favorite type(s) of music?

Ok, ok, I know that time itself is running thin and this NWO, reptilian, E.Ts, etc are revealing themselves very soon to the world. Well we all have our own taste of music. My favorite type of music would probably be power metal. unlike most metal genres, power metal is interesting and "unique" due to iron maiden/dio vocals, heavy use of choir, fantasy lyrics, or maybe its fast paced.


Quinton: I like all types of music for

I like all types of music for the most part but also have a great affinity for power metal :) I'm always up for some Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica and Rhapsody of Fire!

Phaminator: thats a nice taste

i like liberty-stratovarious, my land-sonata arctica, rain of thousand flames-rhapsody, NWO-gamma ray but theres too much for me to list them all.

Kingkonger: Music

I like all types as well and id have to say raggae is my favorite. I havnt heard of any of those bands except maiden, I will have to check them out. but am a fan of metal. Have u guys heard of dimmu borgir?

Quinton: I absolutely love Dimmu

I absolutely love Dimmu Borgir! They've always been a favorite of mine :)

Kingkonger: Cool

yea? They just made a new album lol pretty sick u shuld che ck it out if u havnt!

Quinton: I definitely have. Love the

I definitely have. Love the song Gateways (and the video) :) You can't go wrong with a little Shagrath and Galder!

Kingkonger: Shagrath galder r these names

Shagrath galder r these names of songs or other bands? Im bad wit names and lyrics haha

Quinton: Ah sorry, Shagrath is vocals

Ah sorry, Shagrath is vocals and Galder is on guitar for Dimmu Borigr :)

Phaminator: death metal bands i like.

children of bodom, hate eternal, amon amarth, and dark funeral

yuanyelss: I like all types, and raggae

I like all types, and raggae and id have to say is my favorite. Except I havnt heard of these girls with no, I have to check it out.

soul soulja: Open invitation

I as well appreciate all type's of music but i lean more to East Coast Hip Hop for their simple beats and melodies and most importantly their down to earth meaningful lyrics. All you hear today is money, power, greed and sex on today's modern radio and T.V. So like i said, i am openly inviting anyone who would like to create life changing music in order to better raise the consciousness of humanity. I am open to all genre's and idea's from anyone who would like to join me on this mission. We can all play our part in many different ways. I have a studio and recording equipment free to the public and we can also email stuff back and forward if needed to complete this project. The tool's are at our disposal, let's make use of them for the greater good of humanity.

Tarheel: Would love to, but ....

....all I have is a 1997 Anniversay Stevie Ray Vaughan Edition Fender Strat which I cannot play very well.

However, I wield a mean Kazoo. That work?

Phaminator: Strat

I'm building my own electric guitar at school! But... I need to get some last remaining parts...

(a humbucker rig, another humbucker, strap buttons, tremolo cover, electronics cover, and string tree)

soul soulja: No limit to the soul that

No limit to the soul that perseveres for the greater good, for all his or her deed's will be fruitful. Fender strat or a mean Kazoo...Either way im sure your efforts will help tremendously !
[email protected]
Thank you TC.

Fal: Personally, I got into Techno

Personally, I got into Techno in the late 90s, but in high school I started leaning more towards Trance because it was more melodic and actually had verses in it. Most Trance had very little vocals back then, but now, vocals are used in most of the songs. The sound has changed quite a bit as well. I also prefer Rock like Metallica, Dragonforce, and Motley Crue. This, however does not stop me from listening to J-rock/pop, Classical, and acoustical music. I have to be in a 'mood' to enjoy hip-hop and rap, and I almost utterly cannot stand country music. I am also a big sucker for video game and movie soundtracks.

HebrianDaniel: i wonder what music people

i wonder what music people of sirius like to listen? its whould be cool to see birdman with electro guitar and piano hehe

bluesbaby5050: You have a big imagination!

I don,t know about playing the music.I know they have music though.WE,and most of the aliens ,have some kind of music.. It would sound very different! BB5050.

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