This is a Record of the TITANS FAMILY GENEALOGY.

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UN.i1-PHI: anu is enki's&enlils father,

anu is enki's&enlils father,
but also zeus' father??i dont thinkso..
how can cronus be poseidon(=enki)'s father, that would imply that cronus is anu but cronus cannot be anu because anu took the sirris throne from alalu(uranus) wich is the father of cronus and the grandfather of zeus!

bluesbaby5050: I see you found your answer in Quinton's Material.............

That's correct, the bitter King Anu had finally taken his revenge on Alalu , because Anu felt that Alalu dishonored Anu , and his family by taking the throne which he felt that Alalu was not entitled to. While Alalu was far away on business down on Earth with his grandson Zeus, the bitter Anu saw the opportunity to appoint himself King of Nibiru. Anu knew that Alalu was going to be far away for some time on Earth, and the throne had to be protected from all invaders. Alalu knew that this was going to happen, so he hurried off, and went to Earth because he knew back on Nibiru there was a plot brewing to kill him if he stayed any longer. Anu was plotting to turn against Alalu, and things were heating up very fast, and so Alalu made a quick exit for Earth as Alalu saw another opportunity to appoint himself king of Earth, and to become ruler far away where there would not be any interference from anyone. Planet Earth was unclaimed, and Earth was just prime for the taking. While down on Earth, Alalu discovered that there was gold there, and he knew that his people back on Nibiru needed gold badly. So Alalu sent word to King Anu that he discovered gold there, and Alalu used the gold as an excuse to reconnect with Nibiru, and with the new King Anu. So King Anu agreed to a meeting with Alalu , and to talk about the gold Alalu discovered, and Alalu claimed the gold was his, because Alalu discovered the gold while he was down on planet Earth. So there was an assembled palace meeting, and during that meeting things really got hot, and an argument broke out, and it escalated into a vicious brawl between Alalu, and the still bitter King Anu. And during this nasty fight of biting, and tearing at each other, and rolling around, Alalu had bit off King Anu's penis. Because of this, Alalu was punish, and exiled to the planet Mars to live out the rest of his life, and a palace guard was assigned to go to Mars with Alalu and the guard was to report back to Nibiru when Alalu finally died. Not long after they arrived onto Mars Alalu fell ill, and he later died of poisoning, because Alalu had swallowed King Anu's privates. So a team was sent out to Mars for the actual confirmation of Alalu's death, and to report back what they saw of the remains of Alalu, and to pick up the guard and then return. Then King Anu appointed his first born son Prince EN.KI to take command of the Earth, and to be the overseer of the Anunnaki , and to make sure that the Anunnaki would mine the gold as ordered by King Anu, and to shuttle the gold from Earth back to Nibiru. Later on the King Anu sent his younger son Prince EN.LIL to Command the skies, and to help EN.KI see that the gold did go back to Earth, and that no Space Pirates would over take, the shuttles, and steal the gold from the shuttles when they would leave Earth for the long journey back to Nibiru.

bluesbaby5050: Also, King Anu knew that his youngest son EN.LIL.........

Was plotting to over throw his father, and to kill King Anu, so that EN.LIL would later become the new King of the Nibiriu, and the Sirian Empire. And this was another reason King Anu had to get rid of his son Prince EN.LIL fast, and to get him as far away from the palace as possible, and to keep Prince EN.LIL occupied down on Planet Earth. King Anu knew very well that his son had plotted to kill him, and so King Anu planned to keep his son, Prince EN.LIL very busy, and very far away from him, and the palace. Prince EN.LIL was very furious, but he had to keep his feelings to himself even though he did try to protest to King Anu against being far away from the palace for so long, and he was furious about the turn of events that had prevented him from his planned take over of his fathers throne. So he had to carry out the Kings orders, and to do as he was told, because no one dared to disobey the King Anu.

UN.i1-PHI: bb5050 i know this already and its not what im asking

sorry but i dont think you get me yet,, i did not aks for a repeat of these historic events again however good you posted that anyway for ppl to read again

i wanted to ask you how it is possible they/you say (in greek mythology) cronus is father of enki&zeus when zeus'father was the son of alal(cronus) and enki's father is anu! this does not makes sense you see.. and it implies enki's father was the same as zeus' but zeus' father was the son of anu's rival, they are not the same, so how can they say they have the same father because anu is not cronus!!

the only logical conclusion i can come up with now and what i have always tought is;
zeus is not the son of anu and that cronus is NOT the father of enki as greek myth states and that it is NOT true that zeus and enki were DIRECT brothers from thesame FATHER because that would make cronus anu you see.. and zeus cronus and alalu had issues with anu wich is a diffrent person, but are also related because anan&alal were brothers so enki and zeus were PRACTICALLY brothers and good old friends but not direct branching brothers from anu or cronus!!!

cronus cannot be anu so he cant be enki&enlis father because cronus daddy alalu had issues with enki&enlis father

so why do the greek mythology say they were direct brothers? i think for simplicity or other reasons and is not 100% accurate as it didnt matter too much to the greeks as this information was given to them by andromedans

i dont know how to address this conflict more clear than this now i hope u understand and dont take me wrong btw anu is the grandson of an an(= brother to alal so thats how theyre related and makes alal's grandson; zeus, family of enki;alals brothers(anan) great grandson enki!

they are not DIRECT brothers is what i'm saying, but they are annunaki family, zeus is (propably full) canus/wolf and enki is half canus half reptilian from his mothers side

bluesbaby5050: Look-I NEVER MADE this Statement About Cronus Being .....

EN.KI, and EN.LIL'S FATHER, and The two Prince brothers are only HALF BROTHERS, and the members already KNOW I knew King Anu was their father, and that EN.KI had a Different mother then EN.LIL, Because it would be giving this forum the WRONG information of course. I see you already knew the answer you wanted from me, about Alalu being Cronus's father, and Zeus being the Grandson to ALALU. I ALREADY KNEW THIS, and SO DOES the older members in this forum. We has already studied this about this family in great detail Repeatedly, and it can all be found within the material on Quinton's web site if one chooses to do the research.

UN.i1-PHI: lol

sorry but you really get me wrong every time i didnt say you were stating directly that cronus is the father of enki and enlil but you do say that zeus is a DIRECT brother to poseidon, and hades, just like this chart states of greek gods, wich implies zeus' father and enki's/poseidons father is thesame,but i am asking you how can cronus be poseidons(=enki's) father if his father is ANU

so indirectly by saying cronus is poseidons father its saying that cronus is enki's father wich is NOT true as i try to explain here!!

anan and alal were brothers, anan's grandson was anu and al al's grandson was zeus
anu is the father of enki and cronus is the father of zeus,poseidon is enki so they are NOT direct brothers but they are annunaki family

so how can cronus be enki's father if his father is anu

saying enki/poseidon and zeus are direct brothers from cronus is a conflict because if it WERE true that would IMPLY that cronus is anu, wich cannot be because theyre diffrent persons as we know

do you see the conflict now? the greek mythology chart is saying poseidon (really is enki) and zeus are Direct brothers from cronus, and that cannot be true because enkis dad was anu
that's all i'm saying and i only mentioned enlil being also from anu just to include him too

bluesbaby5050: Look, whatever your beef is, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME

I know that Zeus had 2 brothers one named Hades of the underworld, and another brother named Poseidon of the Seas., and that he also had 3 sisters named, Hera, and Hestia, and Demeter. I gave you their names as I had already stated this to you in my email yesterday. Those names of Zeus's siblings are written down in the history, and anyone here can repeat them for you just as I have. I will not argue this point with you. The charts are that-JUST CHARTS created by someone else, and I just posted them as a matter course. Please continue your research as you will.

UN.i1-PHI: all i meant,, u misunderstand me

why you take it as a personal conflict?im not having any meat i was just trying to address a conflict in the greek family-tree family tree to the family-three like in the terra papers,
inwich the greeks says cronus is also poseidons father but poseidon is enki and enki's father is anu and had fought with cronus' father and son, so how can they possibly be direct brothers and poseidon coming from cronus if he is enki from anu?

i was also just trying to address/remind how zeus and enki are related (according to terra papers, annunaki77 and sumerian tablets too i think ) wich tells that anan and alal were brothers and branching from anans side comes his grandchild anu and then comes enki=poseidon in the lineage and from alal comes cronus and zeus

so how can cronus possibly be poseidons father if that should be anu is what i was was wondering you could explain!? unless i was right and its not true that theyre direct brothers and sons of cronus

(Ps. and im NOT saying they were Not family or Not 'like' brothers as they were such good friends too..)

bluesbaby5050: And according to all the charts..........

I never created these charts. I have posted many charts in the past on this forum, as well as in the present. I only post them to make comparisons between them. I don't know the ages of them either, as that information didn't come with the charts, or I would have added this along with them. When a person is seeking information, they should post it in the forum, and then all the people would have a chance to answer their questions, instead of asking this in a persons email.

UN.i1-PHI: bb i asked you in private

bb i asked you in private first because it dont makes sense that cronus is poseidons father because his father is anu, but you i think you didnt realize the conflict or get me right and you first told me theres many versions of the (same) gods of diffrent cultures with diffrent names and that it can be confusing

then you told me the greek version of cronus swallowing zeus siblings and saying poseidon zeus and hades are direct brothers from their father cronus

i know enki is poseidon and his father really is anu and that cronus is a diffrent guy and the father of zeus, so enki and zeus are not direct brothers but they are related because anan and alal were brothers

then i went to post this in public as i would like to share this issue too and i had the feeling you did not get my point and now you are saying that if a person is seeking info they should post it in the forum instead of PM, wich i did but i first wanted to address this conflict in private but you didnt get me anyway so i addressed this publicly to be shared and discussed and for more ppl to interpretate me

so instead of recognizing my point of this conflict you again start telling the history of the throne overthrowing of anu and alalu and then in another message anu and enlils competiveness/issue for the throne

as much as i appreciate your input and repeating of this important info, all of that does not explain why they say cronus is poseidons father while poseidon is enki and his father is anu wich had issues with cronus'father and son too!

so i tried to explain myself again but you dont get my point and then you're saying im just repeating information that is already posted and known here on this forum by older members, while this is what you did when i just tried to explain myself again to try to address this conflict properly

poseidon is enki so that so the greek chart is saying cronus is enki's father dont u see??? also when you zeus poseidon and hades are direct brothers from cronus, and you know poseidon is enki too, so isn't that implying...really stating poseidons(enki's) father is cronus and zeus is his direct brother, wich isnt true..

all i try is to address this conflict and ask your opinion/explanation on this

bluesbaby5050: I THINK the Conflick truely Lays with the Greeks.......

And this is seen in this chart of the Titans here. Another good source of information that CLEARLY GOES way back in the history of AN AN ,and AL AL and the rest of the Anunnaki history is though Robert Morningsky, and the Terra papers, plus he also does a list of videos that he explains all about how after death this tunnel of light appears to people, and how they enter this tunnel of light, and why it was built, and by who, and for what purpose, and there are many as Robert states Just incert his name into YOUTUBE, and you should be able to view his teachings all about the relationships of the Anunnaki, and their complete history. Chris also has this same information posted on his personal pages, along with very many other alien material. I hope you find this helpful.

UN.i1-PHI: I THINK that too and thats what i tried to say

yes im familiar with the terra papers and aware that anan and alal were brothers branching off and relating enki and zeus as family THATS WHY i found it strange that greek mythology says theyre relation is direct brothers from cronus..

and im aware of the tunnel of light leading to anu's fake heaven holograph for mind control &religious programming to keep souls flying like mosquitos into the white vacuum mind/memory cleaner filling souls into his holomatrix worlds&heavens for programming souls to loop into his/their systems
and i'm familiar with some of chris' works too as i have read them in the past along as with many more materials posted by other members on this forum troughout their times

Annunaki77: EN KI is Posiedon

You see this was a great Confusion even among the Dogs/Gods.
Just who was the True Son of EN KI , was it King Alalu or was it King Anu.
Was EN KI the Son of the Olympians or the Son of King of Sirius?.
On those Worlds there were many Wives and at time it was hard to know who belonged to who.
So this I do know EN KI would never ascend to the Throne of Sirius.
But he was the Renegade because of what he discovered , a sad truth.

ENKI was Posiedon and ENKI did Establish all Eden Facilities as well as Atlantis.
So EN KI was born in the Air of Rebellion and in a World of Injustice and Slavery.
A very sad place to be, but through this he saw his Destiny, and that was Free Will,Passion & Destiny.

UN.i1-PHI: Enki was the prince of Sirius

As i have come to understand and as you have told us Prince Enki was the first son of King Anu,
Alal and Anan were brothers , Anu is Anan's grandson,and so Enki is Anan's great grandson and Zeus is Alals grandson ,
altough Zeus and Enki were true friends and family,
they were not direct brothers nor both the son of Cronus as Enki's father is Anu and Zeus' father is Cronus,
and Cronus is NOT Anu cause Cronus is Alal's son and

so it is not technically not possible for poseidon(= enki) to be the son of cronus or the direct brother of zeus,as the greek mythology version of the family chart implies ,because cronus and anu are diffrent entities but are family and had their own role in their history, and that makes the greek version incorrect if this is correct.

why would they say poseidon is cronus son and zeus' direct brother?? to mask the family history of zeus, anu, alal and anan?and/or the genetic royalty from enki and his parents?or just for simplicity, wich i dont think to be the case because it just would be disinfo..

can you tell us annu77?

Annunaki77: Now some of you may laugh

It's all a Joke and it's all Myth, Right?.
Wrong it's not all Myth, it is Ancient History.

You are all Gods & Goddesses.

Will you Serve the Few who shame you and abuse you.
Or will you finally take your Own Personal Sovereignty and Serve yourselves to better yourselves?.

What you think is what you are.
You have this Power, You can lead Horse to Water but you can't force the Horse to Drink.

So I say unto you CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY.


Tim Lovell: makes sense as the great

makes sense as the great crystal the ETs gave us at the end cycle of atlantis was put ontop of the dome of the temple of Poseidon and this is the great crystal that was overloaded and detonated with more force than any explosion on the earth not sinking the continent destroying it .

UN.i1-PHI: it is no joke

but history has been rewritten so many times to favour the writer, and now its up to us to find the truths and the lies , to wake up and do something about it before we're led as sheep to the slaughter by those malevolantly manipulating mankind

welcome back annu77

Annunaki77: Done by the Pleadians & Warlocks

They Abused their Free Will.
And will face their Karma.

Tim Lovell: im sorry but you are wrong

im sorry but you are wrong the pleidians didn't overload the great crystal it was the sons of belial the pleidians were helping people evacuate , also their was a reptilian incursion going on that most people were un awawre of.

Tarheel: I guess you have 1st hand experience?

How can you call anyone else on this? I don't think we need to be denouncing stories from others of days gone by that we weren't privy to.

I side with Anu77 on this. Exercise your Free Will though.

Tim Lovell: heh TH I was their along with

heh TH I was their along with the rest of humanity we ALL were and yes so I do have first hand experience we all have multidimensional selves we experience time from many soul extensions so I do remember what happened it dosent make me special or anyone I said we all were there when it went down some remember some do not , also atlantis existed in another dimesion of earth and after the great crystal blew we all went under a cascade failier down to the bottom 3rd density of THIS dimesion of earth (apart from those that escaped like the bad one the sons of belial and 'some` of the good ones ) the rest went down thru the horror and trusted in the reincarnation process , the bad ones said they wont remember and the frequency control grid was enacted which was planned well before by the reptillians to farm fear vibration , the funny thing is we are meant to meet this other race from a `parallel` earth and merge with them and evolve but this is how it went now we are coming out of it and hopefully we #ALL have evolved...:)

Tarheel: I feel I may have been there, but I have no recall.

Exercise your Free Will.

Anu77 has never steered me wrong before. It's NOT a personal attack, TL. It's cool you didn't take offense to my opinion.

Tim Lovell: np man its ok I don't take

np man its ok I don't take any offense don't worry we are all brothers remember , that's what the plejarens etc are like and hope we will awake to , the lack of love from brother to brother on earth concerned all greatly , it is what must be changed ...

bluesbaby5050: You are very correct Tim...........

I also regained some of my memories during that time as well. Many people will have fragments of those memories, and they may never become complete. This is actually how this fall took place, and how the grid was set into place, and I have been touching on this subject, as the lessons strengthen along. I would like to keep it rolling with the truth, and it is the best interests for those people reading, and learning about the technologies that were used to get this into place. There are machinges that exist just like computers that are programmed to become activated at a SET TIME,during certain events in the evolution of Earth, and in other planetary systems as well. They exists in the ASTRAL REALMS,and they are controlled by ASTRAL BEINGS that have studied how to manage those machines on the ASTRAL realms. People will learn more about this, because this will be brought to this forum by me, and I think by Tim also. He understands what I am talking about, and he also knows I know what I am talking about, and so does the Gods/Kods too. It is now the time to graduate to a HIGHER LEVEL OF LEARNING in subject materials, and this is only the beginning.

Tim Lovell: back in ancient times the

back in ancient times the family of Anu had what they called Me`s these were crystal components of greater interdimensional `computers` for a want of a better word these devices held all the information to direct different time streams or realities as disered .

bluesbaby5050: Yes Tim, keep going with this information........

It is very important that this forum learn all about what those aliens could/would do, and what powers they held at their disposal.

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