The FBI having some trouble

Apparently the FBI is turning on itself. The regressive struggle for power. First they see and accept citizens realizing that -something- just isn't quite right. But now their higher lackeys are starting to point their guns at one another to keep the lid from flying off this monster they have created.

This also explains why dark net and the rest of the deep web is completely filled with child victims, it's been placed there not only for their viewing pleasure but to catch people looking for unedited and actual truths.

This could also be the solar flares effecting the moon's hold on earth and its people if Alex is correct and it's looking like it each time around.

At this rate people won't even have to raise a finger, they will all turn on each other until they are at their weakest point if not ending their lives completely.

this source was found on GLP, lots of good info when you aren't banned.


Tarheel: Watch for the smear campaign that they employ next.

They will try to paint him as "a pedophile and/or something that looks absolutely horrible in the public's eyes", so they have reason to kill him without too much repercussion. That's how they 'HUSH UP" squealers. They dont want their cover blown.

Their tactics are so transparent that they are absolutely predictable.

Crigitine: What kind of system do you

What kind of system do you have when you just off the next person? Who would openly say hey I want to be apart of that! Knowing full and well that you will be next for the chop block no matter how well you do. It doesn't make sense. They must have something waiting for them when they are dismissed.

I think if people knew more about life after this they wouldn't fear as much. We wouldn't even have to fight them so long as we don't become just as regressive in our own natures the elite will kill themselves ultimately. I'm not sure how much of the power struggle between the "countries" is staged, but if they keep it up all they are running on is influence of the people. In the end that's all they needed, the real gods mind controlled and approval so -we- create it for them.

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