Evil quotes from the bible you really need to see

by cosmicstorm on December 21st, 2013

It's weird how most Christians neglect to acknowledge the existence of these quotes, here are my favorite evil sentences about god and if you don't believe me see for yourself.

1. If your son prophesieses, stab him till he's dead. (Zechariah 13:3)

2. It's ok to kill people for not believing in god. (2 chronicles 15:12-13)

3. It's ok to hit your slaves, so long as they don't die. (Exodus 21:20-21)

4. Kill anyone who doesn't listen to the lords priest. (Deuteronomy 17:12)

5. It's ok to kill babies and rape woman in gods name. (Isaiah 13:15-18)

6. Slaves should serve their masters as they would to Christ (Ephesians 6:5)

7. If your child hits you, they must die. (Exodus 21:15)

8. If your child even curses you, they must die. (Leviticus 20:9)

9. Never let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17)

10. If a man lies with another man, kill him. (Leviticus 20:13)

11. Let's kill our enemies, accept the virgin girls for ourselves wether they like it or not. By Moses (Numbers 31:7-18)

12. If you rape a woman, she has to marry you. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

God is such a GREAT Being.

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Tim Lovell: lmao just perfect examples of

lmao just perfect examples of the complete detritus in the `holy` book that we have to give our minds away to lol...

youdontunderstand: evil quotes from bible

exodus 22:17 if her father utterly refuse to give her unto him, he shall pay money according to the dowry of virgins
deuteronomy17:12 and the man that will do presumptuously, and will not hearken unto the priest that standeth to minister there before the Lord thy God, or unto the judge, even that man shall die: and thou shalt put away the evil from isreal
it is obvious you do not understand the word of God, you do not even quote from the true word of God or from the KJV bible, you make quotes taken from your own words not the bibles. you bring up the old testament when laws did not exist, you presume God instructs us to kill innocents hundreds if not thousands of years before Christ, he does not, the men women and children from Isaiah who god commands be killed are the nephilim, evil, soulless offspring of the Fallen, God only destroys the wicked, the evil and corrupted, please stick with what you know, the bible and the word of God is out of your realm of comprehension. god only reveals his word and his truth to those who follow him and believe, the unbeliever, well he can assume all he wants, assumption is imagination so imagine what the word says all you want it doesn't change the fact you don't know what you're talking about relating to religion and the bible specially since you do not read the bible, perhaps a new world version of it but its filled with lies hence your biblical quotes. please stop trying to interpret or think you understand the bible if you are not willing to give yourself to God and hear his word directly from him. may you find peace and may some day you may find God and in so doing find life. God Bless

cosmicstorm: I see your defintely christian

Please do not take what I say in offense but I have followed god since my birth and do you know where that got me, well it got me to places where I feel horrible pain, and I'm constantly living in negative energies that have made people I love abandon me. So if you want to follow god then do so Its your free will, just keep this advice in your head: Keep an open mind but not too open or else your brain will fall out.

Sky: This rings of truth as showing Jehovah to like so many familar

DICTATORS that bread atheism. That is parental authority that stays too long so as to destroy a well balanced sense of wonder about the Universe. I have felt for a long time since studing SAINT JOHN OF THE CROSS that being an atheist is a "dark night of the Soul" in a post modern use of the term coined by Saint John of The Cross. I realize atheism can benefit clearing away dysfunctional superstition that can pray on humanity like cancer. I appreciate this long list. It reminds me of the book 101 Myths of the Bible by, I believe, an attorney with last name Greene.

I AUGHT look up several of these passages you list. SAINT JOHN OF THE CROSS (16th century Spain friend of St Theresa a OF A villa) felt his brothers in his Carmelite religious monastery were more tolerable to bear in terms real torment when they went through pedagogical growing pains in regards to their faith. SAINT John of the Cross was wiped for modest reforms that were mildly related to the prudish reformer Luther. Beare in mind Saint John of the Cross was living at the time of the Spanish Inquition were any forms of competing narratives as it were was anathema to the Catholic church. I feel the Jehovah problem leads to atheism since for the sake of having trains run on time like a Stalin, one has to surrender civil reason.

Terra Tea: yikes

The saddest part of this is how many people took it literally for hundreds of years...and some who still do. Every time I read a news article from India or the middle east, I find it unfathomable the violence done to women/children and refugees just trying to survive. There is no excuse for it! Thanks for sharing, it reinforces saying a powerful prayer with the intent of peace during this holiday season.

cosmicstorm: My message to (most of) society especially men.

STOP being uncivilized, ignorant, dangerous sheeple. Is this how you spend your infinite power and diverse bloodline to be so sexist that in some all boys schools you'll throw acid on any female who enters and to create fake cult groups just to satisfy your odd wants. For a race that has a higher chance of ruling this universe, you really make me doubt it (most of the time).

Karoline: In the Bible, King David is

In the Bible, King David is described as a man after God's own heart. King David, was a ruthless murdering tyrant. He raped Bathsheba, then he killed her husband Uriah so he could have Bathsheba for himself. A man after God's own heart. I'm sure the stories would have been much more compassionate in the days when God was a woman (re ancient Goddess worship).

Tarheel: King David's soul has been washed clean.

I'm not sure you have all the KIng David events accurately depicted, but know King David's soul had a massive change of heart and is tracking properly now.

I believe Earth/Humanity is on a track toward Matriarchal times, and I think "they" know it, which is why I think "they" are fighting so hard against the tide. It cannot be stopped.

Whatever will be , WILL BE.

Que sera. sera !

Karoline: King David's soul washed clean

In the 'story' you mean? So, who's going to wash the 'God' characters filthy soul clean i wonder - human alpha male's perhaps? Anyway this ancient fictional God had a wife, Asherah. She was conveniently edited out of the Bible by the Hebrew scribes, who were male no doubt. Time for a new Bible me thinks, written by me and my mates but publicised as 'the word of Goddess'. In it, men do their own washing, shopping, cooking and cleaning; it's a sin to leave the toilet seat up or the top off the toothpaste & Xbox live is strictly forbidden :)

obsrvantlouie: Pompous

EVERYONE SHOULD READ THE ATTACHED LINK. This was penned apprx 12 years ago...obviously still very current.


bluesbaby5050: This King David in your Bibles............

Served the Tyrant God in the Bible, and his name is EN.LIL, an ET. And the Christian bible is a Babylonian book of events.

Tim Lovell: lol I love it BB when you

lol I love it BB when you tell the bible thumpers the real truth about who their god is , and when they see who enlil is really like a self serving light stealing karmically f**** individual who has manipulated and held back humanities evolution for thousands of years to serve his own selfish needs :)

Tim Lovell: mhmhm well yes but now all

mhmhm well yes but now all that inbalance is being set right Karoline :)

Karoline: he he

Come now, you know you're itching to get in touch with your feminine side. If we women got together and wrote our own Bible, you know there'd be a sharp decline in wars, religion, murder, rape, hunger, neglect, animal abuse and Xbox 360 live. We'd even allow men an opinion from time to time which is more than the present man-
made Bible allows.

Tim Lovell: haha yes how true this is :D

haha yes how true this is :D

Tarheel: It is apparent.

I couldn't possible think of a more fitting tune for you.

Everything will be okay. Peace

Karoline: Ooo great song!

Love Steve Tyler, what i could do with him if i was considerably younger! And yes you're right - i'm tired and unenthusiastic (jaded) he he

Tarheel: Actually

My avatar name comes from the fact that I have 4 male pups in my home.
I live alone so I already do all those menial chores you wish to sign away.
Goddess isn't a self-assigned title.
I reference The Bible on occasion, but I'm no thumper.
My left foot is always pictured slightly ahead of my left one.
I am a HUGE supporter of the Matriarchal return, but that signifies balance not dominance. Only Patriarchal depicts dominance.

I wish Peace/Harmony/Free Will/Synchronicity & much Love for ya, Sis !

cosmicstorm: I'm with you 100%

I agree with everything you say As long as it's only Xbox 360 live, and not Xbox one live you have a supporter lol.

Karoline: Boys don't like girls, boys

Boys don't like girls, boys like boys and Xbox. Therefore there will be no Xbox 1 either on holy days (which will be any day each woman chooses), how's that? :)

cosmicstorm: Your wrong karoline

I like girls and spend more time with them than I do with boys plus your making this sound like we're going to live in a Amazonian era. PS4 forever!

dvogel: Sure

Women like Queen Victoria and Elizabeth, Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher would make a nice and peaceful bible :)

obsrvantlouie: I think

your sarcasm was lost by some on this comment. Or I could be lost to.

bluesbaby5050: I already gave my comment.......

And view point one week ago, plus a "Thumbs Down" on that comment referring to Dvogels thread near the bottom of page :)

dvogel: Yeah sorry

In Scandinavia we use sarcasm a lot. Maybe its less used in the US.

obsrvantlouie: I appreciated the comment

And also found it entertaining. No apologies needed here.

obsrvantlouie: I appreciated the comment

And also found it entertaining. No apologies needed here.

Karoline: Really?

I would describe them as transgendered or whatever the word for 'not atall feminine' is. The whole point is that humans need to get back in touch with their feminine side (the words compassionate and nurturing come to mind), because all other animals on this planet would benefit if humans didn't exist. That's largely macho mans fault.

UN.i1-PHI: but that does not mean it should be flipped the other way

so that the feminines would become the 'dominant' ones surpressing the male
i agree the surpressed feminine aspects should rise back again, but not take over again
its about balancing them both properly to harmony
humanity have been strategically&tactically conditioned by malevolant forces manipulating them in such ways to divide them and fight/conflict eachother, blaming man or woman does not solve the problem, making them understanding it properly to unite and change their ways is the solution, an offensive approach/re-action may spoil their concurrance towards you and the subject/topic

bluesbaby5050: Just try and ................

Just try and get a man to listen to this now a days, and then see how most of them will react to this idea, and some will even feel Threatened by this and some will just Love the idea, because they WANT TO BE DOMINATED, and give their power over to the females, because they connect this behavior with the: Sex Games" some men secretly indulge in. The real strong minded male will have a hard time with this for sure ( except when they change roles in the bedroom during sex play). Their male EGO are at stake here. Get past their EGOS, and you have a Win, win situation, and then it becomes balanced. A man that is/feels secure within his own skin, will NOT have any problems at all with this. Some men are actually balanced, but these are few that are advanced spiritually, because they UNDERSTAND. Oh Ya, there are some men everywhere that THINK they are, but when it comes right down to it, they are not, because they will feel even slightly threatened as men. They have been conditioned since they were born, and into adulthood in many ways.

bluesbaby5050: First of all......

Sorry for the repeat :)

bluesbaby5050: First of all.............

Those woman listed here are cold blooded mentality, and they are REPTILIAN HYBRIDS also. They may be strong, but that's because they serve the "ORION QUEENS", and there's a lot of competition within this group, and they are Ruthless when needed to be, they love to kill just as much as the male reptilians do. Study this site, and the information is in here :)

Tarheel: It's his fault?

This guy? No it is NOT Randy's fault. He was THE coolest , except for Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell.

I guess you're a Hulk Hogan fan. None of the 3 are in touch with their feminine side, though.

Karoline: .


dvogel: So tell me

If you take your birthdate and add all he numbers up, which number you get? example, 05/20/1970 = 05+20+1970 = 1995

I will check your Tarot :)

Karoline: Go on then!

Are you sure you don't mean 5+2+1+9+7 = 24=6 ? That's how it's done in this country? Actually your way it's 1975 which comes down to 22 and then 4. Our way it ends up as 4 also. So go ahead lol, i can't find my last numerology chart, but it was based upon the number 4 anyway :)

dvogel: ah but that

explains a lot then :)

Both your current life and your soul card is the Emperor, meaning authority, dominant but fair, and a natural leader

Karoline: Thanks :)

Great, thanks for that. Do i get paid for being the Emperor?

dvogel: Unfortunately not :)

This is purely part of your personality/true self and nothing material :)

Karoline: Emperor

Oh, ok - damn, was lookin for a part time job ;)

bluesbaby5050: Maybe he is this way because..............

Some parents ENABLE THEIR CHILDREN, and then they depend too much on their parents, and this will cripple them in certain ways. And what the hell is wrong with his LAZY girlfriend? Just because you live there does not give THEM the right to treat you as their MAID SERVICE! You must DRAW THE LINE! If you have your OWN income, then tell his girlfriend to get the hell into the kitchen and cook for her BOYFRIEND! Who does she think she is anyways??! Don't become THEIR DOORMAT! Your living with your son in HIS house does not give him/her the right to treat you this way. I myself would NOT stand for this treatment at all. Your his PARENT, and not his equal in any manner. He should be doing this for you, as a good son would. They are indeed selfish! And this is my opinion. I have my own place to live, and I am 62 years old, and retired from the medical field, and I do not take crap from My Grown children at all, or anyone for that matter. I respect myself enough to stand up for myself, and to stand my ground.

Karoline: .


bluesbaby5050: PS: YOUR son is a GROWN MAN..............

And this is how you should be treating him. Instead you treat him like he is a helpless child, and you should realize this. This is the wrong kind of nurturing. Use tough love instead.

bluesbaby5050: In NO Way would I even Think.............

To LET/CONDONE my sons to live UNDER my roof with his girlfriend, and Vice Versa is a bad idea. In my day( his live in WHORE) this is exactly what this setup is called. Nothing has changed. She is using your son for FREE room, and board, and your giving in to the BOTH of them out of Fear of your becoming homeless. You also are hanging to your sons affection, and this is also wrong. He should RESPECT YOU, as his Mother/Parent. You should Respect yourself, and rent a room IN his house, and tell them both to do their OWN house work, and errands. OR GET THEM TO PAY YOU WAGES FOR YOUR SERVICES! It is STILL WORK, and YOUR time. And this will pay your way in his home. Or someone else's home. I would rather be free, then live in slavery of any kind! ( I hope this helps you, and anyone else in this situation).

Karoline: .


Karoline: bluesbaby5050

Where has all this reptilian hybrid and orion queen stuff come from? Tell me it's not David Icke?

Crackdown: about david icke

David Icke is just one source, not primary at all. Actually, I have not read his info for while.
My post with 20 photos of reptilian hybrids - http://www.truthcontrol.com/pictures/20-photos-hybrid-reptilian-bitches

Karoline: Oh no not David Icke :(

He said the world was going to end in 1997. Quite releaved by that revalation, i took out a credit card knowing i'd never have to pay back the full amount! Anyway, either the world didn't end or i'm living in some kind of parallel universe right now. Moral learnt, listening to 'bonkers' people can get you into debt.

Tarheel: Icke also claimed (long ago) he is THE son of God

There are a lot of Icke fans here. I have issues with his "fear" employment. He uses it quite frequently, which is part of how he gets away with offending said royalty, among other peeps.

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