ET Genetic Code Found In Human DNA

According to the Kazakhstan Scientists' so called, Biological SETI Theory, the durable genetic code construct is known to represent an exceptionally reliable ability for storage. And so these Central Asian scientist claim there is storage in our human DNA for an "intelligent signature". (Thus--I assume--they are implying purposeful engineering of modern man verses man evolving from the primordial goo---AKA---the more widely accepted version of how humans came to be.)
I do not know one way or the other yet. But you can read part of their journal here on the link. And I'll leave it to you, my inquisitive, clever friends here on TC, to learn more about the B. S. Theory (((STICKTLY a coincidental pun/acronym/abbreviation, I assure you))) to decide about the "B-S Theory's" plausibility, improbability, or even reality!

Whatever you find more plausible, I give kudos to these brainy but foolhardy scientist! Kudos!!! I'm surprised that this is the first time I'm hearing about this type of experimentation mentioned so widely in international TV, paper, and online news because of a couple of reasons (to name some). One: The Ancient Alien theory--or aliens manipulating human DNA, etc.---is generally not taken seriously; thus the B.S. Theory wouldn't qualify as worthy and valuable (enough) to the media to offer to the public eye. Two: These men were brave and smart enough to conduct their experiment, And, they sacrificed some of their resources (time--not just money) ,and they offered up their reputations to be scrutinized to those who could ravenously feed upon this kind of risque "science".

VERY much like the never-ending "infinity" symbol----- 8 --------- The NEW question will become: "Ok, cool... but so now we wanna know--WHO created 'THEM'???" Ehhh....Ugh........C'est la vie!!!!!! *similes*

Tiny 'article'----more like a paragraph, but gives the basic in case you decide you don't care to read more elswhere. BUT- do look elsewhere/research after this tiny article if you are truly interested in learning more about what these men (say they) FOUND.


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killingwithkindness: weird

weird but it could be true. but dang your a good writer. you should be a blogger or writer or something. but anyway thanks for the info. that crap about humans starting as fish and turning into stupid rodents into monkey frogs and into cave men then FINALLY into humans NEVER did sit right wit me. I mean that primordial goo thing you said about. it ain't right.

PLEASE please please watch the 20 second clip i posted here for yall! its sooooo dam halarious and goes to show the primordial goo theory's major stupidity

here's a funny youtube video that explains how mainstream scientist think about us humans evolving. that primordial goo thing. its only like 20 seconds and it is SO dam e'ffing funny.
50 second clip: "We are the [email protected] offspring of a fish squirrel frog!"

(please dont get offended by the use of certain words here. i didnt write it. i just like what the southpark crew is trying to get at. how e'ffing stupid it is that ppl believe we really DID come from that goo and fish to freaky mutated squirels to monkies to US. Yeah RIGHT!!! LOL


tough they contain some encrypted, hidden and true info, its all for a twisted perspective and mind-control

because the 'god(s)' that created humanity, aint the prime life force of the universe, but beings from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations,yes beings, like you and me, and yes we were created in their image, not just made from clay, the clay was from the earths ground/vibe and was needed because crystal vessels wouldnt work cuz the vibe was too high for splicing annunaki dna with terran primate/appa dna, this was the advice of the Akhu Falcons to lord EnKi because it wouldnt work, and they also gave/donated him their own dna, the feather akhu, giving humans passion and free will for their own destiny, wich was strictly forbidden in the sirian&orion systems, but this had to be done for humanity and also for the sake of nibiru cause if not it will not exist anymore in their (near..) future

when genetically engineering the human species, going against the orderds of the anu etc, enki gave his own royal dna to humanity wich was half canus(wold/dog/god) of the royal house of anu & Reptilian TRON(steering soul electromagnetic vortex/heart) of his mother from ORION

this is why enlil etc wanted to wipe out humanity with the flood caused by crushing the ice on the poles with the catasrophical gravitational effects of niburu, but enki saved them along with all kinds of animals&plants in the 'ark/boat' wich was actually a database survival vehicle

it is forbidden to depict the gods in their true form because theyre from an alien reality, wich will shock the populations if they would see them and realize...

dont believe enlil, he's full of hatefull shit against humanity
UN.i1-PHI: Evolution is Real but it takes billions of years

"Evolution is Real but it takes billions of years for it to work, Creation on the other hand takes Master Genesis Scientist for it to work in a quicker way.
So I Tribute Mans greatest Creation, WOMAN."

UN.i1-PHI: now they'll finally have to admit the random BS

evolution is not 'just random mutations'/chaos
evolution is progress of consciousness, intelligence!
both physical & spiritual

and yes OFC there did evolve life long ago before earth existed and they managed to interfere with other planets and beings in many ways,thru interstellar travel, wether it be by technology or by spirit

Tim Lovell: well actually what happened

well actually what happened was prime creator created extentions of its self , some call them elohim or the founders , these being went out into creation and the different densities and experimented with light and prime creators energy as it existed within themselves , they went out and created life and lifeforms on various worlds , this is where the first life came from the founders, they also created the stargateway portals that existed throught the galaxy and which most of the old galactic wars were fought over , control of these portals , no only 2 of them I think work anymore as due to stellar drift they stopped working , earth was cvhosen as the library world where examples of all the lifeforms in this universe would be put as a sort of galactic library where everyone could come and experice and trade what they had , earth was chosen because it is /was near to many of the stargateway portals so would be easily reachable and also it was a very beautiful planet existing in many dimensions , one of the gateway portals exists in the center of the earth and is called the halls of amenti stargate this gateway connects to all the other dimensions and timelines of earth .

UN.i1-PHI: yea thnx tim

i tried to point out that there are beings that can interfere and genetically manipulate others, and yes all life primarly emerges/emerged from the prime creation force of all life/consciousness this is the answer to who created the creators right?

this is why we should NOT worship other beings as gods with the idea that they're the creators of all everything?!...

we're all part of it...

Tim Lovell: I couldn't have said better

I couldn't have said better myself

UN.i1-PHI: you already did

thnx tim :)

many ppl dont seem to understand the high probability of alien/divine intervention, and that this has been the case for earth since the very beginning of the terran humans on this EArth
it is mostly evolution OR creation to them, but i be-live in both :)

maybe you know some more info on the more native reptilians of earth?(lemuria etc..)

Tim Lovell: yes the native species of

yes the native species of reptillians, who created the `snake tunnels under the crust etc were a seeded race in another dimension/timeline(refer to my previous stamen about the halls of amenti stargate) of earth so they were seeded on earth by the birdlike ets , (the ols enemy of the feloines in their original universal game (created by the founders before) nowthe humans were seeded here by the lyrians and sirians ofc , the family of anu etc well the original human seeded was homo erectus , it had a 12 stranded DNA blueprint ready to evolve into but unfortunately then the family of anu/annunaki arrived and saw earth as a rescource to mine gold for their hollowed out planet nibiru to buffer against stellar radiation, but anyway , the original humans would have advanced at the same rate as theier counterpart reptillians , as they were origionally meant to meet /merge and evolve together through this merging but due to the interference of the family of anu who stripped the 12 starnd dna of the earth human ancestor we fell behind the reptiles, so when their dimension collied with our one we were many years behind them in development now reptiles feed of the high energy from the fear vibration, to them its not scary its just high frequency energy which they `digest` for want of a better word, so they saw the under developed humans and decided to created a frequency control program where humans would be constaly made to produce the emoption of fear in order to feed them,, even if its just a little fear and the humans don't over notice it , in all when all the fear produced is gathered up using devices in higher dimesions to gather and focus it plus the frequency control barrier its a lot and its blasted up and out into space to feed them , so now we have this matrix of frequency control, fear etc that we are currently in the process of getting rid of on planet earth! (terra btw :)



Tim Lovell: some tunes!

here is a chune to rap it all up :P

Mindwave are awesome definatly et source methinks anyway enjoi!

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