Fact Fight

Everyday I see people fight over facts, who is right and who is wrong, who is gonna win the debate and who is gonna lose.

But hey.... Have you ever asked yourself; Why in the fkn hell do we fight over facts? Who is correct and who isnt?... What is the point of this? What do you achieve from this?

Here's my answer:
You do not achieve a shit but hatred and more enemies. It doesn't really matter who is right or wrong, because it doesn't make you a "winner". If you can't listen to new ideas then i can just tell you that you are still an ignorant person. Because if you do not listen to new ideas and question them WITHOUT YELLING at the opponent... you won't achieve anything positive but a waste of your time, whatever you said will be for nothing.

Instead of worryig about who has a bigger dickt than you, I suggest that you focus more on how you can learn something new from someone else or teach someone something new. Now that would be a WIN. Because you would gain respect and the other guy would gain information which maybe will help him solve problems in the future... Do you understand what Iam trying to say here? If your fact is incorrect, just accept the truth and go on because that makes you a winner, you will then learn something new!

Politicians are doing this fight all the time ... and if you just look around yourself you can actually see that the problems are still waiting to be solved.

"I once asked a politician, How can you make roads safer in winter?

-He said I dont know...

I asked him How can you grow food faster without chemicals.

-He said I dont know..." ~ Jacque Fresco

As you see politicians know nothing because they always worry about which one lf them is gonna be the "winner", they dont listen to new ideas but make others listen to theirs.

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Quinton: You have been making some

You have been making some really great posts. This makes me think of a quote I came across from Wayne Dyer a few years back. It goes something like:

"Let go of your ego's need to be right. When you're in the middle of an argument, ask yourself: Do I want to be right or be happy? When you choose the joyous, loving, spiritual mode, your connection to intention is strengthened."

I totally agree and this is a great post that is hardly thought about.

truthseeking_wolf: Glad to hear that m8

Thank you :)

The reason for why I made this post is because I have seen people LYING to eachother about their "facts", just to be that "winner". I want people to understand that we have to work together and stop lying, or else we wont even have peace between us.. which makes me think that we wont reach any point by continuing so.

435: It is from ignorance that we

It is from ignorance that we fight.

When I say ignorance, I mean it as "Avidya" which means something like "Ignore-ance" as in we are missing or ignoring data that is relevant.

A lot of folks have "beliefs." Beliefs are a stumbling block to true understanding. Belief is looking at things, trying to make them fit into a specific set of ideals that one has already. It is "non-understanding." It is searching for information to validate what one already thinks, VS searching for data to understand the workings of reality. When one is presented with information that is against one's "beliefs," the brain kind of "shuts down" and re-arranges the way the neurons are working, kind of like a self-defense mode.

Being flexible, and balanced in our approach to data leads to true knowledge and wisdom.

Being able to hear, see and feel other points of view without getting angry or defensive is a true mastery of ones self, and very valuable.

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