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So my local video rental shop (yes they do still exist) was going out of business (i know, ironic) and I stumbled upon some real gems.. One of which is a french made film called Immortal. This movie had me captivated from start to finish... Not the best graphics, but for a movie almost a decade old I thought it was AMAZING! To my surprise, it is written/directed by a man named ENKI!! I strongly recommend this film (if you can find it).


The film takes place in New York City in the year 2095 where genetically altered humans live side by side with unaltered men and women, and where Central Park has been mysteriously encased in an "intrusion zone" where people who attempt to enter are instantly killed. A strange pyramid has appeared over the city; inside, the gods of ancient Egypt have judged Horus, one of their fellow gods, to cease his immortality. In the city below, Jill, a young woman with blue hair is arrested. Not completely human, her tissues appear to be no more than a few months old according to an examining physician, although her physical form is already that of an adult. She also possesses a number of secret powers, including one that enables her to procreate with gods, though she knows nothing of this. Horus is given a limited time to interact with the humans of New York and procreate. During his search for a host body, Horus encounters Nikopol, a rebel condemned to 30 years of hibernation who escapes his prison, due to a mechanical accident, one year early. Horus has been unsuccessful in attempting to take over the bodies of other humans; due to an incompatibility with the genetic alterations humans have undergone, the host bodies self-destruct while attempting to accommodate a god. Nikopol's body is acceptable as it has been frozen in prison/storage and not undergone the genetic changes causing the rejections. Horus takes partial control of Nikopol's body and starts looking for a woman he can mate with to provide him a son before his death sentence is carried out. When Horus/Nikopol discovers Jill, they become entangled in a web of murder and intrigue.

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bluesbaby5050: This video just so happens to be on this site too..........

Because Annu77 gave this video to me to watch because of our private conversation we had a while back. This video speaks about exactly what the NW-Disorder wants to do to us humans here on Earth in our very near futures! It's a great video, and I recommend people to watch it. Annu77 could post this again, just ask him to. Thanks for this reminder.

ShockRah Zulu: Didnt mean to re-post

Didnt mean to re-post something :/ Although im ELATED that you have seen it!! I thought it was really accurate as to what the NWD/O was trying to accomplish.. We already have cybernetic prosthetics that are controlled my the mind, who's to say it wont go to the extremes of organ replacement? That is taking the Humanity out of mankind, thus turning us into soulless organic robots.. The population was completely organic machinery except nikopol, thats why they exploded because their 'hardware' (bodies) werent compatible with the soul software. If we start seeing people spontaneously explode then we have some serious problems!!

bluesbaby5050: This movie also plays on............

Youtube, but in 10 parts. This is still better then nothing, and all of the numbered segments of this movie will play one after the other, and each are listed along side the right side column of the page. You will have watched the complete movie when finished.

edisonik: Humanity has awakened,

Humanity has awakened, Worldwide. There will be no way to stop the Mass Awakening of the Global Consciousness of Humanity.
4th Density has awakened humanity.

ShockRah Zulu: Indeed, I feel it more and

Indeed, I feel it more and more each day. Such exciting times we live in!

isleek: I found it

I found this movie on the pirate bay :) Will watch it soon!

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