Now as we know the Alien Backed New World Disorder is in full swing. The have Implemented AGENDA21 through their Machine called the Umited Nations, the Sustainable Developement Program which is being enforced WORLDWIDE.
This Alien Program want to take away everything from Humanity, your Food, your Home, your Families and even your Lives.
Under the Guise of " Sustainable Developement ", the New World Disorder will try to do this.
What you must do is denounce Agenda21 and the Alien Backed Annunaki Program.
Neighbours and Communities will have to Trust and work with each other and defend their neighbourhoods from Foreign Mercenaries and Spineless Government.

The Citizen will have to defend their Liberties because these Liberties are being taken away as we speak because of Spineless and Gutless Politicians who have no Spine to do what is right.
Humanity is in the Process of Evolving to the Next Level and Unfortunately the so called New World Order is that Tool which will be used by Lord Enlil to see if you Humans are up for the challenge of "Personal Responsibility", many Annunaki believe that Humans are simply Animals and they these Animals must be controlled and Managed so , just like Swine or Cattle.

Other Annunaki believe that Humans are Divine Beings and that they need their Opportunity to Chart their Own Destiny, the Opportunity to know what Personal Responsibility really means, and the Opportunity to become Gods and Goddesses yourselves also.

For Years now I have done my best to Teach you the Ways of Heaven, and I believe in you I truly Do, so with all that I am, Cheers and Happiness and Glory for all Humanity.
I know that you are not just Dumb Animals because deep within your Flesh Beats the Heart of Heaven. You have been given the Sacred Gifts of Heaven do not Squander those Gifts.

And when the time comes " Kick some New World Disorder Ass", for your Children and your Families Deserve Freedom & Independance to Chart their Destiny.




He was a Romantic, Passionate, and Lived Free without Fear.
How will you be remembered?, always follow your Dream and never let any Governments take that away from you.


Lord Enki will always remember those who never back down against Tyranny.


bluesbaby5050: Thank You Lord Edjakhan----

I do know this is happening right now too. I have been up to date on the current events,and I know humanity will have to stand Tall ,and Make a stand of Freedom. I also Know that ENLIL IS behind all of this.Thank's for Everything. I will Keep in Touch with you,no matter where this is. ANYTIME! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: Dear Lord Edjakhan---

Please,before you leave,check your Inx. The Falcon.

edisonik: Humanity will Prevail over the Annunaki New World Order

You will Live Forever Falcon Goddess , Tarheel and many others who can see with their Heart.
Your answers will come to you Falcon Goddess , Tarheel , Arctos and many others.


Tarheel: Edisonik is NOT leaving us.

He is taking a WELL DESERVED break.

Edisonik told us all, "I (he) will be with you (us) until The End".. We are his and Anu77's. They would never LEAVE us.

Ecbra de Oaoj: subliminar Batmam

do you saw latest batmam film?

says: all people that dont agree with... corrupted law. and the elite that... govern and opress... are...
terrorists with a ak 47 in hand... preparing to explode world suiciding themselves even... because one maniac comand it... without be questioned ...


to give... your freedom to... a policial state... to create panic and... fear.in your mind if you dare revolt against... corrupted instituicions and/or unjust laws? to wake a sensacionalist impression that martial law is needed?

I dont... know. but when you saw it and... think about... well...


I have a positive thinking... we are making our future... and my real dream is good. finaly.

the gun? Love... the Hope? Peace... the manner? Respect... the Way? Harmony. the veicle? Courage. and all etc... in this vibration...

The Dark Knight... in film he was a true Hero... but in context I have my... doubts. Superman sounds more... nice.

Life with abundance! Health... and Wise

Ecbra de Oaoj: Immortal; full film



Interesting film if you have time... enjoy!
its about ... one blue ... woman and...
I dont tell you... not to lose the grace
and... because... ok I confess I... am learning English... if you speack very fast... not all I get but; if you read I have I dicionary and... intuition to understand; what.

sorry if I not so... clear; when I say something... my will wanna be friend... of all you.

Afection and Harmony

Tarheel: Ecbra-you need not apologize here.

We know The Heart of Ecbra and it beats strong. We dont need a dictionary to understand what Ecbra brings to us.
Ecbra-ignore The AssClown. AssClowns will be AssClowns.
YOU will always be a Friend.

bluesbaby5050: People that can see--

With/From the Heart,will Always know what another thinks,and feels.

Tarheel: When will you return, Great Falcon Master?

Please dont speak with finality in your words. You cant ever LEAVE us. Please, give us an idea when you shall return.

Kierkegaard: Alexander the Great

How can anyone say of Alexander the Great that he was a "friend to humanity?" Has no one else here actually read any history about him? The man most likely assassinated his own father, but aside from that, he was a blood-thirsty tyrant and conqueror of soveriegn lands. He was obsessed with power, megalomaniacal, likely psychotic (if not merely very bipolar), and suffered great paranoid delusions that ended in the torture and murder of not only his closest friends, aids, and myriad lovers (male and female), but also ended in the abominable murders of the women and children of adversary's foreign and domestic.

One would think that a direct student of Aristotle would have been more civilized, reasoned, and less barbaric. The only reason that Alexander can be considered great is truly by accident. By dominating every aspect of life in the territories he conquered, he was able to spread the enlightenment of the Greek schools of philosophy. It was not by benevolence that this spreading of wisdom took place, but rather by his totally oppressive aims of replacing the cultures of the vanquished with those he found more suitable - his.

It doesn't get less "friendly" than that. For all the talk of wisdom and enlightenment that goes on around here, there is a remarkable lack of education or academia involved in the preponderance of the comments made (especially by the self-proclaimed teachers and gods or whatever).

For heaven's sake people, stop this charade and go put yourselves through some community college or something. Instead of pretending to do something for mankind (pretending to be aliens, and feather princesses, and Kods, and whatever else), enrich your mind with real knowledge and actually do something with it. If religion and philosophy are interesting to you, go learn those things so well that you can teach real students, in the real world. Be a REAL contribution to mankinds enlightenment, not these silly chat boards.

Tarheel: Here's a perfect example of what I mean

Here's a staged, cloaked attack on The Masters and what they speak about regularly... (Alex THE Great/education,philosophy,religion). Promoting education/religion and philosophy as a cure-all? Please.

"We dont need no education. We dont need no thought control. No DARK sarcasm in the classroom, teachers leave those kids alone."~ Pink Floyd

Terran resistance: masters

theres nothing master about them, all they do its talk out of their ass


they cant even asnwer a few questions lololololol

Ecbra de Oaoj: silly?

real... studant?

well I studied ¨years Law in one of the most renowned College here and...

what yours... teachers... have been contibuing to... ours... Wise?



if you know too much... Alexander... congratulations! tell to us about her history then... bring your lessons from academy! but...

silly... if who are here is it... you are... include.

bluesbaby5050: Then why are you here if you think--

You know so much KIEKEGAARD? You should not be hanging out with a bunch of Loons then! Haven't you something/somewhere better to be then here on this forum? What could you possibly learn from our Teachers then? You think you are Above them in your knowledge? Lets have it all out in the forum then.You can teach us all as well!

Terran resistance: KIEKEGAARD

KIEKEGAARD is more likely to be a god et psychic marshmallowthen fake edisonik and annunaki


Annunaki77: Alexander was Great , no other Tyrant gave back so much!

Alexander was a Victim of his Passion, his Destiny was fortold by many Oracles.
What do you know about this Dominant World kierkegaard , it takes strong Men to Rule, Alexander was a Friend to Man, the Persians Valued a Grain of Wheat more than a Human Life.
Alexander Freed the World of Tyranny.

Some might call him a Tyrant, to me he was the Son of Zeus, Lord of Mount Olympus.

Kierkegaard: Reflecting on some responses...

I'm not sure at this point that trying to answer any of Ms. Bluesbaby's questions will be well received, but I'll have a go at it.

Yes, I'm relatively well educated, though not as well as I would like to be. In traditional academia I am significantly above average. With respect to matters of the non-physical, that is, metaphysical, I am vastly under-educated. I have recently begun my studies in the Rosicrucian Mysteries. I am a member of, and have a fair deal of familiarity with various mysteries from other organizations that have received less-than-civil treatment on this site, but I assumed by an ancillary viewing of the forums here that people were well versed in sacred geometry, Qabalah, notarikon, and gematria. If that is not the case, then I should probably reevaluate my participation, especially in light of the overall tone that I have observed.

To Mr. DeOaoj, I beg your pardon but I really just could not follow your last post. I salute you for trying so hard to use English, especially as it seems to be a second language.

To Mr. Annunaki, if Alexander was a god of any kind, then ostensibly his power precludes the necessity of using such barbaric methods. Additionally, if he was a god, then his personalty would have had to have been god-like, that is, that he could not have exhibited defective human traits. Additionally, the use of wanton evil is never justified, regardless of the "good" that could come from it. William L. Rowe makes a very persuasive case for this latter point of mine in an essay titled, "Evil Is Evidence Against Theistic Belief." It's a very reasonable argument to make.

Ecbra de Oaoj: dont worry with my pardon

and... thank you for salute!

to me English is a very simple... languaje. to understand but...
(include between the lines) but...

ok. difficult if you understand what I say then I will avoid direct me to you.


Terran resistance: alexander the goat more like


Alexander the great was a "horned god" worshipper and cultist.


He was also a genocidal maniac just like all war lords.

you guys need a history lesson.

bluesbaby5050: Gee! IT----->>>

Sounds Alot like you TR! = Tony. ( I Have The Last Name too.) We had a History lesson a Long Time Ago!

Terran resistance: that is an offtopic post

you provided nothing to the debate, why would I care if you knew my name or not?
long time ago indeed!

Terran resistance: hey edisnonik

im the new master teacher i know everything I have pictures of aliens

what do you have

bluesbaby5050: TROLL---


bluesbaby5050: Trolling though a forum--

Is proof enough for me.Nothing but Trolling on all the pages.

Kierkegaard: To Mr. Tarheel

I believe that you may have accidentally mischaracterized my comments on Alexander the Great. I am not proposing that religion is any sort of panacea, but I do believe that the search for wisdom (philosophy literally means this in Greek), and education are human being's highest calling. If what separates man from beast is our ability to reason, or from another perspective, if our reason is what makes us most "god-like" (if we are created in his/her image), then using our reason and seeking out the truth is our highest order moral responsibility.

That said, having such a strange veneration for Alexander (outside of his military tactics, and accidental proliferation of enlightened ideals) is worth noting, particularly because he is widely regarded as one of the most brutal tyrants to have ever walked the earth.

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