by edisonik on December 17th, 2013

Val Valiant Thor is a Human looking Extraterrestrial from the Inner Bowels of the Planet Venus. Contrary to the Scientific Lies being spun by Rothshield & Rockerfeller funded Scientists, the Planet Venus is not a Hot Boiling Planet , it is another Earth like Planet with Oceans , Plants and Animal life on the Surface.
Val Valiant Thor came to Earth in the 1950's-1960's to the United States of America. He came with Goodwill and Peaceful Intentions of Peace & Harmony.
He saw the direction the United States was heading and he Informed President Eisenhower , Richard Nixon and others to turn away from Military Weapons developement and focus more on Spiritual Developement.
He gave the United States Administration Information on how to give the American People Free Energy and Immortality Technology for the people of the United States.
It took President Eisenhower 1 Year to decide on wether to accept Commander Thor's proposal.

A year later President Eisenhower said "We cannot accept this proposal because it would ruin the economy". The Presidents Slave Masters said "NO!". ( Rockerfellers & Rothshields) didn't want this to happen.
Commander Val Valiant Thor then assisted the PENTAGON for a few years before leaving Earth with his Family ( His Wife & Daughter ) of the Planet Venus.

Val Valiant Thor's lifespan is almost Immortal because of their Technology.
Mr.Frank Stranges will attest to the Credibility of this truth in his Seminar.
Also Phil Schnieder also met Val Valiant Thor also and John F Kennedy's younger Brother.
Val Valiant Thor Warned Bobby Kennedy not to run for the Presidency otherwise he would be killed by the Shadow Government and to wait for 4 years.

Bobby Kennedy didn't listen to Thor's Warning and in 1968 he was shot in the Ambassador Hotel while runing for the Democratic Nomination for the President of the United States.
I will say this again for the multiple times, you are not alone you will never be alone.
Extraterrestrials are a Reality and have been a Reality for Thousands of Years.
The Elites who try to Enslave the World Do not want you to know of your STAR SEED HERITAGE, otherwise they will lose their Power over your Lives.
Learn to become Independants , learn to think like Kods not like Slaves.

Listen see the Fruits of Truth for yourself.

Valiant Thor - A Venusian At The Pentagon [Rev. Frank E. Stranges]

Truth is Stranger than Fiction my beloeveds.

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Chris: Edisnik blue orbs

edisonik outside of my window i see a big blue plamsa ship hovering and other smaller blue orbs and they follow and monitor me very were i go who is piloting these craft.

edisonik: The Good Guys

Good will always Prevail over the Wicked that hate Free Humanity.
They say that the Military has Advanced Weapons, but their Weapons are Mickey Mouse compared to Good Space People Weapons.
Stupid Arrogant Fools.

Very Stupid and Very Arrogant Fools.

Horribly Stupid and Horribly Arrogant Fools.

Your people are with you Lord Chris.

edisonik: More Truth by Dead Brave Men like Phil Schnieder

Phil broke wide open the Alien backed New World Disorder in 1995-1996.
He was an Incredible Man , not only was he a Geologist , he was a Family Man and he was a Victim of Alien Grey Scum Attack by underground Nasty Alien Greys but he was also deceived by his Own Government regarding the Aliens.
He also knows Val Valiant Thor to add to the credibility of the Truth regarding Space people.

Phil Schneider - D.U.M.B.S (Underground Bases, Alien Greys, New World Order) HQ FULL LENGTH

UN.i1-PHI: Space Alien Worked for US

Space Alien Worked for US Government? Look Back at Curious Story of Phil Schneider

The man in front is said to be Valiant Thor, a benevolent alien from Venus who worked with the U.S. government. The photo was presented by Phil Schneider, who said he met the alien while working on secret government operations, at the 1995 Preparedness Expo.

Looks like he's bald in this picture

Chris: Edisonik Reptilians on venus

stewart swerdlow said there are 7 Doomned Draconian colonies and bases on venus have the been taken out or are they still there.

edisonik: The Trolls will discredit the Truth but they will Fail!.

Al Bielek talks about Phil Schneider

The Truth is the truth.
So Judge for yourself and see that their is a Titanic Coverup going on regarding Extraterrestrials by an Elite Ultra Wealthy Vampires that do not want the Earthly Slaves to be truly Free.

edisonik: They are still there

Venus is a funny Celestial Body, it was a comet from long ago. The Draconans brought that Celestial Body here long ago and yes there are 7 Domed Colonies , The Elite Class, The Warrior Class, The Slave Class.
But Venus is also Inhabited by Benevolant Human Colonies also within Venus.
They have Treaties with each other not to cause any trouble with each other.
Otherwise the Draconans would have a War in their hands.

So the Lizards do their thing and the Human Colonies do their thing without attacking each other.

A Stalemate leave each other alone or cause Venus to go bye bye.

Plus Venus has a lot of Animals that the Draconans can eat at leisure.

edisonik: It's funny how these Elites try to cause fear Socialism

Their Military Might is Mickey Mouse, their Police State is Mickey Mouse, the Whole Control Grid is Mickey Mouse.

If a UN Soldier saw a Draconan in all it's Military Glory the Soldiers would run home to Mommy and hide under their Beds Urinating themselves , shaking in their boots.
The Police would run away, the Elites would hide in their Bunkers like the Rats that they are.

The Armies of the Draconans are very Awsome thousands of times more impressive than Human Military.

Give Peace a chance, otherwise Earth could be Invaded by Celestial Forces thousands of times more Powerful that an Mickey Mouse Army Earth can put on the Ground.

Tarheel: What Edi's saying

What he is saying is "Give PEACE a chance".

UN.i1-PHI: those silly mini rats! ;p

and that the military might/forces here are as small and silly as mickey mouse and/or MINI mouse :p compared to the extraterrestrial warriors of both benevolant and malevolant forces, its truely an silly joke played on humanity with an exaggurated mask covering their mini mickey clown face to make them seem more powerfull and advanced than they really are and are capable of handling & possessing... while they know very well these advancements are being kept for self by their (irresponsable) slavemasters and witheld by responsable benevolants and neutrals...
yet they try to bargain for advanced tech with some malevolant et's but they're being screwed/double crossed as well as those handeling over could come themselves into big trouble for sharing it too to more irresponsable greedy psycho idiots... so in the end we're all being played on earth including the shadow government, yet they refuse to change the situation into something more benevolant for us all for their selfish material posession of so called power (granted by their gods)...
real power is earned trough brave effort, not cowardice, ignorance and compliance/obedience

Crackdown: Russian space troops admitted "We are not ready to fight aliens"

Space Systems control center’s deputy chief,
Sergey Berezhnoy

So far we are not capable of that. We are unfortunately not ready to fight extraterrestrial civilizations. Our center was not tasked with it. There are too many problems on Earth and near it...

comments under article are very interesting to read, especially from RichardD (click "More comments" button | reposted below to archive)

RichardD , 04.10.2013 21:45

I have a 1" diameter, 1/4" deep beam weapon entry wound scar below my left eye that almost blinded me in that eye. I've encountered their probes moving aggressively 4' off of the ground at 75' to 100' from my position. I'm getting ready to run a contact op above 10,000' in remote deep mountain basin and canyon formations. I'm the only contactee that I'm aware of who has been involved in violent ground confrontation with ET negatives and lived to tell about it. I'll be carrying a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 in .40 S&W with 31 round magazines and a Kel-Tec P32 in .32acp with 10 round magazines on the contact op.

RichardD , 04.10.2013 22:19

I had my truck broken into recently and my lap top with the 300 page aetheric energy field drive file, and contact pictures, and my Blackberry were stolen. My perspective is that ET negatives don't want us getting the wars stopped and normalizing relations with ET positives. Which may be why I'm having some of the security problems that I am.

RichardD , 04.10.2013 23:01

I'm not afraid to meet with human or non human ETs in the natural spaceport, and travel off planet with them on their ships. Or liason with our planet's leadership on transitioning into becoming an ET civilization ourselves in a safe, peaceful manner. Though I don't want to end up a human mutilation victim more so than I already am, go through another long painful injury recovery, or have my life screwed up. I'd like to get better medical care for my parents who are in their 80s, and for everybody else.

RichardD , 05.10.2013 15:51

I have privately owned weapons systems capability up to 20mm that I'm working on being able to use on an as needed basis. You can legally buy surplus armor piercing 30-06 ammunition here in the US with up to 1" steel plate penetration capability. That shot from a shoulder fired Remington 750 with 10 round detachable magazines is probably capable of taking down a probe or small ship with a reactor hit, or an exoskeleton ET. Judging from the unidentified trail print that I found at 9,000' in the natural spaceport area, I may have one on the ground with me, though it might not be negative, and could be positive.

RichardD , 05.10.2013 15:59

I don't want to end up like the 9 hikers that were killed in the mountains in Russia in 1959. Or the human mutilation victims whose corpses are dumped back on our planet's surface after they've been tortured to death. Not all ETs are bad, or we would have been overrun long ago. And the more that our planet develops, the more ET interaction there's going to be. I also don't want to get in further hostilities with ETs if it isn't necessary. So I apply the same weapons rules of engagement with them that I do with our species. My goal is beneficial contact, not confrontation.

RichardD , 05.10.2013 16:41

I was told at a meeting at the Semjase Silver Star Center in 2010 that 70% of the ufos being seen in our skies are of terrestrial manufacture from secret space programs.

RichardD , 06.10.2013 03:55

Our guns are kinetic energy weapons that the aliens fear and respect. Within range they can be effective against their energy weapons. We don't have supremacy, but in some areas we have parity. Their concern is that as we close the technology gap, that we're going to export hostilities into space, and show up in their airspace uninvited with malicious intent. Which is why they're here and interacting with people like me, to try to preempt these contingent liabilities.

RichardD 06.10.2013 09:23

Commercial nuclear power reactors are available in the US starting at about US$ 5 million. They're about the size of a refrigerator, and generate enough electricity to power 2,500 homes continuously for 5 years before refueling. Four of them banked together should be capable of powering a 120 foot, 2 or 3 story sublumin disk capable of getting around our solar system, and exploring deep space beyond the perimeter of our solar system efficiently. A budget of US$ 100 million should be capable of bringing them to production. There is a risk of malevolent alien or terrestrial intrusion at these types of R&D facilities.

UN.i1-PHI: interesting points!

'they' dont want people to be aware, be able to protect themselves and advance...

Tim Lovell: I am sorry but I personally

I am sorry but I personally think this post is a load of tosh valiant thor ? please lol most of the ets don't even use names venus is a toxic wasteland there are NO animals living there there are reptilian underground bases pls don't post what if you are a master what you know to be rubbish...

UN.i1-PHI: iwas surprised that this val didnt expose religions to strangers

because he kept on preaching and praying in religious ways witht he public, at first it seemed ok to me when he asked to hug atleast 3 ppl in the room, but i heard that this is another practice they do in churches... but its not so surprising as he was a pastor or something and maybe that val wouldn't spill those beans on him(about religion being a tool for mass MKontrol) but thats just if this story about val is genuine, wich is quite possible but i dont trust this neither and its losing its credibility more and more to me... but nevertheless i watched the whole video and i enjoyed it and i kinda like this guy's humor and ways, but who knows if what he says is really true or it isnt, and he could be disinforming deliberately or not!(you dont have to do it on purpouse to spread dis-info, this guy could be fooled himself for some (et or earhtly)haters malevolant agenda...)

UN.i1-PHI: but that doesNT mean there may NOT be human(oid) life on venus'

surface or/and underground bases & the inner worlds/realms of the planet, i mean you know nasa, always lying and sensoring the important truth about the stars and planets in space...
i'm not so sure if venus isnt really inhabitable or toxic to its inhabitants, cause whats toxic and extreme for us may be comfortable for others... even in different dimentions theres life on all kinds of planets nasa would make us think is impossible and that we're sooo fortunate to be in the right position from the sun... how often did you heard that, but let me tell something about 'relativity', imagine how extremely hot the sun is compared to our temperatures... well you feel things hot or cold depending on how much it differs from your own temperature/vibration!, so if we'd be (theoretically)as hot as the sun is, we wouldnt feel hot nor cold, but neutral as its thesame temperature, ofcourse this seems inpractical for many simple reasons as it would imply we're all burning others like suns, but perhaps thats where differen dimentions/'realms' are for, so that those in extreme high or low vibrations compared to others dont mess the hell out of other surroundings... but thats just a quick tought of mine...

Tim Lovell: yes there is life in

yes there is life in underground bases and in higher frequency levels etc but its not there is horses frolicking around on the surface wich is like a blast furnace at the same preassure as the bottom of the stygian abyss ...

edisonik: You wrong Tim Lovell , have you been to the Planet Venus?

Absolutely not , I will say this again if the Nwo World Disorder tries to Establish itself here on Earth, IT WILL BE DESTROYED.
And the Soldiers that serve Mass Murder of Untold Innocents.

The Motherships are around Earth cloaked Multi-Dimensionally.
With Super advanced Tech. Same locations around Earth in a different time frequency these Stupid Power Hungry Bastards.

The Power of Heaven is Light years ahead of any Surface Nation on this Earth.

Have you Forgotten of the 5000 22ft 1800 Pound Bird men beneath the Earth Cloacked via Hidden Star gates you Arrogant Global UNITED NATIONS Military do not know about.

These Titan Soldiers can make short work of any Land Army Worldwide.
They are Bullet proof, Fire Proof, Radiation Proof , Water Proof, Weapons Proof , Soldier Proof.

They only serve Heaven and not any Stooge from the New World Disorder.

This World almost went to a World War in 2013 in September.
Good Leaders stopped it, not Obama.
If this happened the Falcons would have been Activated and Earth would be Invaded.
Thank heaven this did not happen.


All Elites Included.

The Wolf - He Lives In You (Lion King 2)

The Beasts & Plants have called to us , not just the Humans and Aya has heard you.
Aya has heard you, there will be no New World Disorder.

That is the Final Word.

Life will be preserved. This is the Word.

Tim Lovell: what they really want is

what they really want is access to the halls of amenti stargates in the earths core but don't say I told you :)


Mercy comes to those who listen.

Psychic's predictions for 2012 -- From 30 years ago. F#@*ing scary! - English subtitles

obsrvantlouie: You seem

Somewhat polarity driven Edi....all this nonsense and seeming obsession about wining and Falcon Masters "chest thumping".

edisonik: Your smart Tim Lovell

But would you want the NWO to have them?.
I think not Mortal.

Anunnaki. Return of the Gods. Rückkehr der Götter. Nibiru. Hercolobus.

Tim Lovell you are Brave & Smart this is why this Species will be spared. It will recieve a DNA boost.
Over 7 Billion strong Ha Ha Ha.

We have Awesome Plans for the Human Species.

Very Awesome Plans in the Future Humanity will Travel the Stars and when their time comes they will become abundant on many Star systems.
The Nwo will not stop our Divine Plans.
No one will.

Tim Lovell: well lets hope the 3rd strand

well lets hope the 3rd strand plan works , I don't know how all 12 can be replugged but it will happen.

UN.i1-PHI: if what eevie has been saying&implying is right about DNA then

having all 12 dna replugged, tough it may come with some (seemingly^.^) 'awesome' features/abilities etc, then this will still not imply the real 'freedom' as they are there for control & vortex vampirism trough chakras AND the DNA itself!!!
and that we'd have to UNplug, 'de-activate' and release them/= our genetic bondage for control in order to become 'really free'!
pretty 'mind-blowing'/very interesting consideration huh!?.
i wonder what you and other TC'ers got to say/think about this! ;)

obsrvantlouie: My information says otherwise

This reconstruction of the "dna" or "junk dna" will not take place. In order for it to even be a POSSIBILITY...the human form would have to be transformed BACK INTO it's original ANDROGYNOUS form.

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