Evidence Of Ancient Nuclear Warfare

Dust flux reconstructions from the late Quaternary consistently show that dust emissions from source areas around the world were a factor of 2-4 higher in glacial periods than in interglacials. Is this because dust source regions were systematically drier and have lower vegetation density during glacial periods? Is it because new dust sources developed on continental shelves exposed during sea level lowstands? Is it due to an increased supply of fine-grained sediments from glacial erosion? Or is it due to strengthened surface winds?

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Models have variously implicated each of these potential controls on global dust levels in attempting to explain high glacial dust levels, leaving the interpretation of dust flux records quite unclear. In a paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews (McGee et al., QSR 2010), they explore the hypothesis that surface winds - and in particular, high-speed wind gusts - were the dominant cause of high glacial dust levels, and they identify evidence suggesting that aridity, sea level, atmospheric CO2, and glacial erosion are not viable global controls on dust emissions on glacial-interglacial timescales.

But could there be other reasons to account for such dusty glacial periods. One theory which I have always wondered about is that is there any evidence of past nuclear warfare and what exactly would be the signs of past ancient nuclear warfare?

It entirely plausible that certain glacial periods if not all glacial periods could be a consequence of ancient nuclear warfare meaning that the evidence that we are seeing here with dusty glacial periods could be the result of nuclear armageddon.

Whereby the explosion of atomic bombs could be sending up tons of soot and dirt into the atmosphere causing a nuclear winter with the sun blocked out causing freezing temperatures. Then the dust could settle down gently after falling back down onto the ground after being sent high up into the atmosphere, which could cause there to be more dusty glacial periods.

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