Enlightenment-it isnt for sale

by Tarheel on July 15th, 2014

Enlightenment is about self-discovery, and coming to know yourself and your capabilities. It's about forming reason, perception & consciousness, among other things. It's about us turning on our own lights and opening up to the infinite. We won't gain enlightenment from any channel, from any article, person or place. Enlightenment comes from within when we decide to truly come to know ourselves.

Enlightenment is a journey, not a destination. Start thinking you're there, and you have missed it altogether.

We will never solve our problems as long as we employ the same degree of consciousness that created them. ~ Al Einstein

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bluesbaby5050: Read the postings that.........

Read the postings that explain all this information better without the ALBERT EINSTIEN QUOTE. He proves nothing, except the fact that he GAVE HUMANITY THE MATH TO CREATE THE BOMBS. Humanity could have done better without them. GREAT JOB AL. E.!

Tarheel: There has been a TR sighting

Or, was that a hallucination ?

Welcome back !

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