Everyone is looking for all the Answers!

by edisonik on October 6th, 2013

You will not find all the Answers to everything, not even a Super Computer will know.
But when you search with your Heart and give yourself to your Heart.
The Answers will come to you all, when Love and Power become ONE.
Love for Life and Spiritual Power Become One.

Money cannot buy what is taught here on this Forum.

The Answers will be simple.
When you remove all complexity to it's essence, the Answer will come.

Super Advanced Civilizations are Super Simple Civilizations.

Simple , Clear , Sharp, Pure in Excellence and shear Clarity.

In Advanced Civilizations we have no Lies , no Deceit, no Infamy, no Treason, no Chaos, no Fear, no Uncertainty, no Hatred, no Ignorance or Stupidity.

When you strip all the layers of this Onion we call Life we get to "THE ONE".

KISS = Keep it simple Stupid.

I find this saying very Intriguing.

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edisonik: Many will want to know everything

You will know once you "LET GO", and absorb all knowledge. If your willing to go on a Journey that can drive you Crazy. Be careful go slow.
Step by Step.
Lifetime after Lifetime.
Dimension after Dimension.
Time is a system created to understand all.
Time doesn't exist, there is no such thing as time.
There is only Dimensions.

What is time?, it is Layers of Ancient Consciousness.
Layers of Dimensional Flux.

Those who think they are Above all are Lowest of all, those who others claim are low , know more than many.

Life is the Illusion, and it is very believable, 3rd Density is very Solid.
But it is still a Dream.
When you Die you wake up.

But we are here to Learn many Lessons, so don't wake up yet.
Peace & Harmony.

YOUTUBE:So they say

Tarheel: We're not dead yet...

I'm Alive & Kickin' with no plans to cut the scene anytime soon.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWB3pFemhCE (it's about the music/lyrics)

edisonik: The Ancient Ones love the poor.

Those abused by a World of Greed and Lust for Power.
Fools don't you who Lust for Power Understand your walking on thin Ice.
Learn to Love others or suffer untold Agony by the Elohim.

cosmicstorm: whats sp special about

These densitys i keep hearing about and who are the elohim. I'd really appreciate your answer

Tim Lovell: the densities are the

the densities are the different dimesions or matter, as you descend in physicality matter becomes more and more dense .

cosmicstorm: You mean

Matter becomes more bigger or that something like water becomes a solid or do you mean that if i descend i'll be a rock.

Tarheel: I believe you'd rather "ascend", CosmicStorm"

At least, that's what most of us prefer. Good luck in your quest.

Tim Lovell: no in the higher densities

no in the higher densities the spaces between the electrons and the nucleus is bigger so matter is less dense the deeper into matter you go the denser it becomes and more physical , there was a post on these forums about scalar waves and the densities it explaines it well there .

cosmicstorm: thanks

For the info

LoveTruthPeace: Wow

Speechless, this speaks to my heart. Have to push it up on the forum! Thanks for posting your wisdom edisonik.

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