by Annunaki77 on November 21st, 2012

I wish that these Extraterrestrials didn't have it for the Human Race.
Rebel Factions of the Annunaki and Reptilian Groups are in the Process to Undo Lord Enki's work.
The Destruction of the Adamu via Biological Weapons, Famine and War.
The usual Staple they have always engaged in for thousands of years.
These Groups work by Stealth and within Earths deepest locations they Plot the Demise of Humanity.

We cannot exclude Lord Enlil in this Equation, he has his bets in also.

Do you think I like these turn of events?, I do not and neither do my Loyal Friends who have helped in the Protection of the Human Species.
Now more than ever we need Peace on this Planet, for all Humanity.

Your Governments are Plotting against you Worldwide, Worldwide Infamy.
Humanity needs to be aware and take Personal Responsibility for their Lives and the Lives of their Families.
Never assume that BIG BROTHER will be there to help you.
You all have been targeted for Termination Worldwide.

But I am Totally opposed to this Treason.
I have a vested Interest in Humanity because you are my Family, if they even Try to Attack Humanity, I will be here to Fight with you all to defend Humanity. My Destiny is to help Humanity and when the Time is Right to Reveal Myself to the World.

But I hope It never comes to that, because that would not be good. It could be a Battle in Heaven and on Earth.

Humanity is Beautiful.


Angels, are Annunaki, Fallen Angels are Rebel Annunaki.

Humans are caught in between.

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Annunaki77: I am a Nobody, a Reject

But when this Reject gets Angry Mountains shake.
And my Enemies hide or run for cover.
Let there be Peace , let there be Love and Harmony.
Humanity truly have Value.

Chris: hey kanesh what about terra colonies

inderneath antartica what the current status of them and why are many of terra colonies returning to earth at this time what do they have planned for humanity on earth.

Annunaki77: These Colonies want to live on the Surface

They cannot because of the Rebel Groups causing trouble at this time.

bluesbaby5050: We Pray,and Still pray,yet this does no good!

We are now looking at world wide WAR! I was hoping this would not happen}:>((

Annunaki77: Nope!, there will be no War

Remember my Words.
There will be no more Wars.
They ( Rebels ) want War but there will be no War.

bluesbaby5050: I sure HOPE NOT ANNU......

I know it looks grave,inspite of this I won't give up. I really do praying to the Prime Creator still helps, and will make a big difference. There is great strength in numbers when we ALL do this.

Ecbra de Oaoj: ;)

boomerang acount, ...

very well said 11Orion11...

the place or race or where from... isnt more important...
than Heart; reflecting in acts...

Love... always...

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