THE FALL OF THE ANGELS ----- A Brief History

by bluesbaby5050 on September 3rd, 2013

The ancient Book of Enoch, once a part of the bible, details at great length the ruling angels which are capable of good, and evil in the affairs of humanity. What is sobering about this Book of Enoch is that these were not celestial beings at all. They came to earth in physical bodies, procreated, created war and dissention. This concept was very difficult for early church leaders to accept, that some of the angels actually could be living in this world. The book was eventually denounced and banned, and excluded from what we now know as the Bible. However, in 1773, a text of The Book of Enoch was found by James Bruce, a Scottish explore,r in Ethiopia. The book was subsequently taken to Great Britain where Dr. Richard Laurence, a professor of Hebrew, translated the first English-speaking version of it. The Book of Enoch chronicles the first of the fallen angle's descent into the earth. The Cayce readings on the creation of the world parallel Enoch's version. After the earth became generally populated, the angels became enticed by the physical beauty of woman and they became enmeshed in the material world through lust. Several sources agree with this theory. John Bonner, author of "Get to Know Your Angels," explained the Enochian viewpoint about the fall of angels: .....some of heaven's choir members eyed lovely mortal women, were overcome with lust and defiled their holiness by having intercourse. This forbidden sex sired a race of terrible half breed giants that plagued the earth. For their misdeeds, the angels fell and received terrible divine punishment. ( Guess by whom ) The book of Genesis depicted the fall in a similar fashion: "And it came to pass. when men began to multiply on the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose...... There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when sons of God came in the daughters of men, and that they bare them children unto them, the same became mighty men..... "( Genesis ). There is nothing in the literature which refers to these "giants" as human beings, but they were creatures and beasts with human -like features. The Cayce readings indicate at this point that souls were entering into the earth in a variety of forms: Centaurs, Cyclops, Mermaids, and a host of other freakish creations. The figures in Greek Mythology were not fiction at all, according to the readings; instead mythology chronicles the actual history of the early attempts of souls to push themselves onto the material world in imperfect bodies. The purpose was simple: individuality and self -expression. The problem was that the earth had it's own evolutionary laws; it, too, was evolving toward perfection in that plant, mineral, animal kingdoms in a very different form than the spiritual evolution God had intended for souls. However, once the souls became attracted to the material world and began to mingle with it's elements, they became subject to the laws governing the earth and its evolution. The once great unlimited powers of the angels in the celestial realms became limited within the confines of material life when the souls chose to take on form and become a part of the world. The sensual world was the attracting force which drew the souls into the earth. According to The Book of Enoch, an angel whose description is very similar to that of Satan, Azazyel, led 200 of the angels to co-habitate with the mortals already arrived in earth and working out their spiritual mission. The angels under Azazyels direction, taught mortals to fashion swords, knives, and weapons of war; he instructed the women in creating cosmetics, and he showed them how to make jewelry from precious stones. Azazyel's group instructed the humans in the kind of knowledge which had never been attained on earth before. This also has a connection to some of the Anunnaki that were still stuck mining, and working on Mars, ( in heaven) and some 200 of them conspired with their leader also named Azazyel, and he was also an Anunnaki too, and Azazyel had promised his men from Mars, that he would take full responsibility for them if they got caught while down on earth to gather some earth woman for their mates, and to bring back them back to Mars with them, but they didn't get caught, and this was explained in the Sumerian tablets that this event happened because of an invitation the King Anu received from EN.LIL, and EN.KI, to come to Earth to attend, and to celebrate his son EN.LIL'S ceremonial marriage of EN.LIL because he was taking an earth woman as his wife!! Yup! EN.LIL is also a Hypocrite, plus a murderer of many earth people in the floods later on, as we will see here. (EN.LIL= Jehovah didn't practice what he preached either!) And so Azazyel instructed his group to teach human womanhow to make and wear makeup, and to adorn themselves with wearing jewelry, and this knowledge had never been attained in earth before the appearance of these dark angels: Amazarak who taught how to use sorcery and Barkayal who taught astrology. While today there is widespread use of the above activities, in the ancient days these developments had come too early; humankind was not yet ready for the power which would be wielded from such knowledge. These technologies acted like distractions for the developing souls. It might have been like giving small children destructive weapons to play with. The souls got distracted from the lessons with their " toys" and went on a rampage, trying out new and mysterious activities taught to them. In any case, the end result of the angel's teachings was disastrous: " Impiety increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways....And men, being destroyed, cried out; and their voice reached the heaven."( Enoch 8:2,9) At this point, the calamity going on within the earth's realm drew the attentions of the Archangels Michael, Uriel, and Gabriel. They eventually intervened and forcibly removed the rebellious fallen angels from the earth's influence and imprisoned them in the celestial. Enoch goes into great detail in his revelatory vision. To cleanse the earth of the evil doings of the fallen angels, God sent The Great Flood, which is detailed in Genesis. The length of time from the advent of the fallen angels to the eventual removal of their influence spanned eons 200,000 years in fact. During this period the Cayce readings gave a great detail to the conflict of the "sons of Belial" ( the fallen angels) with the " Children of the Law of One"( souls of Humanity who came to earth to regain their original divine heritage). There are several references in the Bible which indicate that Belial, if not another name for Satan, is an angel in close proximity with the chief of the angels of darkness. In the Book of Deuteronomy," the children of Belial" go off to seek other gods instead of God.(13:13) in the Book of Judges the "sons of Belial" abuse and rape a woman. (19:22) In II Samuel, a man accuses and curses King David of being a "man of Belial"(16:7) St. Paul makes reference to Belial in II Corinthians;".... and what communion hath a light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? (6:14-15) The act disturbing forces grew to be factors to be reckoned with, The activities of the children of Belial were opposition to the spiritual ideals of the children of the Law of One. ....the disturbing forces grew to be factors to be reckoned with," Cayce said," between the children of the Law of One and the sons of Belial. For, these were the representation of what is present experiences would be termed good and evil, or a spiritual thought and purpose and a material thought or desire or purpose.
Since the beginning of humanity's advent into the earth, there has always been those of "Belial", and those of "The Light." The determining differences between God's angelic hierarchy and Satan's fallen angels is their intent, purpose, and desire. The importance is not so much what these beings "are" -- it is rather a matter of what they "DO." John Ronner writes in, "Know Your Angels"..... Origin of Alexandria, probably the leading biblical scholar of the ancient Christian church, believed that whether a being is an angel, human or devil depends on how far it decided to drift away from " God's Presence." There is a tendency to believe in the fallen angels or demons when their is a hears of hauntings or in cases of exorcism. These manifestations are indeed rare and do not account for a large percentage of evil influences in the earth. Evil manifests in a variety of ways, just as virtue appears in countless forms. The important point is that evil is or disharmony is A CHOICE, the fallen are only in that state of existence when that choice is made to twist creative abilities into destructive ones. Where there is manipulation, and oppression, wars, famines, governmental control of religious beliefs, then there are the fallen ones. A promise, however, in Cayce's readings indicates that the ultimate destruction to be wrought upon those who willingly do evil will be upon themselves= Karma.

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bluesbaby5050: Believe this OR NOT.........!

YOU people HAVE actually already SEEN this MALE looking Angel ABOVE before !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At some point in your life ! Think hard, and you just might remember. He is still alive, and active and doing quite well to this day in this material earth realm! If you want to know the name of this angel, let me know, and I will post it on this page for you :)

bluesbaby5050: Here is the Answer to the ID.............

Of this Angel. His name is " FABIO " The Famous Male Model that has been seen in numerous TV commercials, (" I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER ").

bluesbaby5050: "FABIO" has Modeled his Likeness on .....

On the covers of many " Romantic" Novels. He has also appeared on many Morning Talk Shows during his Career. I'm not sure if he played in any movies though. I just picked him because Everyone has seen him at one time or other.

bluesbaby5050: People that really want to know the name of this angel, must ask

You must ask me in the forum, and not by email so that others can find out answer too. I would like at least 5 or more requests. I already gave a clue in my thread above :)

Tim Lovell: ok BB so who is this angel

ok BB so who is this angel then ? :)

bluesbaby5050: He is a son of

I guess you could say, that he is Service to Self. A son of Belial. (I don't know him personally of course) And he may be a decent person just the same. He makes a living by exploiting his physical body, and appearance. He cashed in on it. Maybe he gave money to his favorite charities. Who knows but, those closest to him.

bluesbaby5050: But, as an Angel..........

This Angel Lusted for the Daughters of Man. And so he is a Fallen Angel. HE FELL FROM GRACE.

Tim Lovell: the sons of belial were those

the sons of belial were those who thought service to self was serving the whole because you were taking responsibility for your part of the whole , this philosophy has proven to be wrong time and again and has been reasons for rifts and wars in countless cultures, but also in atlantis all this was encouraged by the reptillians who wanted to destroy the greate crstal and atalntis because they could not start their agenda of frequency control and feeding fear of humanity when it was still in place so they had to get rid of it that is why the great rift at the end of atlantis happened most didn't know why at the time.

bluesbaby5050: Thank you Tim........

Thank you Tim for your input. It is good to discuss the many points of view from many sources, as there are always very many from those that can ACTUALLY REMEMBER THEIR PAST LIVES DURING THAT TIME IN ATLANTIS. I guess the side you/people were on during that time in Atlantis, influences the points of views people have now, because of their intact memories they have that carried over with them in this life they have now.

Tim Lovell: BB it wasn't the pleidians

BB it wasn't the pleidians who blew up the crystal ... trust me :)
they tried to help people escape as you know it was the reptilian incursion

bluesbaby5050: I also know this........

It was the dark forces of the Reptilians, and not those of the Light = THE ONE. My post was about the Good or Evil the angels could do in the affairs of humankind on the earth. Some of the quotes were NOT Mine Tim. I do add some of my thoughts when I write my posts, and I leave room for debates.

bluesbaby5050: As I said before..........

I spoke of the angels, and what / how they have interfered in the lives of humankind, and the things they did during those times. EN.LIL CREATED The Great Flood to destroy the assorted freaks creations from all the interbreeding with all the creations,they went against the laws of set for the souls that took human bodies as stated above. EN.LIL was not a Pleiadian, he was of the Canus Anunnaki origin. EN.LIL had used Nibiru = The Destoryer, to do this on earth. All the lands fell, and some new ones rose from the depths of the oceans, and all life was lost during this event, EXCEPT FOR THOSE SURVIVORS OF THE ARC, THANKS TO EN.KI, AS HE SECRETLY WENT AGAINST THAT COMMAND!

bluesbaby5050: A Reminder to the readers that.........

In those ancient times, the people always thought of the aliens from outta- space as ANGELS, and not ACTUAL BEINGS IN PHYSICAL BODIES in spaceships! Some aliens are only beings of Light Energy, and those people were ignorant of these facts. Hopefully people will learn this difference, as it actually exists in matter.

bluesbaby5050: The SO-CALLED ANGELS WERE IN FACT...........

HIGHLY EVOLVED ALIENS that could take on physical dense bodies if they CHOSE TO. But then by doing this, they would also FORFEIT some of their powers, and then they would become stuck in the loop of incarnations, So most of them chose not too do this, at great temptations as stated before. They were very attracted to the material realm, and to the lust of seeing physical bodies, and they had to remain strong, or they could fall too. And the Elohim was on a lower level, and so they could get close to the magnetic Fields of a planet, and therefore they could interact closer to the humans, but the Gods could not.They always had to stay outside the force fields of a planet for this reason. They had to exists within the Universal laws set up for each universe. And some Elohim would use Astral high technologies for self interest but that was rare, which you could call this evil, as it was not in the BEST interests for the group whole.

Tim Lovell: BB remember regarding Nibiru

BB remember regarding Nibiru the family of anu etc was a hybrid family of sirian humans and reptilians and others who grouped together to evolve as fast as they could through selective breeding and later the use of mono atomic gold tho the spiritual enchancing effects were only noticied later t, the original intent for the gold was yes to enhance the atmophereic denense to radiation, these things took place over time of course , and remember also that time at their level is totally different to time at our level ...

bluesbaby5050: Yes Tim...........

The people NOW, and back then were not told the Complete story, and a lot of information has been PURPOSELY left out so that the Humans could/would not be able to piece the puzzle together to get to the actual whole truth! This is still being done to keep humans backwards, and so they will not become the NEW GENERATIONS OF GODS THAT ARE GOING TO GRADUATE WHEN THIS IS OVER!! Yes, and this is also the REAL TRUTH IN A NUTSHELL!

bluesbaby5050: This Selective Breeding takes place in all the Universes........

And this is how the speed of Evolution happens. The Elohim knows very well how this process is done, and they have used this to Terra form many systems in all Mineral, Plants,Animals, and only the BEST IS SELECTED, and this is VERY ANCIENT INFORMATION LEAKED OUT HERE! HUMANS WERE NEVER TO LEARN OF THIS, but now it is TOO LATE LOL!

Tim Lovell: too late... :)

too late... :)

Tim Lovell: the family of anu tho were

the family of anu tho were wrong to do this but only now they do realise it , forced evolution in anyway is wrong this is why the plejarens etc are not advanced yet they want to do it naturally , using monoatomic gold or selective interbreeding like the family of anu only results in immature souls graduating to higher frequencies before they are ready , it is a fools errand, they all know this even enlil the last left to earth ,

bluesbaby5050: Ya Tim..........!

We can set the record straight right here in this forum, so don't worry about the negative feedback we are sure to get, as this is due to the ignorance of people, which means---> LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. This why they should not take personal offence to us when we are trying hard to get this knowledge out to the masses so that they too can evolve, as this is now the time to be able to do this at a even faster rate of time. Every time in earth's evolution about every 26,000 years this is speeds up, and that this will NOT happen again at this fast rate that we are at during this present time, for another 26,000 years to come around again! I AM NOT WAITING THAT LONG! Hahahahaha!

Tim Lovell: yes every 26 thousasnd years

yes every 26 thousasnd years the end of the Kali Yuga the great `pause of galactic time , as marchiniaks pleadians called the `nano second` in relation to their time :)

bluesbaby5050: Yes Correct!

And then the Great Galactic Clock WILL BE RE-SET AGAIN!

Tim Lovell: All I want is deliverance....

All I want is deliverance.... :)

Nicaea: Angels

Hi Blue,
Loved your story, it is written in The book of Enoch that it was an angel by the name of Semjaza that lead the 200 off of Mt. Hermon, it was Azazel that received the worst punishment for teaching man the art of war. I just recently posted a story of a new author by the name of Daniel Chiera who wrote a character based novel called Where Angels Play which I believe you might find interesting, he gives a detailed description of the characters from the book of Enoch and much more. Again I found your article very interesting.
Thank you,

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