Every time I read His message, it ALWAYS hits home.

by Tarheel on November 14th, 2012

I mean, it is oh-SO APPLICABLE to me and what's going on with my body and my mind and my surroundings.

I hope ya'll find these messages as Inspirational as I do. Much LOVE to everyone !

I wish to put the "Oh !" in Go !

Message-It is time we spoke of the things which are happening inside of you as you increasingly entrain with the frequencies of light which are surrounding you.

For some this will seem far outside of their frame of reference still. But for the greater number, who have been paying attention to their inner changes for a longer period, we will mention these things so that they may know that they are not unique in their experiences nor are they even rare. There is a purpose in all of this, as you well know. That purpose is to raise your energies, your understanding, your consciousness, to a level which will permit your ascension to a higher state of being in the very near future. This is resulting in some common… let us call them symptoms… which you may recognize in yourselves.

There are those among you who are perceiving flashes of light, changes of colors, and other things which may cause them to wonder about their eyesight. There are those of whose sleep patterns no longer seem to actually have a pattern. Some are experiencing periods of what you could only call euphoria. There are other things which we could name, but those who are experiencing them are far enough along to understand them.

The extremes of pain which have been so prevalent for such a long time in lightworkers will be diminishing now. Gradual but steady healing of long time physical conditions will become obvious. And, importantly, though it may not seem so, you are discovering that your “buttons” are no longer responding when they are “pushed”. You may take that as lessons that have been learned.

Each of you is in his or her unique state of being and therefore will need and experience these things and others in a unique way. Do not, please, try to be other than what you are. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. After all, the reason for you to be here is precisely that you are who you are. If you are the carrot in the soup, it would do no good for you to try to be an onion. Just be an excellent carrot. Be grateful to yourself for being who and what you are.

We smile to ourselves knowing that you will be amazed when you begin to see who that is. As these things occur for you in ever increasing frequency accept them with gratitude for the “you” that they are helping you to grow into. Again we chuckle as we say, “resistance is futile”. Actually resistance would not be so, but please recognize that you are experiencing only what you, your higher selves, and your Creator have determined that you most need.

Some may worry about whether or not they are progressing “on time” or whether the state of the world is progressing “on schedule”. Let us point out that – and this is admittedly not a perfect explanation – you are progressing through what you experience as time in order to jump to a state of no time. Therefore you are exactly where and when you need to be. When you arrive it will be exactly on time. (Chuckles, high fives, and hugs all around. We love that one.)

A few whom you may read on your internet have said that they are ceasing the struggle. That it just feels as if it is no longer needed. Exactly so, dear hearts. Throw your arms open and dance the rest of the way. Accept, accept, accept. Ride the crest of the wave and you cannot fail to arrive where it is leading you.

We love you. We honor you. And we await you with open arms. Good day.

End of written message...

Now ....Harmony from Tarheel

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bluesbaby5050: I had said what you.....

Would be experiencing during September of last year. I first brought this subject of Light up into this forum, and I had introducted this material at length,and I had explained what you would experience as far as some physical, and mental symptoms were concerned. I had taken the time to teach what this subject was all about. I had first consulted the Master Teachers of this forum, both Annunaki77, and Edisonik, and I had explained to them what I wanted to being forward into this forum. They had said, that they felt that some, or most of the people would Not understand what this was all about, because this subject matter was too advanced, and that they would not be able to understand the concepts that it involved, and how to properly apply them in their life. They said this was because they knew the people, SOME OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS FORUM, AND that most of the people on this planet was Not ready as a whole to learn this, because that they lived in fear,and that they did not even understand all the different levels of fear, and that I would run into some UNsavory atitudes from some people here, and did I really feel ready for this task? I said this is why I am here, and that I would not fail.That I had prepared a long time before I arrived into this present incarnation, and that I did not want to fail my mission. They said the people were not spiritually advanced enough to fully understand this material. I replied to them that I thought that they would, IF I took it slow when first introducing this subject to this forum. I said I thought some were ready, and that the rest would follow, and they would catch on once they realized what this subject was all about, and that they really needed to learn about this, because it would help them, and how they would benifit from this. They said that the people in this forum,,,never mind the people as a whole on this planet, would NOT understand their True Earth history so they doubted that the people would not understand this new subject of LIGHT. I said, that I would TRY anyways. I said that I knew how Stubborn some people would be, and that I knew that I would be Mocked, and Disliked, and that I knew that there would also be Petty Jealouslies along the way. We Three spoke off, and on at length about my struggles here in this forum, and OUTside in the Real world. There are many people on this planet teaching all about what this Light truely is,and how it works. But, they are far, and few in between.,because this is a huge planet, and alot of people are backwards. This subject of Light involves alot of other subjects, to bring all this together, and it is a long process, and it takes alot of time, and energy to accomplish this. I do this work out of My love, and Admiration for the Human race,and for this planet Earth. When I do this for the people, I do it FREELY. For this planet Earth also benifits as well. For when Humanity rises up, they also bring up the Vibrations of planet Earth with them too! This is YOUR REWARDS for all the work. WE ALL REAP THE REWARDS! You are going to approach December 2012 with a closing of a CHAPTER OF YOUR EVOLUTION, and Rise up to Become NEW Galactic BEINGS OF LIGHT,and you WILL TRAVEL the Galaxies, and FREE others from the Chains of BONDAGE! THIS IS OUR TRUE PURPOSE FOR LIVING IN THESE VERY EXCITING TIMES OF TRANSFORMATION,AND TRANMUTATIONS, AND YOU WILL BECOME WELCOMED INTO THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT! Peace, and Love, and Harmony to you ALL! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: Yes, everyone has a purpose.

It is great that you seek to fulfill yours. Others who KNOW what their purpose is are doing the same.

Some dont really know, but they seek to know and they want to fulfill their's as well. None of us is any better or more whole than the otbher as we are all ONE. If we could keep this in mind, Earth would AND will continue to be a better place.

Everyone and their purpose are much appreciated, and please know I am much appreciative of everyone and their sacrifices and contributions.

Those who dont get it eventually will. They will recognize the erros of their ways and they will either Get on OUR bus, or they'll get left behind by their own choice.

I feel MOST will "get it". I mean, who wouldn't want to be a part of a better multiverse?

Wandaharley: I have experienced some

I have experienced some differenences in conscousiness in the last 2 years but not on a consistant basis, I do often however see bright specks of light about me to various colors and sizes, I have seen the walls appear as a rippling waves of water and bright. I have been having some moving light scenes in my head and it is not like 3D perception. I have had many experiences actually out of the ordinary most of my life, this lifting of spiritualality has been happening to many people for a long time. You should be able to reach all of humanity with your teachings because we are not as backward as you may think, if people use spiritual knowledge for selfish and negative purposes they would be the illuminati I think.

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