Erin Rothschild Interview on Illuminati, Mind Control & Reptilians

Have any of you guys seen this interview? I just watched it and found it pretty interesting. Thoughts?

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ShockRah Zulu: The interviewer seemed a bit

The interviewer seemed a bit pretentious.. but she seemed to be telling the truth.. great post

Tarheel: WAY tripped out !

Here are my observations as I watch:
-Why does she keep looking down & to the right? That typically means she is lieing, BUT she seems to be unrehearsed.
-What is all the writing all over her arms?
-She seems to speak without reservation.
-Jesse James 357 what?
-Mengele? There is some heavy name-dropping going on here.
-She has the high hairline TR warns about.
-She seems sincere.

The interview was YANKED as I was watching it. IMAGINE THAT !

Tarheel: I LOVED hearin that she wouldnt stop until we have PEACE.

-She kicked The Vatican in the teeth.
-She just validated my take on Repts. This has me re-evaluating my opinion of Repts.
-I look at people's demeanor, body language & delivery and if she isn't telling the truth, she has me fooled. Initially I thought she was reading or being prompted but I don't think so now.
-She touched on EnKi, Anu & EnLiL lineage which was validating for anyone doubting.

Great find, Q-dog.

Tarheel: Bet you wont see ANYTHING about THIS on MSM

Scumbags wont cover any real news.

Worldwide Protests for Bradley Manning

Quinton: I agree with you guys that

I agree with you guys that she is a bit suspect in her body language and does come off a bit arrogant. But who knows, a lot of what she says I agree with. I usually never take anything as completely right or completely wrong and instead just file it to contrast with other findings later on. I also really like when she took a dig on the Vatican. That is one thing I agree with 100%.

Eldertree: I'm not entirely interested

I'm not entirely interested in the video, but what she did say about the Annunaki and reptilians is quite correct and again shows that the terra papers are not entirely accurate about Anu, Enki and Enlil. They were not Canis beings.

Doobz: i watched a couple of her

i watched a couple of her interviews and like you all i couldn't really tell if she was credible or not but she has some very interesting information that does seem sincere, watch more of her interviews, she talks about her brother being made in a lab, how her and her family transgress and crossover from parallels and time travel, she cover a wide range of stuff.

UN.i1-PHI: good your trusting your intuition :D

don't just trust anyone who's just talking bout this stuff as theres alot of disinfo agents&prop-agendas coming from the puppets and puppeteers, even those who arent aware of that they're being used/played, sort out what resonates with you and you will understand that you feel it for a reason, there may be some truths here and there coming with some lies and BS wich makes it quite a mess to sort out, and beside that, time wasting/spending on the wrong (misleading)materials is another tactic wich is being played well...

Tarheel: I 2nd that emotion.

I couldn't tell if she was for real or not either. She talks about having "seen what he (her so-called brother- Rockerfeller) can do" BUT, she never tells us what it was she saw him do. The more I thought about it, the more I think she's FoS.

UN.i1-PHI: project scam-alot!?.

that may explain why i never felt the need to study their (dis)info, yet from such perspective you can try to figure what theyre NOT telling and why and how they're doing this...
i think its to delude those in-to these subjects/materials...

obsrvantlouie: I have watched

This one many times.....I like the one with Prescott and prince also. I think that if she was not telling the truth she was an excellent and well rehearsed actor.

Nice post

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