Even RON PAUL admits the GOP is being CROOKED ! Read this !

by Tarheel on March 14th, 2012

Here's an excerpt:

Ron Paul Tells Reporters He Is Suspicious About Results Of GOP Caucuses

In a conversation with reporters in Missouri this weekend, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul said that he and his supporters were suspicious about the outcomes of several caucuses because the crowds and volumes of support have been much bigger for him than for any other candidate.

Raed the whole thing here ! The GOP is scared to death Ron Paul will get the nomination, so much so that they resort to THIS ?




bluesbaby5050: Tar----------

That is the same thing all over the states where ever he goes! He has a huge turn out for him,and then it looks like almost no one showed up to even support him when the votes are counted! This is very crooked,and this is the Nwo doing all this.We all know who the game players are here,and behind the scenes too! BB5050.

Fal: Yeah, I can't believe Romney

Yeah, I can't believe Romney and Santorum are supposedly "ahead" of Ron Paul.

Its just another way they are trying to instill despair into us. They are pretty much showing how they are controlling the outcome, and no matter what we do before the end, our choice, will never matter.

Annunaki77: It is a Titianic Lie

The Vote is Rigged, but Ron Paul will still win.

bluesbaby5050: Tar--?

How is your OWL doing ? BB5050.

Tarheel: Wise Anu77/Edisonik, what is THIS we see here ?

We do NOT believe MSM, so we ask The Wise Ones to tell us what this is ! Please inform YOUR people !


wmarkley: huge

whatever that thing is, its HUGE! that thing has to be 100 times bigger than our planet, im not buying into it being just CME, the MSM will try to play it down, only the sleeping dumb sheep will buy into it. that thing has inteligence behind it, it stays still for awhile, then moves away when it is finished. its real kool to watch. great clip.

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