The existence of animals and mysterious monsters

by freedmftr88 on September 10th, 2018

What do you all think about legends such as the Megalodon , Bigfoot , Lochs Monster , etc
As well as scary looking creatures from the deep sea. I was thinking for about a week about some new age website talking about duality if there was such a thing as evil animal creatures. I don't think it's that black and white otherwise Shark Week would say things like "Sharks are the devil at work". It's not like Sharks want world domination, they are just big animals who get hungry so they eat whatever the can get.
But then I just think about animals further. Like how Primates are related to human evolution, how most animals have the similar biological things that humans do , how some can be human friendly like Cats and Dogs , while others are not.

One of the things I've noticed when it comes to monsters in horror fiction. They are often influenced by elements of humans and animals that are often emotionally triggering. Like if someone wanted to create a fictitious scary monster kind of creature for a horror movie or whatever , it's like the elements of the face need to be angry and with the feeling of danger. A dead look in the eyes , sharp teeth , big mouth....

But since energy creates things because nothing can exist without energy from the mind , it kind of reminds me of what I've mentioned within another topic on how evil is just a long time collective of unconscious energy.
So I guess the theory is sounding kind of like the story of Frankenstien , but can human mind energy develop births of new animals as well as those who claimed to be extinct or made up however proof leaks from time to time of it's existence ?

One thing I wanted to highlight within the animal kingdom is , if there was any so called " monsters " of that label relating closely to horror creatures in fiction , I would say the sea has the most terrifying animals.
It's water , it's slower and it's not as light and heavy on gravity as air land is on earth.
And humans for the most part can excape death from deadly animals on land more they could in the ocean.

Just a couple of interesting thoughts on my mind. The subject of "Sea Monsters" has always been a fascination with me since I was a kid. So I wonder if there's any sort of paranormal link to any of this.

I know there was controversy about current documentaries on Discovery Channel Shark Week about the Megalodon and Zombie Sharks ( I haven't seen them , they sound interesting ) but maybe it's because someone is exposing truth and closed minded unaware people get upset about it since sometimes truth hurts.

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