by Tarheel on June 18th, 2015

I love everybody & everything, and seldom does it require any effort.

Where I struggle is in understanding oppressive & repressive behavior. I don't understand why or even how people can be mean to others. I know everyone has their bad moments (myself included), but I identify and correct myself when it happens.

I pray for the wisdom to better understand and the serenity to better deal with negativity, especially as it pertains to interaction.


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pasqualie: Well its really simple.

Everyone has an ego which most are unaware of so it controls them.

Also society and this world programs people in victimization, separation from themselves and others, and judgment.

As well no one on this earth goes through life without pain, suffering and trauma to varying degrees.

So people and in particular sociopaths go around life on this planet, projecting their own pain on others, because its what this world teaches. From harsh words and thoughts, to extreme cases in psychopaths and sociopaths of extreme violence.

Its the egos way of feeling safe, and wanting to control others and things in this world. Not accepting others can have a different opinion or interests other than what they have. So the ego and mind are threated by what is different from them.

its why they promote us against them in politics, religions, and in society.

its why i believe going around projecting your own pain on others is the virus that has infected the entire planet, and why the world is the way it is. Everyone on this planet is a wounded soul to varying degrees, and they do not do what is needed to heal themselves first. So they carry around all the pain and trauma and go around projecting it on others.

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