by Annunaki77 on October 21st, 2012

Evolution works but it works very slowly, for in a Billion year Cycle the other Animal Nations can Evolve into Humanoid Forms.
Lets say we have a Bird, a Bird is Beautiful some of them, when they are allowed to Evolve without any Extraterrestrial Intervention, these Birds can Evolve into a Bird Humanoid, so too it can work with Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Insects, Fish Etc.

When the other Nations ( Animals ) are allowed to be left alone and allowed to evolve without Intervention or Manipulation, these other Nations can Evolve into Humanoid Forms of Life and therefore can create New Civilizations.

It kind of makes you think twice about your Animal Species on Earth.
Though they are limited in their abilities, they still have Intelligence and they are less Evolved but they are other Nations.
Some Hunt, some feed on Plants, basically the Cycle of Life is truly Majestic and Beautiful.

Humans if left alone would have Evolved into something more Primate like ( Planet of the Apes ) if the Annunaki didn't help them JUMP THE GUN , ON EVOLUTION.

So I give Tribute to Life and the Majestic Animals that live by your side Humanity.

end of cat people

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bluesbaby5050: Thank you.....

Some of us understand this process,and are glad for it. I just love all animals. I have had very many different kinds.The warm blooded ones,I take to better. They seem to have a way of showing/feeling affection to humans when they receive it from them.They really warm up to it,and want more of it. They are social animals as well.

bluesbaby5050: Well, I for one am glad the Annunaki gave us that Kick-Start!

KINDA LIKE A KICK IN THE PANTS! Hahahahaha! I like the movie of "The Planet of the Apes", and all those other spin offs from it. I would Not want to live that Kind of life, as it still seems primative in alot of ways. We all have learned alot form our ancient Earth history,and we are the better for it. We are ALL players on the Stage of Life!

Ecbra de Oaoj: cat people?

intersting film, Anu77;


one of my favorite songs to medictate together this script;

We never forget you. att.

Tarheel: Another fitting Bowie video showing transformation.

This shows her transformation from Human into a Cat Person.
A GREAT tune I might add.


Tarheel: That Cat People piece saddens me.

I will have a hard time letting go of my God Dogs when it is time, but I THINK Anu77 is telling me I have to in order to let them evolve. I cant face that right now. I have too much internal strife to even think of being alone again and my God Dogs are THE ONLY thing keeping me from total isolation.

Annunaki77: You all Understand many Sacred things

You deserve to know all Sacred things.
Always think for yourselves and never let anyone decide for you.
You have your choice and your free will to choose what you want to know.
I am proud of you all.

The Elohim are divided, I see clearly and I Love Humanity.

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