FEAR is a four letter word

by Starperson on April 15th, 2013

Fear is the acid that eats away at our souls. There are many types of fear that we have all experienced during our lives. I would like to discuss the debilitating and destructive kind of fear that has no basis in reality. It is our irrational fear response to unlikely or exaggerated events that can alter our ability fully evolve, understand and grow. This kind of fear can cause conversion disorder, or hysterical paralysis.

We have all heard the term "fight or flight" response as it relates to perceived danger or threats. For the purpose of this post, I would like to add "freeze" to the fight or flight response. With this type of fear, our bodies can become immobilized to the point where we can take no action at all. Although a healthy dose of caution or trepidation can mean the difference between our survival and our demise, misplaced fear can damage us on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. As fear begins to envelop us, neurochemicals are released throughout our bodies, altering our ability to act or respond appropriately to the situation.

When we understand that we cannot control all external events, we begin to realize that we CAN control our minds, thoughts and responses to the reality of external events that we have created. It is not helpful to allow fear to cloud or impair our judgment or our actions. When we remove its power to affect us, we remove fear itself.

We combat fear with a clear mind, open heart and an understanding of the special connection we have to universal light and love. Learn to quiet your mind, open your heart and allow your soul to vibrate in unison with the energy of the universe. Fear is as real or unreal as we allow it to be.

This subject has fascinated me for many years. Anyone else have thoughts on fear?

"Peace is the state in which fear of any kind is unknown". - Morihei Ueshiba

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Tarheel: Great post and very timely, Starperson.

I share your vibe, Star. Just when things are getting negative........

Fear left me last year altogether. It was a wonderful day when it was gone. Some people need it and dwell in the nastiness of the vibration. They are transparent to me. I will say it took me experiencing Fear for several months (on a project I was working on). I felt Fear (then) moreso than I ever had. I believe that is what helped me rid myself of it, meaning that I first experienced it on a grand level and only after that did I rid myself of it. It lead to a proud moment.

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