eyes slivered?

by LoliApolys on September 15th, 2018

the normal photo was taken with no filters. the second one with blue filter. this photo was taken of a girl who seems to have the right eye slivered in 2 directions. what do you think? the subject said no contact lenses where used and photo is genuine. she also claims to by a hybrid of dragon and paa tal origin.

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LoliApolys: (No subject)
LoliApolys: these are the pictures...i

these are the pictures...i forgot how to post them lol

freedmftr88: hmmm

All I see is a bruise under her eye and maybe her bottom eyelashes are stretched out to look similar to stitches. I don't see anything out of the ordinary, in my opinion.

freedmftr88: however

As I look at her eye again , her eye ball does seemed to have shifted to the point where the veins within her eye socket are visible.

I never notice little details about people like that until I take a good hard look. Perhaps that says something about my open minded personality , I don't know. lol

Ok , I take back what I just said. I was looking more at the bruise under her eye then her eyeball .

bluesbaby5050: Her Right Eye

On both pictures I can clearly see that the pupil of the right eye only, that it has the shape of a cross. Not a complete circle. And no offense please, but the gender is almost hard to tell what gender this person is if I didn't notice her jaw. It's not squared off, but is defined...more softly rounded feminine looking. That's due to the specific gender hormones as being the deciding factor in this case. Possible to play both roles if one was so inclined.

LoliApolys: would there be a reason

would there be a reason for only the right eye to do so? like et augments or implants? or earth grid matrix failing ?

bluesbaby5050: Reason?

There are many frequenties that are in constant motion. There is much releasing happening on many levels. There's also glitches influencing the many levels in the matrixs that are appearing all the time. Light is balancing out the darkness as well. It's obvious within the news medias as one example.

LoliApolys: freedmftr88: which picture

freedmftr88: which picture are you looking at? and your not good at analyzing pictures are you? lol. well perhaps on a artist way from those comments above. any one can see that the blue under her eyes is lightning not a bruise XD and you have to look at the iris for what the post is about. helps if you take it into a photo viewer to blow it up more.

freedmftr88: Noticed the pupil ?

I've noticed one of her pupils is not circular but in the shape of a cross or " X ".
I'm having trouble seeing the lighting thing your talking about.
Could you upload the picture and circle what your talking about ?
Also I don't understand why there's one with a blue filter. Blue filters are cool but to me I'm having a hard time seeing what you are trying to point out. Sorry.

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