False Flag WARNING signs

by Tarheel on November 9th, 2013

This was TOO GOOD not to post. They sPell out how to sMell out a False Flag op.

Title- 11 Signs of a False Flag

Excerpt- For that reason, it is important to enable the general public to recognize the false flag itself, not simply the questionable elements of a particular false flag which will soon be overtaken by a new one. We must train both ourselves and the public to recognize the signs of the false flag when it happens and thus render the attack neutral.

The following is a list of some of the most common elements of the false flag attack which should immediately be looked at in the event of some other incident that pulls at the heartstrings and emotions of the general public.

Links- http://www.activistpost.com/2013/11/11-signs-of-false-flag.html

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obsrvantlouie: Timely Post...

Excellent and timely info....understanding how FF shape governing policy is crucial to awakening. I'm not so certain the next one will be false as much as natural.

Sky: Tarheel. The links you gave

Tarheel. The links you gave are so pertinent to persons needing insight on false flag operations. I am looking forward to reading up on more of what you provided. Great job! FYI I need to learn how to provide links. It makes referencing so much more user friendly.

obsrvantlouie: Links..

Copy and paste friend. At the top of your webpage exists the url...a "www.somthing.com". This is the link to the exact page you are viewing. So, in order to copy and paste to a TC forum you will want to have the TC forum page open first. This means you will need two tabs open (if you don't know what that means just let me know). Go to the webpage you want to reference the link of. Click inside the url box on the text. Typically, the text is automantically highlighted (usually in blue). If that is the case you will want to RIGHT CLICK on the the highlighted text.

The entire url must be highlighted from "http: to the .com or .org or last digit/number'. Then a message bar will drop down with available options for you to take action on. Select COPY.

Now, the box will dissapear and you can click on to your TC forum tab. Go to the box you insert text into....align cursor to the position you want to drop the link. Right click on the cursor and select PASTE.

Ship it.

UN.i1-PHI: if you seek to name your link

(this only seems to work for links on truthcontrol??)

if you seek to name your link you can do it with HTML like this just change the url and the name text to what you want like this;
< A HREF="http://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/false-flag-warning-signs"> False Flag WARNING signs <⁄A>
result: False Flag WARNING signs
if you want to use brackets in your text without interrupting the code you can use write them like this instead:
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check or include the http:// and the other slashes correct if it didnt work work and you can try in preview before saving/posting the comment or edit it in 24 hours..
and remember some links can expire or change later on depending on their websites

Sky: thank you obsrvanlouie

I will try any application with instructions you gave for typing in a link say as application for this forum.

Sky: UN.1-PHI Thank you

When time today permits, I Will try an application. Than you for your input.

UN.i1-PHI: how do you mean application?

i dont think that would be needed as its quite an simple process if you know how to do it,
always feel free to ask such things even tough they may be a bit technical or off-topic/unrelated... or ask in private or make a new topic if you would think its needed

to copy or paste a link you can do this by selecting the text, click with your right mouse button on it, and select if you want to copy, paste or cut it (copy and take it away)
after you can paste it in the text input form you wish to have it
what i was going to say is you can do this more easily/quicker by selecting the text and press the CTRL button and the C simultanously to Copy,then CTRL+V to paste it, or you could do CTRL+X if you wanted to copy the selected tekst and take it away(as if you did backspace to it all)

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