristics as a spiritual teacher that stand out from the rest: far-reaching wisdom, great compassion, and little or no attachment to material things.

The main lesson for old souls is to do with unity in diversity. The old soul already has a well-developed sense of personal identity (from the young soul phase) and interdependence (from the mature soul phase). Now the soul also feels drawn to reconnect with the greater order of things, the underlying cosmic unity.

This does not mean overthrowing the lessons of the previous stages in favour of some nice, fluffy notion of oneness. Rather, it means coming to terms with all of life’s dualities (self and other, love and hate, joy and pain, etc.) as integral to the whole.

Old Soul Perceptions

In this fifth and final cycle on the Earth plane, there is a more holistic perception of self, life and everything as part of a bigger picture. So while the mature soul comes to perceive others as its brothers and sisters, the old soul comes to perceive both self and others as integral parts of a greater whole, all unique yet all essential.

In other words, the old soul comes to perceive every thing, every being, every moment, as part of one great tapestry.

The issue now is how to relate to this united reality through one’s own being — how to be at peace with all of the conflicts, how to experience the harmony within all of the diversity.

This involves recognising the validity of each being’s chosen path in life within the broader scheme of things. We are all part of the One, and yet we are many, each pursuing a different path. And no path is wrong. Hence the old soul motto: “You do your thing and I’ll do mine.”

Old Soul Lifestyles

Old souls become more relaxed, laid back and detached in life. Human existence is familiar and manageable, and there are not so many problems or issues to deal with. The main issues, in fact, are existential rather than material or psychological.

Doing their own thing, old souls end up pursuing nothing but their own path whilst allowing others to pursue theirs, just perfecting their own abilities, being themselves in life to the best that they can. Many do so through artistic, humanitarian or philosophical endeavours, though for many their greatest form of self-fulfillment can be something as “mundane” as gardening. Work, rest and play all become the same thing.

A potential difficulty for old souls is lapsing into apathy, no longer caring about life and the world. As the physical plane begins to lose its allure, the incarnate soul can show signs of being world-weary, even from birth.

In fact, depression is the one form of mental illness to which old souls are vulnerable. (Which is not to say that everyone with depression is an old soul, necessarily. It’s just that an old soul who is beginning to see the bigger picture might sometimes feel that ordinary life is a pointless ordeal.)

In the end, joy is found in simply being as opposed to doing.

How can you spot an old soul?

Old souls have a level of self-assurance that is unusual for souls in other stages (with the exception of King souls, who don’t really do self-doubt at any stage). They are generally relaxed and comfortable in their own skins. That’s not to say that they have no issues; many clearly do. But their issues do not dominate them in the way that is often the case with mature souls.

Old souls tend to emanate a calm, steady quality that has substance, depth or gravitas. In comparison, young souls can appear frantic and superficial while mature souls seem perpetually stressed and assailed by life. You can often hear it in the voice — young souls tend to talk loud and fast, mature souls have a sort of soft tone laced with uncertainty, while old souls tend to have a slow, deep voice – relaxed, assured and unhurried.

This inner calm and depth is also evident in the old soul’s eyes. Whereas young souls cannot make eye contact for long, and mature souls will do so occasionally, when they’re not too stressed or distracted, old souls tend to make direct eye contact with an unflinching gaze. (Note: This is not the same as the cold stare of a psychopath!) They are unafraid to look another in the eyes and see into their heart.

Compared to other souls, old souls are generally more relaxed and philosophical about life, at ease with themselves and others, and have fewer material attachments. They tend to be drawn to the quiet life away from the noise of the city. The old soul is more a citizen of the world than wedded to one place. Old Kings in particular will tend to spend their last lives as homeless, wandering teachers.

The Completion of the Reincarnation Cycle

There are seven levels to every stage of soul evolution, including this one. So after completing the 7th level of the mature soul stage, the soul begins its next life as a 1st-level old soul. The soul then undergoes the whole sequence of development as an old soul, one life at a time, until finally it reaches 7th level. This is the final step, step 35, in the 35 steps of reincarnation.

Now, I occasionally meet people who are convinced that they must now be in their final incarnation simply because they are so “spiritual” and have no liking for the material world. This is not how it works.

The goal of evolution is not to escape from the wretched physical plane, despite what many teach. The end of reincarnation is not some sort of reward for good behaviour. Human existence is not a prison, or a wheel of torment, from which only the most worthy gain liberation.

We incarnate because we want to and we choose to. We keep doing it precisely because we want to come to terms with it. We know that in each life we will probably spend several decades not remembering who we are, not remembering our eternal Home, buying into the illusion of separation, experiencing fear. This is the very stuff which inspires us to become more conscious.

Completion occurs when it matters not whether you are incarnate or discarnate: you see through the illusion and you always feel at Home.

If you have issues with being physical, then you still have a way to go.

So the last lifetime is one in which you are very content to be in physical form, using it as an opportunity to teach and enlighten others.

Ramana Maharshi is an example of someone in their last life, reaching the end of reincarnation. Towards the end of his life, some of his students begged him not to die, not to leave them. His answer was:

“But where could I possibly go?”

He knew that both he and everybody else are already Home, and always will be, having never really left it. - See more at:

Reference: PersonalitySpirituality; | For more information, please read Michael Newton's books about hypnotic regression in the life between lives.

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