Existential Crisis

by Quaesitor on April 17th, 2014

I have been involved in and was at the standoff between the protestors and the Bureau of Land Management in Bunkerville NV. It was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most amazing thing I have ever seen. There were people from all walks of life coming together to help protect and support a family being subjected to many civil rights violations. There were veterans, democrats, republicans, constitutionalists, libertarians, atheists, self proclaimed hippies, cowboys, Christians of every stripe and the spiritual crowd. The MSM made it sound as if it were just a bunch of Tea Party radicals. So far from the truth. The desire for freedom is found in all cross sections of people. It was made manifest during this protest.

During the standoff the family was forced to use whatever media they could find. There was an absolute blackout of the truth of what was happening there in the mainstream media. And what was reported was mostly false. There was much talk about "why" people would support someone that owed fees etc. Those are people that are ignorant of the abuse by the Federal Government going on across the West and the issues surrounding state vs federal rights. What is happening to the Bundy's is happening everywhere, but they choose this family to violate egregiously. This was never about whether the Bundy's were "worthy' of protection, or the cattle. It was about their rights as Americans.

When protestors were asked why they came, without fail it was because they saw the tyranny of armed government, and wanted to help. They wanted to make it known that this kind of heavy handed behavior is not acceptable. Some of the protestors called the Oathkeepers have signed an oath to uphold the Constitution, as it was originally written, not the modified version that we have now, that is used to violate us. They are mostly military or law enforcement. Extremely well trained.

Then there was the regular public. These people were standing, mostly unarmed (despite MSM reports of gun waving fanatics) against armed agents that had already shown they had little tolerance for people exercising their rights as Americans. There were Americans standing against a jumpy group of heavily armed agents, taking the very real risk of being shot for their belief in protecting the Constitutional rights of others. The mainstream media made it sound as if a bunch of gun waving fiends were on the loose. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Of course the Oathkeepers were armed, and some of the militia, and there were also regular people carrying weapons of various descriptions. As with any large group, there was a small fringe that made me nervous. They didn't really know how to handle their weapons, and were mostly there just to be able to wear their weapon in public. But overall, most of the people that had weapons were very well trained. Especially the Oathkeepers. They were there to protect the unarmed, and Mr. Bundy and his wife always were surrounded. It has not come out yet, but I suspect the family had received death threats.

I originally went there to drop off supplies. I had no clue what I was about to witness. When the standoff occurred under the bridge. The people in the front lines, and most of the cowboys were unarmed. The Oathkeepers were there, and had the tactical advantage of the high ground. But HAD the BLM decided to shoot, many people would have died. Honestly, while we were there, many believed that they would send drones in. They split the protestors into groups for this reason. There were armed helicopters flying over. They cut the news feeds, and the single cell tower was overwhelmed and useless. The release of the cattle was an important thing, not just because the family wanted their cattle back, but because the cattle were the thing keeping the BLM there. 200 armed officers, 83 vehicles sent to round up a few hundred cows. They knew if they could get the cattle released, that the BLM would leave. Sheriff Gillespie and Mr. Bundy came to an agreement to release the cows and send the BLM away, but no one really knew if the BLM would agree to it. Mr. Bundy also requested Sheriff Gillespie disarm the BLM and bring the guns and place them under the flag at the compound and gave them a time limit. (I never said there was not some grandstanding on both sides) When the confrontation occurred under the bridge, it was because the BLM seemed to be going against the Sheriff's request that they turn the cattle over and leave. Everyone could see that if the BLM were not forced to leave, that eventually they would permanently maim or kill someone in the family. The violence and threats by THEM had been escalating. The family was busy trying to get the word out via online media.

The protestors were keeping the pressure on at the BLM gate to the compound. When the BLM finally pulled out, per Sheriff Gillespie's request, and the cowboys rode in to release the cattle, it was amazing to see the cattle come running down the wash. Most of us couldn't believe it. There was a lot of celebrating. There was a deep feeling that perhaps we would be able to make headway and put pressure on lawmakers to get back some of the rights that have been trampled upon by the government. Many people were thinking that eventually the truth would come out in the MSM at some point, SOMEWHERE. There had to be at least one channel somewhere that would get the truth out, right? People would see what happened, how important this protest was, right?

Now on a personal level, after having time to digest what I saw, and to consider the different outcomes, and also to see the complete control and manipulation of the media, I am having an existential crisis. I have been fighting for so long for so many things, the environment, rescuing animals, women's rights, lgbt rights, fighting GMO, animal cruelty, you name it, and now I am labelled a domestic terrorist by my own government for standing up. I am seeing the public open their mouths wide to take in the BS that is being handed out, and swallowing like it's sugar. I think it has even happened here, on a site that you would think people naturally would not believe the govt/media machine and their BS. I have had good friends and family sharing completely untrue articles, without asking what is true. Believing everything the government is telling them, because it is easier to believe than searching out the truth for themselves. People politicizing something that is not. I can see the public, so focused on the money he owes, that they don't get the bigger picture, nor do they try to understand the Bundy's motivations to try and keep their ranch going after seeing everyone else pushed out. Or to understand the politics and convoluted laws involved. Unlike a banker or CPA a rancher can't just go find another ranch, they can't just go get another job. Where the hell do people think their food will come from??

I can see that next time, and there WILL BE a next time because people are fed up, how easy it will be for the government to kill protestors, cover it up, and feed the gullible and ignorant public a line of crap that everyone will believe. This existential crisis occurs for me because I believe that people are waking up much too late, and all the fight has gone out of me. I have come to believe that we as a species are doomed through ignorance and complacency to become slaves to the PTB. I don't see how it can be avoided.

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Terra Tea: Q the cup is half full

I too feel weary and dissappointed in what America has become. Especially what is happening to the Bundys and their ranch.

But your article brings hope. That not everyone is ignorant. That not everyone is buying the BS and instead are devoting their energy to standing up for what is right!

Thanks for bringing the truth to Truth Control!

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