Exploring the Unum, the Building Blocks of the Multiverse

Exploring the Unum, the Building Blocks of the Multiverse. 1. ENS (Extension Neurosensing) - A New, Advanced Form of Remote Viewing. Pictured:The LOM can be illustrated in a very simplistic form shown- [Click on image to enlarge]

For thousands of years, mankind has been wondering about the Universe and what is "up there", or "out there". Just like us, our ancient ancestors did the same thing; they looked at the Sun, the moon, the stars and the vast space, wondering what is the purpose? In fact, the ancients probably knew more about this than the average person does today, which will be obvious to the reader after finishing this series of papers, but they still didn't know exactly how the Universe is constructed, how it started (except through myth), and what it would look like if we had the chance to view it from "outside" itself, through an "avatar".

The breath-taking truth is that now we can do this, thanks to Extension Neurosensing (ENS#), which is an advanced form of Remote Viewing (RV#).

RV is nothing new; it has been used by the Military and the Government for decades. Even private persons are using it. The most well known people in this field were members of the Church of Scientology, such as Ingo Swan[1], Harold Puthoff[2], and Ed Dames[3], who most likely was a scientologist as well. I was myself a member of the church in the late 1980s[4], so I am a witness to that RV was used within Scientology with various success, although it wasn't officially called remote viewing; it was called "exteriorization". The Military took the technology used in the church and brought it to yet another level.

However, aside from all that research, Life Physics Group in California (LPG-C#), independently and without claiming any connection with any Military, religion, or Government bodies, has given a whole new meaning to RV. From have been practicing this new science, they have mapped the Universe in a way that has never been done before, down to the lowest sub-quantum levels, through the dimensions, and are now even aware of what exists outside the 4 Dimensional Space/Time. I find this extremely fascinating, because previously, some of this information has only been available through metaphysical entities, channeled by, or otherwise connected with, human instruments/vehicles/bodies. Now, pioneers in modern science have discovered the same thing and expanded upon it to give us a more holistic picture of the Multiverse and its different levels of manifestation (LOMs#).

In the first paragraph, I am using the term "outside" for simplicity, although there is no "inside" or "outside". In fact, the scientists at LPG-C have scientifically managed to prove that everything in the Multiverse (which is an infinite number of serial and parallel realities, originating in thoughts) is connected, and thus we can be (and are) in different places at the same time, while still staying put in what we perceive as our current bodies; our home station, if you will. Basically, we are living different lives, independent of each other, simultaneously, in different time periods, on Earth, and even on other, different planets. Their research has also shown that we are capable of making a replica of our RNA/DNA setup and "teleport it" to another place in time while at the same time remaining where we started, e.g. in our home. This, as I will show later, will be extremely helpful in the not-so-far future when we start traveling over the Universe.

Sounds like science fiction? It sure does, but not only has LPG-C# known about this for years; just recently, on January 31, 2011, "TechWorld" posted an article about Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Luc Montagnier, who says that he and his team of scientists have discovered how to successfully teleport DNA from one place to another. Not only did it transport, but also made a replica of itself, so that the same DNA mockup existed simultaneously in two places. This is a major breakthrough for human science, and the discovery also verifies what I have been told, that many alien races use this technique to travel through space and time; something we will discuss in a later paper.

We live in extraordinary times. So much is happening so quickly. Not only have we advanced technologically, but also on personal, spiritual levels; we are quickly becoming more aware as human beings. Science and spirit are beginning to merge for the first time in eons; in the minds of men, they have been two separate things. But now, more and more people start to realize that everything is connected on a subquantum (sub-atomic) level. I am you, you are me, Earth is us and so is the entire Universe. We are all ONE. Not until science acknowledges the spirit and the two are integrated to the extent that it becomes "common knowledge" can we really take a quantum leap into the future. This sounds like an impossible goal, but it is achievable.

In a nutshell, ENS# works as follows (without going into the complex scientific jargons around it): a human being, applying this technique, lies relaxed in a resonance-inducing sarcophagus, while his vital energy thresholds are monitored. A photonic body (an avatar) is induced and through advanced technology and the person's own mental abilities, he is capable of neurologically "extending himself" wherever he wants; nearby, to the edge of the Physical Universe, or even beyond! Hence, the Physics Group has been able to open the doors of perception to explore nature and the universe in a manner that has never been possible before, or even been perceived as a possibility. By expanding on the research of scientists such as Albert Einstein and David Bohm, they have been able to accomplish getting astonishing results from this technique.

It has not been an easy task to get to the point where they have been able to decode and decipher their ENS# experiences into a comprehensible and emergent picture. Now they have managed to do just that, and it has turned into something they call the "Working Model". For them, it has been a rollercoaster ride of failure and success, lots of hard work, but for us, now presented with the Working Model, it is like an exciting journey through the Multiverse, or the Unum, as they call it. When I was introduced to it, it certainly blew my mind, and I am confident it will yours, too.

I wouldn't have been too thrilled if this technique was merely dependent upon technology and machines to work, because a machine is designed to do a certain task, and that's what it does. It doesn't do anything outside of what it is designed to do, is thus limited in its application and can even be misleading. However, in this case, technology is only used to get the process started; it's the human being who does the job. It's nothing less but fascinating, as we shall see.

First comment that comes to mind regarding ENS# is that if a human being extends him/herself and starts experiencing things, it's a very subjective experience and not necessarily reliable. Because like Dr. Bordon of LPG-C# said, much of what they "see" or "perceive" on their journey in the Multiverse is hard to decode with the human mind; we are not yet set up to do that. This is why they have more than one neurosensor. When all neurosensors have gone on the same expedition, they write down their experiences without telling the others, and then they compare notes afterwards. Apparently, most of the time, their experiences match quite well, and sometimes not. But this is how their research moves forward, and eventually they can build some structure to it.

I would imagine they must be aware of the following, but still, after have used different people to explore, it's not 100% reliable, even if they all decode things similarly. They decode it as the human mind would decode something it doesn't totally comprehend, and that could be similar for all of the human species, and still not be accurate. Also, after a while, the neurosensors start knowing each other and each others interpretations, and this too colors the result; especially as the science group itself consists of a small clique of members. In spite of this (and again, I can hardly even call myself a layman in the field), I believe that at least the majority of the Working Model is working. Dr. Bordon has also told me that this model has been confirmed by some alien species, while others have shown interest in learning more from us. Dr. Bordon is excited about that, because it shows, as he says, that we humans actually have something to contribute with to the cosmic community and not just the other way around. If so, I agree, and we should be excited, albeit we have more we contribute with to the cosmic society than even LPG-C# is aware of, as we shall see much later on, in another paper. It's called the "Living Library". Also, it's my understanding that ENS and some of the principals of the Working Model were presented by ETs.

As I said in the "Introduction to the Science Papers", science and religion need to merge. LPG-C# is very aware of this, and that is exactly what they are doing with the Working Model. This is science which is not only including the existence of a higher consciousness into the equation, but is basing it upon its existence. This is the reason I got so interested in their work, initially, but once I had dug into their material, I found that there was so much more to it, and I still have so much to learn about it, even on a layman's level.

I wouldn't even bother to write this paper if LPG-C# didn't include "God", or "Source", or "All That Is", or the "Prime Creator" (many names for the same thing), in their equations. For the first time in eons, a group of alternative, brilliant rogue scientists have been willing to look at science as a combination of matter and spirit, realizing that they are one and the same.

It should be mentioned as well that there are a few more alternative science groups out there who are doing a good job decoding reality, but I have decided to focus on our Californian group this time. Just recently, rogue scientist, Steven J. Smith, was most likely murdered due to what he was involved in (he was sporadically in contact with me close to his death up to a few years back from that, and he knew he was in danger; he actually told me that) (http://battleofearth.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/rogue-scientist-steven-j-s...). So not everybody in high places, being it in the mainstream science community or the government, is thrilled over the new paradigms these alternative scientists come up with.

The Unum/Multiverse, is ever-changing; in a fluid Multiverse, where everything is in motion and nothing forever remains solid, what is true today may not be true tomorrow.

2. The Idiomaterial Multiverse:

I have here done my best to simplify LPG-C Working Model so that people hopefully can understand it. I know the result is not perfect, because when we are dealing with new concepts, we sometimes lack words, and it's hard to know how to express them in writing. It's all explained in great details on their website (http://lifephysicsgroup.org), but its scientific language is impossible to understand for the layman; even highly educated people in other fields of learning can't understand it; even those with doctor's degrees.

However, Kurt Strzyzewski, BA, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee did a great job narrowing down all the science behind the Working Model to just a short essay making it quite comprehensible for common man, but it's still fairly complex. I am mainly going to use Strzyzewski's summary as a base for my own Science Papers, and do my best to simplify the language even more. The reader may judge whether I succeed or not, so here we go:

LPG-C uses the word Unum for Multiverse, and who knows, this may be the term we will use for the Multiverse in general in the future.

All of creation is idiomaterial [non-physical and physical] thought/matter, life is organized by overfunctions, and the universe is one of seven superdomains.

The above quote by Dr. A.R. Bordon of LPG-C is describing the Working Model in just one sentence. If the reader afterwards wants to study up on the original essays (which is my advice, read the end notes for references in the following subsections. But I strongly advise you to first read this pealed off version for better comprehension, because otherwise, this is a highly scientific subject and very complex).

The Working Model is telling us that the Unum is a natural, living system in itself and contains what we call the known 4 Dimensional Universe (length, width, height, depth and time), but is so much more than that. When a neurosensor is out of his/her body, exploring, they can expand beyond the physical universe and experience what is there without interfering with what is going on. Beyond the physical realms are six other domains, which can be classified as the realms of "ultimate causation", consisting of vacuum and plenum, quantum and sub-quantum. In the Working Model these 7 domains are all together called the 7 Superdomains, not to be confused with the 7 superuniverses in texts such as the Urantia Papers. The dominating characteristics of the Superdomains is form giving, and thus the term idiomaterial Universe was born. And us being mind/body, we are idiomaterial ourselves; thought creates matter, and there is no way to tell matter and thought apart.

Idiomaterial Life Physics not only has as its goal to describe the fundamentals of life through science, but is also a guide for any body/mind/spirits encoded to do so; to explore the purpose of the Multiverse, experience its endless potentials and come to the realization that we all are connected. This goes for all body/mind/spirit complexes, who are capable of accessing information containing such thought form. This thought form, we as biokind (biological entities) and biomind (biological entities, including mind/spirit) are accessed through something which in Life Physics is called the "T-Boundary", short for Thought-Boundary. This is a superdomain of its own, providing us with the purpose to accomplish the above. I should add that not all life forms in the Unum is physical in nature; there are those who don't have bodies, or can create them as they go along, by accessing different dimensions, and these entities are of course also a part of the above encoding.

Now, let us start with explaining what happens when a baby is born here on Earth:

One of the first things which occurs is that we experience sensory input into the cortical brain and its comprehension of the "Earth Model" becomes natural. This set up model makes it possible for us to differentiate between different 4-space/time places and objects, and we can more easily over a short span of time more easily grasp our earth reality. The ability to grasp our reality is based on our ability to process thoughts, which are manifested in the hologram experienced as earth reality, to which we now claim ownership and observership. Perhaps we can compare it with plugging into a new computer and start it for the first time. Once it's booted up, files need to be indexed and installed, and browsers, necessary software need to be installed as well, and certain downloads have to be done before we enter the Computer World. However, once this is done, we're hooked up with everybody else who have a computer in the global network we call the Internet (Earth in our metaphor).

However, if we still use the above metaphor, someone who has not been indexed here on Earth will have different "software" and programs installed, on thought- and holographic levels, which do not correspond exactly with Earth index, and the thinking process may not be the same as if s/he was indexed here on this planet. Therefore, reality in the Multiverse is highly subjective and always subject to change.

3. Seven Levels of Manifestation (LOMs)

Before we take the Grand Tour through the Unum/Multiverse, I will let Kurt Strzyzewski start us off:

In 2001 the exploration of the Unum began at LPG through the use of extension neurosensing (ENS) technology. This technology allows for a human biomind to gather data and information and store it into the enteric brain, where it can then be properly decoded and deciphered into sensorially intelligible information. A team of seven extension neurosensors led by Dr. A.R. Bordon began the arduous task of detecting, decoding and deciphering information into a comprehensible and emergent picture; the Working Model. It was realized early on that the human being’s living matrix made it an ideal candidate for “tuning in” and directly accessing any aspect of a targeted natural process within the construct of the Unum. This detection process in which information in the memory of the Unum was directly accessed proved to be much easier than the laborious task of translating all accessed data and information into an accurate Working Model.

It therefore became necessary to not only blindly gather information but to use intellectual, critical and analytical reasoning to assign meaning to all gathered information...

The Multiverse, says Strzyzewski, is in itself intelligent, seamless and completely connected on a sub-quantum level, something that's been taught in metaphysics for a long time. However, to more easily catalogue and conceptualize the Unum, LPG-C has developed the mathematical and gnosive (communication mind-to-mind) concept of "levels of manifestation" (LOM), which works in a downward order, from implication at its top to explication further down. This turns Nature into a seemingly endless range, where all LOMs coexist and interact on every level to form the Whole.

The LOM can be illustrated in a very simplistic form like shown above. To explain this in a simple, not too scientific, way is not easy, but in my opinion highly necessary. This may soon be the accepted way of looking at the Multiverse, so we need to get familiar with it on one level or another. Although Einstein's Theory of Relativity became the way of looking at things throughout the 20th Century and taught in school, it doesn't mean we learned how it works on its highest scientific level, including all the abstract math involved, but in a way most of us could understand. Those, who want to continue study physics will sooner or later run into this complex mathematical world, but that is by choice. The rest of us only understand the basics.

In its simplest sense it is a ratio of time/space, which is specifiable, within which idiomaterial (spirit/material) manifestations of all possibilities take place; we are talking about manifestations as small as the tiniest cell, or atom, to that of the entire Multiverse. Everything is intelligent and infinite potential.

Interestingly enough, when a neurosensor enters any given LOM "outside" 4 space/time (see figure at top of this article), things gets pretty challenging. Each LOM shows to hold all outcome probabilities possible in all levels of manifestation, and we're talking forming literal histories; each LOM as time/space ratio contains timelines which include the 5 infinites:

1. Past time-like

2. Future time-like

3. Space-like

4. Past null

5. Future null infinities

Continuous research indicated that it was imperative to learn more about the boundaries of all the 7 LOMs to understand the common superfunctions of the Unum; something the Working Model refers to as Superdomains. TO BE CONTINUED IN THE SUPER DOMAINS.

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bluesbaby5050: Exploring the UNUM, The Building Blocks of the Multiverse

I re- posted this information for a member of TC that wanted the meaning of KHAA. It is connected to the information in the post above, and in the posting that Chris posted yesterday. It's from the works of Wes Penre. Here's his link to all his information, and to Wes Penre papers. www.wespenre.com. So Here is the meaning: KHAA, "The Mother Universe," also called the VOID, which is 96% of the universe that science can't explain. This is home universe of the " Mother Goddess" though which you travel when you have shrunk yourself down to nano size. It's the easiest, and fastest way to travel between stars when you enter a Stargate.

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